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Altiora Joins NAL for 2021 Season with New Lineup

Despite qualifying for the upcoming SI21 event, Altiora will drop their Canadian lineup for an American one ahead of the upcoming 2021 NAL Season.

Following the announcement from Ubisoft that the Canadian and US Divisions of the NA League will be merging for the 2021 season, the Altiora organization has announced that it will take up the offered NA League spot with a fresh new lineup. This means their current Canadian lineup which will be competing at the upcoming Six Invitational will be dropped following the event. 

This news comes from the Owner of Altiora via Dot Esports in which he states:

Altiora has accepted the NAL license offered by Ubisoft on Jan 5th and is in the process of forming a new team... Unless Altiora encounters any other stipulations from Ubisoft, this should be set in stone.

This means the current roster will be almost entirely dropped regardless of their Six Invitational performance with just their newly acquired coach of Matthew "meepeY" Sharples likely to stay on should he pass his trial period. The roster will, therefore, not be competing in the Challenger League as suggested and will need to requalify as a new team. 

This news does, however, come just as the Altiora organization announced that they are "looking for ways that we can continue to support the Canadian team... and ecosystem" which somewhat contradicts the owner's announcement that the team will be dropped:

As of now, Altiora is the seventh officially confirmed team for the 2021 North American League LAN which will kick off on March 22nd following a two-week bubble environment to be initiated on March 8th.

This gave Altiora two weeks from the end of the Six Invitational to the beginning of the Vegas bubble with it taking at least 15 days to acquire a US P1 visa and a two-week quarantine in Canada required after returning from Paris meaning the Canadian roster had little to no time to make the move due to their Six Invitational involvement forcing this roster decision to be made. 

As of now, no details have been released surrounding the new all-American lineup of Altiora which will likely be announced after the Six Invitational.