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TrainHard Esport Replaces Tempra Esports in EUL After Latter Fails to Sign Roster

In a surprising development, Tempra Esports has lost its license in the EUL after failing to sign a roster for the upcoming season.

TrainHard Esport Replaces Tempra Esports in EUL After Latter Fails to Sign Roster
Following Tempra Esports having decided against renewing its French roster's contracts for the 2021 European League (EUL) season, the Italian organisation has lost its league license after failing to sign a new roster prior to the start of the season.
Instead, the French organisation of TrainHard Esport, hitherto a mainstay in lower-tier Rainbow Six, has been given the license after having signed a roster comprising former Tempra Esports players Chaoxys and Dirza, former Team Vitality player Spark, as well as BlaZ and NoerA.
Also continuing on with TrainHard is the former Tempra support trio of Tortank, the manager, spokeN, the coach, and MrBox, the analyst.

The move comes as a surprise, as many had expected the Italian organisation of Tempra to sign the only Italian roster to make waves in the top-flight to date, the Six Invitational-qualified Mkers, as the organisation had been "born specifically to become the catalyst for the ambitions of talented Italian players, promoting Italian esports and its values".

Unsurprisingly, Tempra revealed in a Twitlonger that it had been the latest in a long list of organisations failing to navigate the uncharted waters during this pandemic and faced far too much "uncertainty" and "logistical difficulties" to continue in the EUL.
As a result, Tempra Esports' R6 Share participation has been terminated, with the weapon skin unavailable for purchase with immediate effect. Instead, Ubisoft is in contact with TrainHard regarding "an opportunity to enter the R6 Share program in Tier 3".

Tempra Esports had burst onto the Rainbow Six scene at the start of the 2020 EUL season, having signed the IziDream roster that had won Season 11 of the ESL Challenger League. After a rocky start in Stage 1 that only saw it finish seventh, the French roster rebounded with a third place finish in Stage 2 for an overall placement of sixth in the season.

Qualified for the Six November 2020 Major, the team was knocked out without a win against eventual champions Team Empire and their compatriots on Domestically, too, Tempra had only finished in fourth place at the 6 French League Season 2 Finals.

However, the team had made a strong run in the Six Invitational 2021 European qualifiers, only to lose to non-league Mkers in the grand final, leading to speculation that the Italian organisation would soon sign the streaking-hot Italian roster.

In the Twitlonger, Tempra Esports also revealed that it was looking to devote greater attention to "future projects" despite this setback, indicating a possible return to Rainbow Six in the future.

Also confirmed in the announcement was Ubisoft's revocation of the league license held by Nora-Rengo, as reported by SiegeGG, following a breach of "prior commitments made to Ubisoft".

The league license for Nora-Rengo is, however, yet to be reallocated.