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LATAM Transfers: Post-Stage 1 2021 - mav Leaves W7M Gaming, Coach Abreu Subbing in for Brazil Cup

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the Brazilian, Mexican and South American Divisions of the Latin American region since the end of Stage 1 2021!

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 1 of the 2021 season, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the APAC, NA, and EU threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far


  • Black Dragons - Hugzord and Yoona leave, resetz and peres joins
  • INTZ - igoorctg and Dudds leave, ZaaK and Hellraiser join
  • Santos e-Sports - freezao leaves
  • W7M Gaming - pdr1n leaves, KURTZ loaned out, GdNN1 and mav joins, mav leaves
  • Team Liquid - mcunha officially signed after Six Invitational run

Campeonato Mexicano:

  • Atheris Esports - signs Rovi, loans him to GGE Team
  • Chivas esports - Gabo leaves, Cerberus joins
  • MeT - Lethal, Dfult, DotD4sh, and Luk3 leaves, Ale11 and Gabo joins
  • Six Karma - Harry Leaves, Fungi joins
  • Fenix Esports - Waiffer Leaves, Microkw promoted to coach
  • Kingdom Esports - Clerici, Cerberus leaves. August and Biz Join
  • OverKnight - Luk3 joins

Campeonato Sudamericano:

  • 9z Team - Dark Joins as Analyst

Roster Changes

July 28th: Mav Leaves W7M Gaming, Coach Abreu Subbing in for Brazil Cup

After being joining W7M at the beginning of this Stage, the ex-FaZe and Liquid member of Rafael "mav" Loureiro Freitas has left the team after finishing the BR6 League as the lowest-rated full-time player.

After being kicked from FaZe Clan a year ago, mav then transitioned to a coaching role and joined Team Liquid ahead of their November Regional Major victory. Six months later he then was kicked from Liquid following an investigation from the org into abuse allegations. 

Following this, Stage 2 saw him return to a player role in W7M Gaming with the roster achieving six points across the nine games thanks to overtime victories over Black Dragons, MIBR, and Santos, leaving the team in last place. 

During this Stage, mav averaged a 0.71 Rating which was the third-lowest behind MIBR's coach of Budega and FelipoX who played the season with a controller (both of which only played half the season as well) likely leading to this change.

I inform you here about my departure from W7M. I was looking forward to the Brazil Cup and felt that the team was improving as, despite the last few bad games, in general we were doing well in training against top4 teams, but maybe for psychological reasons this is not confirmed in the games.

I apologize to the fans and my teammates who placed their trust in me and I wish everyone success, I hope they manage to get out of this situation because I know how dedicated they are to this.

June 26th: Team Liquid Officially Signs mcunha as Analyst After Six Invitational Run

Having already been part of the team's set-up at the Six Invitational in a trial role, Marcelo "mcunha" Cunha has been officially signed by Team Liquid as an analyst.

The Brazilian had previously been on Isurus in the Brasileirão Serie B, but was instrumental in helping Team Liquid to a highly impressive second-place finish at the Six Invitational 2021.

June 12th: August and Biz Join Kingdom Gaming

As we announced during our co-stream of the #UbiForward We officially welcome our reinforcements for the Rainbow Six team to the kingdom. DEFEND THE KINGDOM

June 10th: Dark Joins 9z Team as Analyst

OFFICIAL PRESENTATION: DARK Providing more vision, structure and growth

@DarkR6_joins our team of@R6esportsLATAMas an analyst.

Let's welcome it!

June 9th: ZaaK and Hellraiser Join INTZ

The ex-Singularity player of Diego "ZaaK" de Albuquerque has joined INTZ to replace the departed player of Dudds while the ex-Santos and Elevate player of Luiggi "Hellraiser" Ianelli joins to replace igoorctg.

5 athletes from @R6esportsBRalone at the LG Gaming Facility. What could go wrong? The most intrepid squad in the world is back with new names. They will soon dominate the second stage of the BR6 2021!

June 9th: Gabo and Ale11 Joins MeT

The ex-Chivas and Atheris player of Gabriel "Gabo" Mange has joined MeT alongside the relatively unknown Costa Rican player of Alejandro "Ale11" Argüello.

June 9th: Cerberus Joins Chivas esports

After finishing Stage one in sixth, Bryan "Cerberus" Martínez has left Kingdom to join Chivas esports to replace Gabo.

June 8th: Gabo Leaves Chivas esports

Today we stand up and wish all success to @GaboMangeV
Gabo, break it wherever you go, remember that this will always be your home!

June 7th: Peres Joins Black Dragons

The MVP and winner of last stage's Brazilian Cup of Vitor "peres" Peres has joined Black Dragons from his old roster of SuperNova Team.

As one of the top tier-two players in Brazil, peres impressed a lot of people during the Brazil Cup performance in which he knocked out Black Dragons themselves and achieved a 1.23 Rating and 1.5KD on Ash and Jager across the tournament.

He now joins the roster to fill part of the gap made from the exit of Hugzord and yoona with BD's substitute and Academy player of resetz very likely taking the fifth and final spot in the team.

Peres pro-debut will now come against Team oNe when the BR6 League kicks off for Stage two on June 19th.

June 1st: Mav Joins W7M Gaming

The ex-FaZe Clan player and Team Liquid coach of mav has joined W7M Gaming just three months after being removed from Liquid following an investigation into prior abuse allegations

Mav previously played on FaZe since Season 5 before joining Liquid as a coach for the 2020 BR6 season. During this time he was crowned the Brazilian champion twice, reached the Pro League Season 8 grand-final and was crowned the November Regional Major champion. 

Following this he was suspended and then kicked from Liquid after allegations of abuse came to light against mav which mav partially admitted to. Now just three months after he was kicked from Liquid, mav rejoins the BR6 League on W7M Gaming.

June 1st: Yoona Leaves Black Dragons

June 1st: GdNN1 Joins W7M Gaming

The ex-Black Dragons player of Gleidson "GdNN1" Nunes has been reunited with his old teammate of Panico as he joins W7M Gaming for Stage 2 of the BR6 2021 League. 

GdNN1 previously competed in the Pro League during Seasons 4, 8, 9, and 10 during which time he was suspended due to his involvement in the FaZe Clan/Black Dragons matchfixing scandal. Now, after competing in the Challenger League for the last 19 months, he returns to the BR6 competition on the last placed roster of W7M.

Welcome to the family

May 31st: pdr1n leaves W7M, KURTZ Loaned to Singularity

@pdr1nfpsThanks for all your dedication representing the W7M Family! May your new challenge in your career be very successful! 
@KurtzVitor which for 3 months will be borrowed. We are counting on your promising future and that you come back full of new ideas.

Eduardo "Dudds" Torassi and INTZ e-Sports have parted ways with mutual consent.

The move comes after INTZ finished Stage 1 of the BR6 in eighth place and was eliminated by Singularity in the first round of the Copa do Brasil.

May 25th: Cerberus and Clerici Leave Kingdom Gaming

After finishing stage one in second to the last place, Kingdom Gaming has dropped their two players of "Clerici" and Bryan "Cerberus" Martínez.

Thanks a lot to @KingdomGamingMx for the opportunity they gave me they are all great.
Now I find myself F / A for the second split of @R6esportsLATAM

Thankful to Kingdom for the time that I have been working with them, I want to announce that I am F / A for the next split.

May 25th: Microkw Joins Fenix as Coach

The ex-coach of Team Aze during 2020's Mexican Challenger League has joined Fenix for stage two to replace Waiffer.

It is a pleasure to announce our new coach to our core team of @Rainbow6Game.
Welcome to Series A @Microkw2!

May 25th: Fungi Joins Six Karma

The ex-Estral player of José "Fungi" Vidales has joined Six Karma, replacing Harry.

Fungi previously won every single domestic tournament going during the 2020 Season including both Regional Majors and the 2020 Mexican title while on Estral Esports as the team just missed out on the 2021 Six Invitational on two occasions.

During this campaign, Fungi is most notable for being suspended for three games during a "match-throwing incident" which, due to the actions of the Estral organization surrounding this incident, ended up getting the organization banned from all Rainbow Six tournaments and caused the roster to disband.

Now Fungi is back and will debut on stage one's fourth-place Mexican Championship roster in three weeks' time when the league kicks off again for stage two.

Today we welcome @Holofungy, our new Entry / Flex of @Rainbow6Game.
He arrives strong and comes with everything to take losses and victories with his new team #LaOlaVerde .
Welcome bro!

May 21st: freezao Leaves Santos

Santos e-Sports analyst of Igor "freezao" Silva has left the team claiming he wants to "continue in search of my dream of being a player" rather than remain on the sidelines.

freezao previously played in the Challenger League for YeaH Gaming finishing second for three seasons in a row before finally making his pro debut during the 2020 Season on W7M Gaming. W7M finished last year in the seventh position after which time he left the team to become Santos' analyst and substitute.

During this time he wasn't called upon in his role as a substitute as the team finished down in ninth place, very narrowly avoiding dead last which was held by his ex-teammates on W7M. 

Now, freezao leaves Santos in search of a player position on likely a tier-two lineup. Even with his exit Santos still has a coach and analyst in Lend4 and depresso as well as an academy roster from which they can source substitutes from meaning freezao is unlikely to be replaced in the team.

I come to announce my departure from Santos. Thank you very much to the guys from the line that made me feel part of a family for the first time in this environment. All the luck in the world for them. My decision to leave was to continue in search of my dream of being a player.

May 18th: Waiffer Leaves Fenix

Two months after joining the org, Fenix's Costa Rican coach of Waiffer "Waiffer" Sibaja has left the team. This comes despite Fenix having won the Mexican Championship during stage one with no real reason given for the change from either party.

Official announcement! Good Luck! @Waifferhq

May 18th: Harry Leaves Six Karma

Today we say goodbye to our great companion.  @HarryR6_ as of today stop being part of our team @SixKarmaEsportsKeep  breaking into your next challenges. GOOD LUCK CRACK! 

May 17th: igoorctg Leaves INTZ

Igor "igoorctg" dos Santos has left INTZ after 18 months coaching the roster.

The previous coach of ReD DevilS and Guidance Gaming initially joined INTZ in December of 2019 and, alongside JP, helped the roster to a fifth-place finish during Season 11, sixth during the 2020 Season, eighth during stage one of 2021, and, most recently, was first rounded by Singularity during the Brazil Cup.

This steady fall in performance has likely led to this change as the roster hopes to bounce back after making just a single player change in this 18 month period.

Hello guys. Today I announce my departure from INTZ. It was not an easy decision, but I had to make it. Understanding that today I need to take a step back, so that, in the future, I will go forward. I would first like to thank INTZ itself (Arthur, our manager, Lucas and Rogerio, owners of Org) for understanding my decision and facilitating my departure, reaching a fair agreement for both sides.

...As for my future, my contract ends on Sunday, May 23, 2020, however, INTZ has already released me to talk to other teams. Despite choosing to leave the team at that moment, my desire to work, win and achieve my dream, is greater than ever. If any Organization is interested, I am willing to work as a Coach, Analyst or even be part of a more elaborate technical committee, my DM is there.

May 10th: Atheris Signs Rovi, Loans him to GGE

The second-placed Mexican team of Atheris Esports has signed the 17-year-old of Rovi, presumably to join the squad when he turns 18 during Stage two. Until then he will be loaned out to GGE Team, a roster that beat Chivas 2-0 during the Mexican Super-Cup.

We welcome @Rovi_R6. He will be a development player on behalf of Atheris and for the moment he will be on loan at @GGETEAM_ to follow this development.

May 10th: pdr1n Leaves W7M Gaming

After his team finished last during Stage one of the BR6 League and was first rounded during the Brazil Cup, Pedro "pdr1n" Medina has left W7M Gaming.

pdr1n has been on this roster for over two years joining the W7M organization in May of 2020 after successfully winning the BR6 qualifiers. Since then they finished 2020 in seventh and sit in 10th during 2021 after pdr1n's long-time teammate of freezao was kicked from the team in February.

After 4 years of dedicating myself to a project, its base (pdr1n, Guii and Freezao) was undone and, with that, the way of working in the team became different, not that it is wrong, but we were not managing to perfectly align the ideas as a whole. I felt it was time for changes to continue growing and reaching the top, which is my dream and the reason why I have always dedicated myself to the game!

pdr1n himself also had a somewhat unsuccessful season in 2021 also finishing with a 0.92 Rating on Zofia and Kaid, however, this was still the third-best in his team as his teammate's ratings ranged from 1.02 to 0.8.

May 10th: Luk3 Leaves MeT

Following the exit of three players the week prior, the Mexican roster of MeT's coach of Luke "Luk3" Hiorns-Boddington has announced he has also left the team to join the third-placed GSA League roster of GoSkilla.

May 5th: Black Dragons Benches Hugzord

The ex-MIBR and oNe player of Vitor "hugzord" Hugo have been benched from Black Dragons after a seventh-place finish in the BR6 League and a semi-final exit to the Brazil Cup.

Hugzord previously played in every single Pro League season on teams such as NoX, oNe, BD and MIBR peaking with third during seasons seven and eight before returning to the Black Dragons organisation for the 2020 Season. 

BD ended this year down in eighth so opted to replace three players in March by picking up the ex-FaZe Clan core roster of yoona, ion and live. Nevertheless, even with these additions Stage one of the 2021 Season saw them down in seventh missing out on a spot in the Elite Six Cup.

This performance has led Hugzord to be dropped with his likely replacement being Pablo "resetz" Oliveira who stood in for the roster during the Brazil Cup and would have joined the team in March had he have been over 18.

Anyway I am aware of the hate, I am aware of the thoughts of the majority, I am aware of everything and obviously disappointed with the way some things happened, I always gave my blood for the jersey and most of the time I felt very close to the fans.

I trust in my work and in my potential, thanks for all the support and also for the criticism.

I was moved to the bench by decision of the organization, I really like the kids and will always be cheering and supporting them in any way I can for them to win, I will take some time off and focus on my work, this is all still my dream.

The "hate" reference came in part due to him playing over the very popular player of yoona during the Brazil Cup as many fans thought this was to be a permanent change. Yoona was initially unable to play due to being banned on Twitch.

As well as this, during stage one Hugzord finished with a 0.73 Rating, the second-lowest of all non-stand-in players in the league, leading him to be blamed for their lacklustre performance.

May 4th: DotD4sh, Dfult, and Lethal Leave MeT

Three members of the MeT roster of Mason "DotDash" Brasher, Marcus "Dfult", and Bradley "LethalGamage" have all left MeT after a mixed stage of the Mexican Championship.

DotDash initially moved to LATAM to compete for MeT ahead of Stage 2 of the 2020 Season and helped the team get their first two and only wins of the Season. After successfully fending of relegations, 2021 then saw two more non-Mexicans join the team in LethalGamage and Dfult which, alongside DotDash and wrath meant that Mexico esport Team had an American core.

Now, after finishing Stage one in third six points behind a playoff spot and being first-rounded by Fenix Academy in the Mexican Super-Cup, three of the newest members have decided to leave the team. DotDash will seemingly be retiring from R6 altogether, Lethal stated "I’ll see where that takes me" regarding his comp career and Dfult said, "might go LFT if I like the team. if not then guess ill see what happens".

With three players leaving this leaves just Ravz, Wrath, and their substitute of Hydre left on the roster. MeT will only be allowed to pick up two new players when the transfer window opens meaning Hydre will definitely be rejoining the roster after having to stand in for half of Stage one anyway.

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