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SiegeGG Team Ranking Switches to Regional Rankings

In light of the impact of COVID-19, SiegeGG has made a change to the world ranking to accommodate the online nature of global competition.

After the first-ever online Six Major, viewers had the pleasure of watching plenty of exhilarating matches that showcased the very best that Siege has to offer. Unfortunately for players and fans alike, the tournaments were restricted to regional competitions that did not allow us to see the very best in the world compete across continents against each other.

Because of this, we have made a decision to suspend the global portion of our ranking, and instead publish a regional ranking that compares teams only from each of the four major regions against one another. Once international competition returns we will once again publish a global ranking. 

To view each of the regions yourself, you can check out the ranking page and select the tab of the region you would like to view. You can also check out each of the four regional rankings below.


BDS has stayed on top in Europe following its win in the European Six Major. G2 has reclaimed the second position after Rogue's surprising last-place Major finish, dropping the German squad to fourth. is a surprise in third place, but the team seems to be on an upward trajectory and could surprise a lot of teams and fans alike in Stage 2.

The bottom half of the table is very competitive and the strongest of any region, with teams six through ten all within around one hundred points of one another. Ranking Chaos over Team Secret goes against the European League standings, but numerous close calls indicate the Scandinavian squad is stronger than their points would suggest. 

North America

North America is perhaps the most top-heavy region of them all, with three legitimate contenders for number one in the world followed by a number of less consistent squads.

DarkZero takes the region's top-ranked spot from Spacestation Gaming, who had held it for nearly a year, setting up a killer storyline for Stage 2. Oxygen retains its position in fourth, still challenging to break through and join the big three after showing so much promise over the past few months, but falling flat at the Major. In fifth, meanwhile, the Soniqs look to improve on an already impressive performance from the last stage and join the conversation with the region's contenders.

Mirage is the notable name in the bottom half of the ranking, impressing after winning the Canadian League in Stage 1 and defying expectations in the Major Qualifier, beating Tempo Storm and playing Soniqs close. Finally, eUnited seems to be in trouble, with a string of poor performances ranking it below Challenger League favourites The Last Dance. 

Latin America 

With a win in the Six August Major, the Ninjas in Pyjamas have reasserted their claim to the top-ranked position in Latin America, and remain in the conversation for the title of best team in the world. With Spacestation's defeat in their own regional Major, the Brazilian squad that took second place at this year's Six Invitational may have the best claim to the title, but, without international competition, it is impossible to say. 

The bottom of the regional ranking features non-Brazilian teams like Estral Esports and Coscu Army, both with strong performances in their own subregions, but neither have yet been able to cut their teeth against the main Brazilian teams at a Copa Elite Six LAN.


With an upset win at the APAC North Six Major, Cloud9 has moved into the top-ranked spot in the region. Longtime regional favorites Giants Gaming now trail the Koreans narrowly, while the ANZ favorites of Wildcard Gaming are also challenging for the top spot. Fnatic, a historic powerhouse in the region, has fallen to fifth in APAC, though this could be chalked up to having to play the APAC North season from Australia on high ping due to travel restrictions.

The remainder of the list contains teams from all across the APAC region, showing the widespread strength of the largest major global region.

To read more about how the ranking is calculated, check out our blog post explaining the system.

To see the full list, check out the ranking page for the most recent update!

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