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EU Transfers: Latest Updates - PENTA Drops Roster

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the EU League and EU Challenger League since the end of Stage 1!

EU Transfers: Latest Updates - PENTA Drops Roster

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the post-Stage 1 transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the LATAM, NA and APAC threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

European League:

  • BDS Esport - eaglemees joins as analyst
  • - Amision benched, m1loNN joins
  • Natus Vincere - Panix and neLo benched, Blurr and Joe signed
  • Tempra Esports - MrBox signed as analyst, SpokeN joins as coach
  • Chaos Esports Club - Sha77e and Redgroove leave, Secretly and Next1 join
  • Team Secret - KS and Exp0 benched, Sha77e signed, Pacbull joins

Challenger League:

  • DIVIZON - Shermi banned
  • forZe - Team joins Winstrike, m1loN leaves, rush joins
  • Sector One - MXKX dropped, MXKX joins, Ghostie and ProphetKing join as coaches, WishMaster leaves
  • Samsung Morning Stars - Roster leaves org, MrBox leaves team, Fratellii, Hunter, and Neska leaves, Alation, T3b and Ade join, roster joins MACKO Esports
  • Team Heretics - p0Lo dropped
  • LowLandLion- Next1 leaves, blas retires, ASTRO and Panix join, roster leaves, joins GAMMA Gaming
  • PENTA - roster dropped

Roster Changes

November 16th: PENTA Drops Lineup

The German organisation of PENTA has dropped their French roster after failing to qualify for the EU League this season.

PENTA initially picked up this roster previously known as Mock-it in Septmeber 2018 which included the players of ENEMY, RevaN, Panix, Hungry and SirBoss. After a fifth and fourth place finish during Seasons 8 and 9, the team was then relegated down to the Challenger League after losing against forZe in their relegation game. Folloowing this, the team became a fully French linup and finished the last two seasons of the Challenger League in third place leading to the decision to drop the lineup.

Besides this, the team was crowned the German champions twice and French champions once across the Castle Siege, Saturday League and 6 Open Cup tournaments, competed at the 2019 Six Invitational after a second place finish at DreamHack Winter and most recently finished as runners-up during the 6 French League Season 2 tournament.

Prior to this, the PENTA organisation achieved three Pro League and one Six Invitational title with the roster now known as G2 Esports making them one of Siege's best known orgs meaning we are unlikely to have seen the last of them here.

October 30th: SpokeN Joins Tempra as a Coach

The ex-Pro League champion of Jonathan "spokeN" Nolasco who previously played on teams such as Yunktis, AREA, DeathroW, and Oplon has joined Tempra as a coach ahead of the European Major next weekend.

October 2nd: GiF Disbands, Bounssi Retires

The Finnish orgless lineup of GiFu has disbanded after four and a half years of competing at the top level of R6S. The lineup competed in every Pro League season -- winning Season 6 under the GiFu organisation -- with the lone exceptions of Seasons 9 and 11 where they instead took part in the Challenger League. As well as this the team competed in two Six Invitationals finishing in the semi-finals in 2017, was crowned the Nordic champions twice and finished fourth at DreamHack Valencia 2018. 

The team will likely best be remembered, however, by the players they introduced to the top tiers of R6 including the future World Champions of SHA77E, Joonas, Kantoraketti and Sua, as well as other current Major-Circuit members of UUNO, Gomfi, SlebbeN and Affy. 

Despite this success, 2020 saw the team drop from tier one and two to tier three as they failed to qualify for the Challenger League following a 1-2 defeat to Granit Gaming at the Nordic Championship Finals. With this result, the team has now opted to retire the GiFu brand as the team disbands and Jouni "Bounssi" Salo -- who's stuck with the lineup consistently since February 2016 -- retires from competitive Rainbow Six:

September 30th: ex-LowLandLions Joins GAMMA Gaming

September 24th: LowLandLions Roster Leaves Organisation, ASTRO and Panix Join

September 18th: Team Secret Signs Pacbull as In-Game Leader

Team Secret has signed the British player of Peter "pacbull" Bull from German squad DIVIZION to complete its roster ahead of the restart of the European League. The player will be taking over in-game leadership duties from the now-dropped Daniel "Exp0" Massierer and will have a tough mountain to climb in order to stave off the end-of-season relegation playoffs.

September 11th: Team Secret Releases KS and Exp0, Signs Sha77e

After a disappointing Stage 1 of the European League (EUL) where Team Secret finished last, the brothers of Niklas "KS" Massierer and Daniel "Exp0" Massierer have been released from their contracts. The two now become free agents, with former Chaos player Ville "Sha77e" Palola signed at the same time.

The move is somewhat of a historical repeat, as Sha77e had replaced KS on the then-PENTA Sports roster after Season 6 of the Pro League.

With a fifth player yet to be signed, Team Secret will be playing the upcoming GSA League 2020 Finals with their coach Lasse "Lazzo" Klie standing in. However, the team will be looking for a permanent player to fill the hole, set to be signed prior to the start of Stage 2 of the EUL.

Some of the player statistics for Stage 1 of the EUL.

Based off statistics, Exp0 had been the second-worst player across the 10 teams in the entire league, finishing with a 0.62 rating, primarily playing Thermite and Smoke, in the first stage. His brother, KS, had not fared much better, being joint-eighth from the bottom with a 0.85 rating, primarily playing Ash and Wamai.

In contrast, Sha77e had finished Stage 1 with a 0.94 rating, mainly playing Gridlock and Maestro, despite his Chaos roster finishing last -- three points adrift of Team Secret itself.

September 4th: LowLandLions' blas Retires from Rainbow Six

LowLandLions player Balázs "blas" Kővári has announced his retirement from the game. The Hungarian had kickstarted his esports career in the game properly when he had been a coach for the original PENTA Sports roster in 2017, before going on to playing for ENCE eSports.

A transfer back to PENTA -- this time as a player -- then followed, before a brief stint on Team Secret. Then transfering to Defusekids, later known as LowLandLions, his team very nearly missed out on promotion to the European League for the 2020 season. On his time there, however, he did manage to win the Benelux Season 5 title -- his second title win after the Saturday League on PENTA.

September 1st: Natus Vincere Signs Joe

Completing its roster, Natus Vincere has signed Joe "Joe" Crowther after buying out his contract with Fierce Esports and trialing him for two weeks.

September 1st: Signs m1loNN has signed fresh-faced Andrey "m1loN" Mironov to its roster in place of the now-benched Pavel "Amision" Chebatkov. Having turned 18 years-old just a few days ago, m1loN has been an underaged substitute for the team since May.

In his statement on the website, he stated that he had "dreamt about playing for since [he] was a young boy" and revealed that the team had been looking to make a change since the Six August 2020 Major ended.

Placing such faith in a young, underaged player with a guaranteed placement is not unprecedented, with an identical examples having been now-Fnatic player Patrick "MentalistC" Fan, who had been with the Giants Gaming roster for three years before his debut, or fellow Russian Danila "Dan" Dontsov with Team Empire.

Now with m1loN on the team, will be hoping to push on and perform even better and live up to pre-season expectations.

August 31st: Benches Amision

After joining the lineup for the second half of Season 11 to replace KaMa, Pavel "Amision" Chebatkov has acted as the team's main hard breacher through the rest of that season in which they finished in fifth, through stage one of the European League where they finished fourth, and then through the subsequent Regional Major where they defeated Rogue to finish third. 

Throughout this time Amision has kept to a similar role, achieving a 1.01 rating on Maverick and Maestro during Season 11, a 0.85 rating on Hibana and Goyo during the European League and, most recently, a 0.9 rating on Maverick and Maestro once again during the Major. This fall in performance has likely led to this change as hopes to push to become a real challenger internationally for the November Major and the 2021 Six Invitational.

August 28th: Heretics Drops p0Lo

The Spanish Challenger League roster of Team Heretics has dropped one of their best-known players of David "p0Lo" Gómez Urrea three months after he joined the lineup. p0Lo is an ex-Pro League player for Barrage and three times ex-Spanish national champion but is best known for substituting into NiP during the Season 10 Finals following visa issues with the Brazilian team's regular players. 

Now, after joining to help the team qualify for the Challenger League, he has been kicked a month before it starts stating:

...until yesterday everything was normal, we had set a date to return to the gaming house and we were planning the new season in Challenger and that suddenly everything disappears from one day to the next it is difficult to understand. My biggest problem comes from believing that I was going to Madrid to cancel things in my life in Barcelona and taking into account that I had a meeting with the coach to inform about my situation in this regard and at all times I was told that it was an important player for the team for the next CL season so it's difficult to understand this change from one day to the other.

Heretics likely have a player ready to replace p0Lo considering the sudden nature of the change which will likely be revealed soon. p0Lo, meanwhile, will once again be looking for a new chance to make it back into the tier one and two leagues.

August 26th: Blurr Rejoins Na'Vi

Byron "Blurr" Murray initially joined the Na'Vi lineup as a stand-in between the Six Invitational and the end of Season 11 while Doki completed his competitive ban for toxic in-game behavior. In this time he helped his team to a four place finish in the league -- up from sixth place when he joined the team -- while achieving the third-highest rating on the team during Season 11 at 1.03. 

Outside of Na'Vi he previously attended the DreamHack Valencia BYOC qualifiers and was crowned an Italian national champion while playing for Mkers and competed in the ESL Premiership three times -- first on Sonny Caries finishing in fifth, then on Fierce Esports finishing the regular season in second and most recently on MnM Gaming where he once again finished the regular season as runners-up.

He now leaves MnM to rejoin Na'Vi following the exit of both neLo and Panix from the team earlier this month. This, therefore recreates a British core lineup of Doki, Kendrew, and Blurr that was lost when CTZN left to join G2 Esports last March.

In the announcement article below Blurr had the following to say:

I am incredibly happy that I have the chance to play in such a strong roster on a full-time basis. I would like to thank the club and the players for this opportunity.

I look forward to the second stage of the European League to show everyone how good our team can play in the new squad. I am confident you will not be disappointed!

Meanwhile, Na'Vi's manager of Yaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko had this to say:

We don’t have that many opportunities to qualify for the Six Invitational this year. The team doesn’t want to miss the World Championship and decided to take certain risks: in the off-season we have agreed that Saves, Kendrew and Doki have sufficient experience, they share the club’s philosophy and values and are ready to share them with the new players.

Thus, when selecting players for vacant positions, we primarily gave our preference to young talents who have little experience in performing at a serious level but are very eager for major victories.

One of these newcomers is Blurr. We have nothing but positive experience from working with him in the last season of the Pro League. I am happy to welcome Byron among the Born to Win, however, this time on a permanent basis!

I would also like to thank the managers of the MnM Gaming, who cooperated with us and made this transfer happen.

August 23rd: eaglemees Joins BDS as Analyst

The ex-staff for Movistar Riders, Epsilon eSports and Salamander of Mees "eaglemees" van der Arend has finally made it out of the national leagues as he had been announced to be the new analyst for BDS Esports just after the team was crowned the European Major victors.

August 19th: Natus Vincere Benches neLo

The Croatian player of Leon "neLo" Pesić has been benched on Na'Vi after almost two years on the lineup as "his playstyle does not fit into the way the team wants to play in the upcoming season".

After playing in a number of national teams, neLo joined CTZN on the MnM Gaming lineup ahead of the Winter 2018 Premiership season. After finishing in joint third that season, he was joined by Doki, GiG and Fonkers for DreamHack Winter with the recognisable lineup of neLo, Doki, CTZN, Kendrew and Saves solidified for Season 9 of the Challenger League. MnM went on to win this season and be automatically promoted to the Pro League as well as winning the Spring 2019 Premiership season to be crowned the British National champions.

The following season under the organisation of Natus Vincere they followed in the footsteps of Team Empire to be crowned the Season 10 Pro League champions -- the last ever international winners of the competition -- as well as defending their Premiership title twice. 

Natus Vincere in front of their Season 10 trophy. neLo can be seen second to the right.

Most recently, however, the team has fallen down in Europe with them finishing Season 11 in fourth place in Europe and failing to qualify for the European Mini-Major during Stage 1 2020. These results have resulted in the lineup removing both neLo and Panix from the team with their replacements currently unknown. 

In the announcement above, neLo had to say the following:

I would like to thank NAVI for everything they’ve done for me, It was a pleasure to play for such a well-known esports club, and add a trophy from the LAN tournament to the collection of Natus Vincere awards.

While their manager of N1ghtEnd stated:

Having assessed all the risks, we’ve made a tough decision to replace neLo. I have no complaints about Leon as a player and as a person, but his playstyle does not fit into the way the team wants to play in the upcoming season.

August 11th: MXKX Replaces WishMaster on Sector One

Two weeks after dropping Marco "MXKX" Varas from the team he has rejoined Sector One to replace the team captain of Rehan "WishMaster" Ahmed. This comes following community backlash around MXKX's removal and with WishMaster expecting a child in a few weeks time.

August 8th: Ghostie and ProphetKing Joins Sector One as Coaches

August 7th: Shermi Banned from Competing

One week after guaranteeing a spot in the upcoming EU Challenger League season, the DIVIZON player of Benedikt "Shermi" Rostok has been banned from competing in all official tournaments due to attempted matchfixing. This comes as Shermi claimed he messaged someone to throw their game as a joke which was then clamped down on by Ubisoft as a serious attempt to circumvent the rules.  

Shermi previously played in numerous prior British and German national tournaments and finished third during Season 4 of CCS. Most recently, alongside the DIVIZON lineup, he surprised many as they beat a number of Pro-tier teams to finish third in the GSA season meaning, as they were the only non-European League team to make it to the playoffs, they guaranteed themselves a spot in the 2020 Faceit Challenger League. Now, following this decision to ban Shermi DIVIZON will be looking for a new player to compete in the league as it seems like the ruling has not got the team itself disqualified from the GSA league.

As a result of an investigation into attempted match fixing during the GSA League 2020, and in compliance with the Rainbow Six Circuit Rulebook, we have decided to ban Benedikt "Shermi" Rostok of Team Divizon for the next six months. His ban shall last for the next 6 months and encompasses all Rainbow 6 Esports competitions.

Fairness and good sportsmanship are top priority in all Rainbow Six Esports competitions. Violations of these values are taken very seriously and will be punished accordingly.

August 7th - ex-forZe Roster Joins Winstrike

After qualifying for the upcoming Challenger League season following a third-place finish in last season's Russian Major League season, the then-forZe roster has now joined Winstrike:

August 6th: Panix Benched on Natus Vincere

Five months after joining the team, Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux has been benched from Na'Vi following "unsuccessful performance in the first round of the European League Season 1 and UK Ireland Nationals".

In his time on the team, he helped them finish Season 11 in fourth place in Europe before they then slipped to fifth during Stage 1, just missing out on a spot in the upcoming EU "Mini-Major". During this Stage Panix finished with a 0.60 Rating while playing Sledge and Wamai -- the lowest in Europe -- likely leading to this change. 

Prior to joining this team, he spent a nine-month stint on BDS winning the Challenger League alongside that roster, which itself was following almost two years on the then-PENTA roster in which time he attended the 2018 Six Invitational and the Paris Major as well as being crowned the French national champion twice.

With Panix now exiting, he will be replaced by Zeb "Quadzy" Esser as a substitute for their upcoming UK Ireland Nationals game against Audacity Esports with this likely acting as a trial for the ex-Trust Gaming player.

August 3rd: Tempra Esports Signs MrBox as Analyst

French team Tempra Esports has signed former Samsung Morning Stars analyst Michele "MrBox" Scattola following its seventh-placed finish in Stage 1 of the European League. While some may be unfamiliar with MrBox, he had been on the Italian Samsung Morning Stars (SMS) roster, also owned by the same management company as Tempra Esports.

With Ubisoft rules having dictated that the management had to choose between the two rosters, the Samsung Morning Stars roster, including MrBox, had been released two days ago. Now, his signing with the European top-flight Tempra Esports squad has been confirmed, with little change in management for him.

MrBox comes in with little top-flight experience, but his credentials at a national level are nonetheless strong. Earlier this year, he had helped SMS clinch the PG Nationals title -- the top-level Italian competition. Now, with Tempra looking to climb higher for the next stage, the Frenchmen will be looking to MrBox to aid them along.

August 1st: Samsung Morning Stars Roster Leaves Org

In order to comply with Ubisoft's anti-conflict of interest policies, Samsung Morning Stars have been forced to drop their Challenger League lineup as the organisation's management also runs the Tempra Esports lineup in the European League.

July 26th: Sector One Drops MXKX

The Benelux League's runner-up of Sector One has opted to drop their Swedish player of  Marco "MXKX" Varas just over a month after qualifying for the upcoming Challenger League season.


And so, that's every change within the European region so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!