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An Open Letter From a Brazilian Fan to NiP, With Love

The Ninjas' incredible Six Invitational 2021 victory struck deep within the hearts of the Brazilian fans, as Caio Volpe Arnoni writes.

An Open Letter From a Brazilian Fan to NiP, With Love

Dear NiP,

Gustavo “Psycho” Rigal, João “Kamikaze” Gomes, Julio “JULIO” Giacomelli, Gabriel “pino” Fernandes, Murilo “Muzi” Moscatelli, André “Bob” Cardoso, and Dyjair “Mity” Soares. 

After a long journey, it was finally your turn.

(Image: Ubisoft/Kirill B.)

The path, without a doubt, wasn't easy. Every time previously it had seemed that we would finally be crowned champions, it was always so close, yet so far.

It was just like that against ENCE, during the Pro League Finals on home soil in São Paulo, with the chants of “Vai dar BD, vai dar, vai dar BD, vai dar”.

Then, we -- not just you, we -- had lost the second map of the series 4-6 after having been in the lead 4-0.

The '4-0 curse' would strike again, this time at Six Invitational 2020. We swept the Lower Bracket after one of the most amazing runs and best performances by a Brazilian team, making it to the Grand Final against Spacestation Gaming, already trailing 1-0.

At first, this didn’t seem to matter; we easily won the first two maps and it seemed like nothing could hold us back as we headed into the third. We started Clubhouse winning 4-0, looking unshakable.

However, SSG was slowly finding themselves back in the game, but it was Round 9 that really broke our spirits. It was 5-3, it was Javier “ThinkingNade” Escamilla on 1 HP,  and it was Kamikaze.

Unfortunately, Kamikaze could not hold on.

Then it was 5-5 and Nathanial “Rampy” Duval this time clutched a 1v3 with his impact grenade. And soon, the hammer was theirs. 

Things were 15 months on hold and after that loss nothing looked the same.

Right after that event the world closed shop, as COVID-19 struck like a hurricane destroying everything in its way. And so we could hardly get revenge at the Season 11 Pro League Finals, or any other event that was to come in 2020.

The new Six Invitational, in 2021, renewed my hope.

This time, with an incredible win over Team Liquid in a tough Grand Final, a weight seemed to lift from my back. A relief in the midst of all the chaos, the healing of a wound that had been open for 15 months.

It impresses me how we can feel so attached and close to someone, even being so distant. The tough losses you guys have suffered during the years, the glorious victories, were also felt in people you don’t even know. It makes our days happier, or even sadder. 

The passion all of you share while playing reverberates in those who support you. You’re all role models and the resilience you’ve all had over the years, even after the toughest losses, is something incredible.

I wish I had Psycho’s leadership, pino’s tranquility, Kamikaze’s passion, Muzi's humility and Julio’s focus. Thank you very much for everything you all have given to us so far, it’s a pleasure to follow your journey. 

With great admiration,
Caio Volpe Arnoni.