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MIBR Acquires Team oNe Roster

After selling most of their team to FaZe Clan, MIBR has acquired the Team oNe lineup for the 2021 Season.

The craziest transfer season to date continues as MIBR replaces their ex-lineup with the Team oNe roster. 

After a number of third and fourth place finishes during 2020, MIBR ended the year on top with a shock title victory at the BR6 LAN FInals with straight victories over both oNe and Liquid despite entering the tournament as the bottom seed. 

This success led the struggling FaZe Clan organization to opt to pick up the MIBR players of Cyb3r, Bullet1, cameram4n, and soulz1 to join Astro for 2021 while MIBR then simply dropped their remaining player of MKing. 

Now to fill this lineup the Team oNe roster in its entirety joins the MIBR organization after a fairly impressive year.

Reduct at DreamHack Valencia 2019

The Team oNe roster initially came to the scene after winning Season 9 of the Challenger League without dropping a map before finishing their first Pro League season just a single point shy of attending the Tokoname Finals in Japan.

Following this, 2020 saw the team just miss out on the Six Invitational to the MIBR lineup they are now replacing before Rappz joined in June to form the current lineup. Since then oNe attended both Regional Majors finishing in fourth and second and topped the BR6 Season table at both the mid and end of year splits. 

Unfortunately, while they entered the BR6 Finals as the top seed, the semi-final defeat against MIBR deprived them of what they hoped to be their first title as a team since the Challenger League victory two years beforehand. 

Despite this result, this oNe roster still held the head-to-head advantage over the ex-MIBR lineup from across the 2020 Season and bested MIBR in every other tournament they competed in other than the BR6 Finals. This means the MIBR organization would likely be very happy with both their very lucrative sale of players to FaZe Clan and their arguably even better lineup they've landed with. 

The lone change to the ex-oNe roster sees their analyst of Vivas not be transferred over to MIBR with MIBR's old coach of Guille taking his spot as he remains on the organization.

With this, here's how the BR6 roster changes stand at the moment:

  • Team oNe roster --> MIBR
  • 4/5ths of MIBR roster --> FaZe, joins Astro
  • 3/5th of FaZe roster --> Black Dragons, joins Hugzord and Patoxy
  • 4/5th of Santos roster dropped, Rhyze remains
  • FURIA drops Novys and Bersa
  • W7M drops freezao

The off-season transfer window closes this Sunday with the first BR6 games on March 20th when all these rosters will debut. MIBR will be entering this Season as the BR6 winning organization meaning the pressure will be all on their new roster to perform:

Tassus "Reduct" Scarinci
Kaique "Faallz" Moreira
Luca "LuKid" Sereno
Felipe "FelipoX" De Lucia
Enzo "Rappz" Aziz
Matheus "Budega" Figueiredo (coach)
Guilherme "Guille" Scalfi (coach)