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NA Transfers: Post-Stage 1 2021 - XSET Mutually Parts Ways With Drip, Jarvis to Stand-In

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the NA League since the end of Stage 1 2021!

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 1 of the 2021 season, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the APAC, EU, and LATAM threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

NA League:

  • DarkZero Esports - Skys retires, Mint moves to a coaching role, BC joins playing roster, Panbazou signed
  • Disrupt Gaming - Mark dropped, Easilyy joins as coach, Dpfire joins
  • beastcoast - GhxsT leaves, b1ologic joins
  • XSET - butterzz leaves roster, Brycer leaves, Jarvis joins as coach, Razorr joins, DrewSpark joins as analyst, Drip steps down, Jarvis to stand-in for Stage 2
  • Spacestation - Canadian returns to retirement, Hotancold signed
  • Mirage Esports - Hotancold leaves, QrTz moves to playing roster, Sha77e joins as content creator

Roster Changes

June 30th: XSET Mutually Parts Ways With Drip, Jarvis to Stand-In

Almost a year on after having joined the RentFree roster that would be signed by XSET, tAdam "Drip" Kolodkin has "mutually" parted ways with the team that he had debuted in the top-flight with.

Standing in for Drip on the playing roster will be XSET coach Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis, who had joined the team just a month ago.

The decision to "step down" was Drip's own, according to his Twitlonger, with the American player stating that he had not been enjoying playing the game "at all".

His reasoning falls in line with a spate of recent retirements, with the highest-profile retirements of G2 Esports talisman Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen and Spacestation Gaming star Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski coming for similar reasons.

Drip will now return to his college education for the Fall semester, stating that he knew that Stage 2 would be his last split in the top-flight, "no matter what".

His current replacement in the team, Jarvis, last played in the Challenger League for the former Nordik roster in Stage 1 of the 2021 season. He had also played for Tempo Storm in Stage 2 of the 2020 North American League (NAL) season.

In terms of statistics, Drip had finished Stage 1 of the NAL with a 0.77 rating -- the lowest on his team -- but had stepped it up to 0.95 so far in Stage 2 on Maverick and Mute, and had been the best Stage 2 performer on XSET.

Meanwhile, Jarvis had finished Stage 1 of the Challenger League with a 1.07 rating. However, Drip had largely played Maverick and Jaeger, while Jarvis had mainly been on Sledge and Aruni.

June 17th: Sha77e Joins Mirages as Content Creator

The ex-player for ENCE, PENTA, Chaos, and Secret of Ville "SHA77E" Palola has joined the North American organization of Mirage as a full-time streamer and content creator.

After attending the Season 3, 4, and 5 Finals on the Finnish team of ENCE, Sha77e then finally took home his first international title at the Season 6 Pro League Finals alongside his teammates of Kanto, Bounssi, Willkey, and Pannari.

Despite this win, Sha77e then left this team to join PENTA Sports for the 2018 Six Invitational where he was crowned the World Champion after their famous reverse sweep over Evil Geniuses.

Three months later Kanto replaced him in PENTA for the Season 7 Finals while he returned to ENCE for Season 8. Since then, Sha77e has played in a number of teams including Chaos and Secret, however, has failed to qualify for another top-tier event since then.

Now, after leaving Team Secret in February, Sha77e has opted to go full-time into content creation for one of the newer organizations to enter the NAL of Mirage:

June 11th: Wichita Wolves Signs APE Roster

June 6th: Dpfire Joins Disrupt Gaming

The ex-Challenger League player of "Dpfire" has joined Disrupt Gaming to replace Mark ahead of Stage two of the North American League.

Dpfire previously played on teams such as RentFree, PogChamp, and Orgless over the last year and finished stage one of 2021's CL league in joint fifth place as the sixth-highest rated player with a Rating of 1.25.

He now joins the NA League on DG following their fourth-place finish during stage one. His debut on the team will come on June 15th against TSM when stage two kicks off.

June 5th: Euphoria Leaves Parabellum Esports

This update has been corrected: It had previously erroneously stated that Euphoria had been dropped.

While having pulled off a strong Six Invitational 2021 run, where the team finished joint-ninth, Brandon "Euphoria" Sathongnhot has left Parabellum Esports "to explore better options".

The move comes after Euphoria had returned to the Parabellum roster following the in-game ban of Loïc "Luiz" Langlais for cheating, but had been unable to prevent the team from missing out on the North American Challenger League Stage 1 playoffs.

As such, in Stage 1 of the Challenger League, Parabellum was only joint-seventh. 

Jameson "KoolAid" Lancaster will likely be taking his place, with Logan "Sonar" Parker also likely continuing with the team.

Both Sonar and Euphoria had always been slated to play at the Six Invitational 2021 after Altiora had left the Rainbow Six scene entirely, but had not originally been part of the Challenger League roster.

Euphoria had initially replaced Luiz on the roster, with Sonar then taking KoolAid's place as the team prepared for the Six Invitational 2021.

Now, however, the sixth man of Euphoria has left the team once more.

June 4th: DarkZero Esports Signs Panbazou from LiViD Gaming

After the retirement of Alex "Skys" Magor and the shift of Kyle "Mint" Lander to a coaching position, DarkZero Esports has signed LiViD Gaming player Panbazou to complete its roster.

Panbazou had been playing in the 2021 North American Challenger League (NACL) with LiViD and had been the best player on the team. In Stage 1, he had finished with a 1.23 rating, stemming from a +23 K-D split on Ash and Jaeger.

His signing also follows the return of Brandon "BC" Carr to a playing role, with the former DarkZero coach effectively swapping roles with Mint.

June 4th: Spacestation Gaming Signs Hotancold

Spacestation has finally signed a permanent fifth player in former DarkZero Esports player Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens from Mirage after he had a scintillating Stage 1 performance.

Hotancold had been ranked second in the entire league with his 1.23 rating and had helped Mirage to a greatly impressive third place.

June 4th: QrTz Returns to Mirage Playing Roster

After having been unable to play in Stage 1 of the 2021 North American League (NAL) due to visa issues, Alexandre "QrTz" Moranta has returned to the playing roster for Mirage.

It is currently unconfirmed which player will make way for him, but it is rumoured that Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens will be leaving the third-placed NAL team for Spacestation Gaming.

May 28th: b1ologic Joins beastcoast

Three months after leaving Oxygen Esports, Khalil "b1ologic" Pleas has joined beastcoast to replace GhxsT.

May 27th: DrewSpark Joins XSET as Analyst

The ex-eUnited and SSG analyst of Drew "DrewSpark" Spark-Whitworth has rejoined his old lineup of XSET as staff alongside their new coach of Jarvis.

May 27th: Easilyy Joins Disrupt Gaming as Coach

The ex-player for Elevate, Rogue, and Soniqs among other teams of Kevin "Easilyy" Skokowski has joined Disrupt Gaming as their coach to replace EvlWaffle who left last March.

Since Year 1 Easilyy has attended three Six Invitationals, five Pro League Finals, two Majors, and six Minors peaking with victories at both the 2019 DreamHack Valencia Minor and 2018's US Nationals on Rogue. 

Most recently he spent 2020 on the Soniqs roster sitting in around fifth in the NA League before he and three of his teammates were dropped from the team between seasons.

Now he rejoins the NA League in a coaching role for Disrupt Gaming who just finished stage one of the NAL's 2021 Season in fourth place.

May 27th: Jarvis Join XSET as Coach

The ex-player for Continuum, DarkZero, TSM, LG, and Tempo Storm of Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis has joined XSET as their coach to replace Brycer who left two weeks ago.

As a player, Jarvis has been competing since Year 1 on rosters including Most Wanted and Continuum before joining FlipSid3 Tactics (later known as DarkZero) during Season 6. Jarvis spent 19 months in total on this roster before he was replaced by Hyper after the Season 9 Finals and has since jumped from roster to roster over the last two years.

These teams include TSM during DreamHack Montreal (where Jarvis lifted the trophy), Luminosity during Pro League Season 11, PogChamp during Challenger League stage one 2020, Tempo Storm during NAL 2020 Stage two and, most recently, Orgless during stage one of 2021's Challenger League season.

Now he joins the NA League yet again to replace Brycer as XSET's coach following the earlier pickup of Dillon "Razorr" Presley into the squad to replace Butterzz.

May 27th: XSET Signs Razorr

North American League (NAL) side XSET has signed Dillon "Razorr" to replace Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo, who is now a content creator for the organisation.

You can learn more about this change in our dedicated transfer article right here.

May 26th: BC Returns to DarkZero as Player

Following the announcement that the DarkZero player of Kyle "Mint" Lander has retired from playing competitively and will take up a coaching role within the team, DarkZero has announced that the current coach of Brandon "BC" Carr will take up his spot in the roster in what's in effect a swap of roles.

You can learn more about this change in our dedicated transfer article right here.

May 25th: Mint Retires from Playing, Moves to Coaching Role

Following Skys' retirement yesterday, Kyle "Mint" Lander has announced he will also step down from the roster and stop playing R6S competitively as he takes up a coaching role on DarkZero Esports.

You can read our full coverage of both changes right here.

May 24th: GhxsT Leaves beastcoast

beastcoast's player of Jason "GhxsT" Luu has left the team after nine months on the roster. 

GhxsT previously played on rosters including Disrupt at DreamHack Austin alongside Beaulo and Hyper, the Soniqs in the Challenger League, and the 2018 US National Finals, Rise Nation in the Pro League during Season 9, and, most recently, joined beastcoast last August.

On this roster GhxsT finished stage two 2020 in second place before narrowly missing out on a Six Invitational spot to Parabellum and being invited to the NA League for the 2021 Season. While in the NAL, beastcoast finished in a disappointing eighth place out of nine teams with victories against XSET, Disrupt, and TSM. GhxsT himself finished fourth on the team statistically with a 0.79 Rating and, crucially, a 2-14 scoreline on entry while playing the operators of Zofia and Jager. 

GhxsT has now left the team presumably due to this performance with both his replacement on the team and GhxsT's future currently unclear.

May 24th: Skys Retires from Competitive R6S

After an early exit from the 2021 Six Invitational, DarkZero Esports' Alexander "Skys" Magor has retired from competitive Siege.

Read our full coverage of this story in our dedicated article here.

May 10th: Brycer Leaves XSET

XSET's coach of Bryce "Brycer" Hauver-Reeves has left XSET after almost a year on the roster after finishing his debut NA League season in last place.

Brycer previously worked with Organised Chaos and Disrupt Gaming in the NA Challenger League finishing fourth in both Seasons 9 and 10 before briefly joining the Spain Nationals roster of Wizards Esports Club. 

Brycer then returned to North America to coach PogChamp and then RentFree with the latter team eventually winning 2020's Challenger League and joining the NA League. In the three months since XSET found just a single win leading to this change.

May 5th: Butterzz Leaves XSET Lineup

After joining the XSET roster only three months ago, Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo has left the active roster and will continue as a content creator for the organisation.

Butterzz previously won promotion from the Challenger League after his team, 2Faced, beat Rogue (the NA lineup) in the relegation match-up. 2Faced later joined the Tempo Storm organisation and represented them during the USN19 Finals and Pro League Season 11 before Butterzz was replaced on the team by Mark ahead of the 2020 Season. 

Butterzz went on to play on the Challenger League team of The Last Dance through 2020 before joining the ex-Rent Free roster in the NA League with the XSET organisation in March 2021. They, however, failed to impress here finishing Stage 1 in the last place as Butterzz hit a 0.81 Rating on Zofia and Maestro. 

As XSET now looks to make a change to the roster ahead of Stage two, Butterzz will still remain with the XSET org as a content creator.

May 4th: Mark Leaves Disrupt Gaming

After joining Disrupt in March to replace njr, the ex-Reciprocity and Tempo Storm player of Mark "Mark" Arismendez has now left the team in a fairly surprising move.

Across his previous teams Mark previously competed at two Six Invitationals -- finishing joint third in both -- the Season 10 Finals and found victory at the DreamHack Montreal 2018 event on Cloud9 in what was NA's first international title in 19 months. 

Most recently he reunited with his old teammate of Retro on Disrupt at the same time as iconic to replace njr and Read. These changes in part allowed Disrupt to initially win the NSG X DarkZero Pro-Am tournament and then finish the NA League stage in fourth and just two points behind Mirage and Soniqs ahead of them.

Despite this jump in results from stage one, Disrupt has opted to make the change regardless which has surprised many players and fans with Retro stating the following on Twitter:

This was by no means an easy decision, and I know this is surprising to some with our top 4 finish, but in order to be the best we believed we needed to make a change. Regardless of the outcome I wish Mark nothing but the best and I know he’ll land on his feet.

Across stage one Mark finished with a 0.94 Rating on Zofia and Melusi and, likely most notably finished 13-17 on entries, a statistic Disrupt likely would want to be improved for their entry fragger.

April 25th: Sonar and Euphoria Confirmed for Parabellum's SI Roster

Parabellum has confirmed that two ex-Altiora players which won the SI-qualifiers will compete on the roster at the 2021 Six Invitational.

Logan "Sonar" Parker and Brandon "Euphoria" Sathongnhot initially qualified for the Six Invitational alongside the current Parabellum players of Spiritz, Eskaa, and P3NGU1N and, despite not being in the initial Parabellum Challenger League roster, will play for the team at SI21 reuniting the full Altiora lineup.

As well as this, due to the sudden and unexpected ban of Luiz, Sonar will replace him in the Challenger League for the remainder of the stage.

April 24th: The Favelas Joins Kansas City Pioneers

The currently NACL Group B leaders and 2020 Season's fifth-place Challenger League team of The Favelas have been picked up by KC Pioneers in a major move for tier-two NA. 

The org also has teams in Halo and Madden and is probably best known for their prior Rocket League lineup currently ranked fifth in NA which was dropped two days prior to this pickup.

As well as this roster pickup, KCP has also since picked up the content creator of Skittlz indicating that they plan to remain in R6S for a long time.

April 22nd: Parabellum's Luiz Banned for Hacking & Suspended

After a number of suspicious clips of him were posted on Twitter Loïc "Luiz" Langlais has been banned in-game for hacking and so has been banned from competing professionally for one year.

You can read about this in full detail here.

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