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Japan Nationals 2020 Season 2 Finals: Everything You Need to Know

Following all three qualifiers, 44 Japanese teams face off for the title of Japanese Champions, with the biggest Nationals prize pool in Rainbow Six.

As Stage 1 of the APAC North Division came to an end with the dominant 9-1 record of Giants Gaming, in the Japanese community, the Japan Nationals 2020 composed of over one hundred teams is also coming to an end.

Boasting the biggest Nationals prize pool at 500 million yen (US$46,000), the Season 2 Finals are set to be played this weekend, from the 25th of July to the 26th of July to determine Seasonal Champions and runner-ups that have spots for LAN finals held in August. 

Roadmap of Japan Nationals 2020. (Image: R6 Esports Japan)

As announced before, the winner of the Japan Nationals 2020 will get an opportunity to qualify to the 2021 season of the APAC North Division.

As such, all the non-APAC North contenders will not only be aiming to grab a sizeable piece of the prize pool, but an incredible chance at an opportunity to make it to the top level of APAC competition.

In case that a team already in the APAC North Division wins the Japan Nationals and does not finish in the bottom four during the 2020 APAC North season, the runner-ups will instead qualify to the relagation match. Furthermore, if all four Japanese APAC North teams end the 2020 season within the top-eight, the Japanese Nationals winner will be directly promoted to APAC North.

After Qualifiers Roundup

In the Season 2 qualifiers, although the four APAC North teams didn't make an appearance, other professional and amateur teams had sizeable support nonetheless. Three qualifiers from the end of June to July saw an overall unsurprising result where former Pro League and domestice sides like Unsold Stuff Gaming, YOSHIMOTO Lamy, Fayher's Back, NORTHEPTION, SIRIUS Gaming, and Sengoku Gaming won the finals' spot in each tournament.

On the other hand, newly assembled teams and rosters that hadn't been seen in previous tournaments also showed their potential in the competitive scene, as listed below.

Season 2 Finals Teams

The Season 2 Finals will thus see the following 44 teams:

  • SchwarzerLand
  • Reiwa Gaming
  • Lst.
  • GEARMIX e-sports
  • Sengoku Gaming
  • Fukuoka.Zeruel
  • Nova. WManji-X
  • Zepto.
  • RepresentUnderground
  • In Version
  • :) (Nikkori)
  • ShinoBeeGaming Rev
  • SunSister
  • Tsukumo Itimon vLt
  • VmK-Bengal's
  • Sakurai House no Jyunin
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming
  • Avenir
  • Thanatos
  • Sumimasen Cheese-gyudon Oomoride Onegaishimasu
  • Nefx
  • yao
  • OverClockGaming
  • AORUS Washinoko
  • Quintette Agitato
  • Flexion
  • Strive Gaming
  • SuNFlower Field
  • Relaxedly
  • esports team 1st
  • uBer.
  • SIRIUS Gaming
  • Team No mark
  • Shinsengumi
  • Father's Back
  • Sexy
  • ObsidiaN
  • Relit
  • Quartz


The Season 1 Finals will be held across two days, starting from today, on the 25th of July.

Day 1 (July 25th)
  • First Rounds: 15:30 JST (6:30 UTC)
  • Second Rounds: 16:45 JST (7:45 UTC)
  • Quarter Finals part. A: 18:15 JST (9:15 UTC)
  • Quarter Finals part. B: 19:30 JST (10:30 UTC)
Day 2 (July 26th)
  • Semi Finals: 15:30 JST (6:30 UTC)
  • Third Place Match (Bo3): 18:30 JST (9:30 UTC)
  • Grand Final (Bo3): 18:30 JST (9:30 UTC)


The Japan Nationals 2020 Season 2 Finals will be aired on the following three websites, as well as its official Twitter, cast in Japanese.


For future updates on the ongoing Japan Nationals, keep an eye out here at SiegeGG.

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