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Stage 1 -- Caster Prediction Results

After six weeks of predictions from our nine caster pairs, the SiegeGG Rankings and our Patreon supporters, here are the final results for the competition.

Stage 1 -- Caster Prediction Results

After we ran our first Caster Predictions competition in the second half of Season 9, we have slowly rotated through various casters around the R6 world, with us inviting the following pairs to take part in Stage 1 of 2020:

  • Hap  and Geo 
  • Scok  and FuriouSG 
  • AlexPolo  and Verdi 
  • Stoax  and Velly 
  • Jesse Chick  and Uzumaki 
  • Devmarta  and Jess 
  • Frieda  and Tomozo 
  • Meligeni  and foxtrot 
  • Viic  and qeP 

After five weeks of predictions throughout Stage 1 this resulted in the following standings:

While Hap/Geo and the SiegeGG Rankings both predicted more games correctly than Scok/FuriouSG, we opted to score the games differently this season to take in mind the different number of games in each region. This is as there are more than twice the number of BR6 and EU games than US Division games, which would theoretically hugely benefit the casters from those regions without a weighted scoring.

This, therefore, marks Hap's fourth top-three finish in the predictions alongside his victory in Season 9, runner-up position in Season 10 and Stage 2 2020, and a third-place finish in Season 11. For SiegeGG, meanwhile, this is the first time the Rankings haven't finished in the top three, likely due to the undervaluation of both Disrupt Gaming and Soniqs as they began the season as effectively brand-new teams, with no other games played in 2020 to base their performances off of.

With this, the French duo of Guillaume "Scok" Beck and Sébastien "FuriouSG" Guérineau has taken the title of SiegeGG Caster Prediction Stage 1 2020 Champions to add to the growing list of prior victors seen below. This win also means that FuriouSG becomes the very first two-time victor after a very clear victory in the 2020 Six Invitational predictions:

  • Season 9 Online - Hap 
  • Season 9 Finals - Velly toldersma , and Demo 
  • Raleigh Major - LuKid 
  • Season 10 Online - SiegeGG Rankings
  • Season 10 Finals - Uzumaki  and SummerRain
  • Six Invitational 2020 - FuriouSG 
  • Season 11 Online - Flynn 
  • Stage 1 2020 - FuriouSG/Scok 
FuriouSG at the 6 French League 2019 Finals.

In Stage 2, we will continue these predictions with a number of new names joining in. For now, be sure to watch the ongoing Six Major Regionals with ongoing coverage of the games here at SiegeGG.