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KDS Joins FaZe Clan, Replaces mav

The ex-Singularity player of KDS has joined FaZe Clan ahead of stage two of the BR6 league.

KDS Joins FaZe Clan, Replaces mav

The most consistent team in the Latin American region of FaZe Clan has announced the acquisition of Eduardo Chiste "KDS" Fontes Santos to replace their outgoing player of Rafael "mav" Loureiro Freitas ahead of stage two of the 2020 BR6 league.

The FaZe Clan roster currently holds the record for back-to-back tier-one LAN appearances with the team attending every Pro League Final, Six Major and Six Invitational since Season 5 in mid-2017. In this time the team peaked with a runners-up finish during the Season 8 Finals in front of a home crowd, joint third finishes during Seasons 5, 6 and 9 and the 2018 and 2019 Brazilian national titles.

The FaZe roster during the Season 10 Finals

Most recently, however, the team has begun to falter as most of the lineup which achieved these results moved on to new teams. Yoona joined to replace gohaN in September 2018, followed by Muringa exiting for ion in March 2019, cameram4n for Live in March 2020 and, most recently, mav leaving following the second disappointing result in a row for the FaZe lineup -- two fourth-place finishes in Stage 1 2020 and Season 11.

Now, as just Astro remains from their heyday, the lineup brings in a new name in KDS to replace one of the team's oldest and best-known players:

KDS previously finished seasons nine and 10 of the Challenger League in third and fourth place before joining the Challenger League victors of CHICOS Team in the Pro League for Season 11. After being picked up by Elevate and then later Singularity, the lineup finished the season in seventh place and weren't invited to the BR6 league meaning they had to requalify to the region's Challenger League tournament. While the team did successfully do so, the lineup since disbanded with soulz1, rhZ and now KDS each joining new teams in the BR6 league.

During his time in the Pro League, KDS acted as a primary fragger for Singularity to minimal success. The difference in roles played by KDS and mav likely also shows there will be a change-up in the roles FaZe will be playing as they hope to break back into a top-two position in Latin America and regain a national title after losing it last year.


FaZe Clan's next game will be in the BR6 against MIBR where KDS will face his old teammate of soulz on this new lineup:

Leonardo "Astro" Luis
João "yoona" Gabriel Nerici
Ronaldo "ion" Osawa
Vinícius "live" dos Santos Monteiro
Eduardo Chiste "KDS" Fontes Santos
Matheus "Ramalho" Ramalho