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LATAM Six Invitational Qualifiers: Two-Two-Two for Brazil, South America, Mexico (ft. qeP)

Here's a quick preview of the Six Invitational Closed Qualifier and Finals for LATAM, with the former set to get underway later today.

LATAM Six Invitational Qualifiers: Two-Two-Two for Brazil, South America, Mexico (ft. qeP)

The Six Invitational Closed Qualifiers for all three of the Latin American (LATAM) subregions are set to start later today, with all set to eventually meet up in a six-team bracket. There, the Mexican team of Estral Esports and South American side of Coscu Army await two Brazilian teams, one Mexican team, and one South American team.

Here's a rundown of the highlights of all that has happened and preview of all that is to come, with a word from LATAM caster Ricardo "qeP" Fugi as well.

Open Qualifier Roundup

With eight teams progressing from the Open Qualifier in each region, each of the 16 teams in Brazil only had to play one game to progress to the Closed Qualifier. Fans will likely recognise the teams of Team Singularity and Guidance Gaming, with the latter featuring ex-Pro League player Gabriel "VelveT" Stedile.

Over in South America, with only nine teams in play, the only team that missed out on progressing was Team Soudclose, with few names that would have been familiar to fans from outside of the subregion.

On the other hand, 18 teams missed out in Mexico, though the eight that progressed would also be unfamiliar to most fans. Nevertheless, the 26-team turnout will be encouraging to fans, with these unknown teams looking to spring some surprises in the Closed Qualifier.

Closed Qualifier Preview

The Brazilian Closed Qualfiers. (Image: Liquipedia)

In Brazil, 16 teams will play together in order to reach the Top 2 spots and progress to the Qualifier Finals. The BR6 teams of Black Dragons e-Sports, FURIA Esports, Santos e-Sports, W7M Gaming, and INTZ e-Sports will be immediately favoured, with Isurus and ReD DevilS e-Sports possibly springing some surprises. Playing in a double-elimination bracket, the games are certain to be numerous but competitively fair.

Over in Mexico, MeT -- featuring the Americans of Brandon "wrath" Matousek and Mason "DotDash" Brasher -- will draw eyes, with Atheris Esports, Chivas eSports, and Timbers Esports also having good chances to make it through. Pixel Esports and Infinity Esports join them from Serie A of the Mexican competition, while Kingdom Gaming and OverKnight join from Serie B. Fighting for one spot, the double-elimination bracket action may be unrefined but nonetheless exciting.

Finally, in South America, the Campeonato Sudamericano teams of 9z Team, Furious Gaming, Infamous Gaming, LBS Esports, Malvinas Gaming, and Nocturns Gaming have been invited to the Closed Qualifier. The total of 16 teams will also be fighting for a single spot in the Qualifier Finals across a double-elimination bracket, just like the Brazil and Mexico subregions.

QeP's Take

SiegeGG also spoke to LATAM caster Ricardo "qeP" Fugi about his views on the upcoming qualifiers:

The LATAM region gets ready for the Closed Qualifiers for the Six Invitational and a lot of questions are raised about who will qualify in the LATAM region.

There will be two spots per subregion in the Finals so mainly the Brazilian region have a tight race for the spots. Certainly the teams that compete in BR6 are the favorites, INTZ, Black Dragons, W7M, Furia and Santos. But, we always have emerging teams that can steal the show. ReD DevilS, who lost the relegation match, and Isurus are the underdogs here.

The South American subregion also has Coscu as the team to beat, and even though they lost the Regional Finals against Malvinas Gaming, they are still the favorites.

Finally, in Mexico, dominant in all-Mexican splits, Estral takes my favourite spot to get to the Six Invitational.

Make sure to tune in for the games as they come and to check back here at SiegeGG for continued coverage of the event.