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6 French League Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about Season 2 of the 6 French League as teams fight for a spot in the Challenger League and the title of French champions.

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The latest French national season is set to kick off later today, with eight teams playing best-of-one matches every Thursday as part of a double round-robin format league. With a variety of teams in play, it is anyone's tournament to win, so here's everything you need to know in advance:

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The 2019 6 French League trophy.

The Teams

Team Vitality - BiBoo, Hungry, Goga, risze, Fabian, and Lyloun and Helbee (their two coaches)

The tournament's favourites come in the form as one of Europe's new "super-teams". The captain of the greatest team in R6 history, Fabian, and the captain of the most consistent team in European history, risze, joined an already comfortable-looking Team Vitality roster. As well as these player changes, the team also picked up the ex-Secret coach of Helbee, who had already led his team to two Minor victories and two Major semi-finals.

Put together, this team looks to be a giant of the European scene and will be hoping to make quick work of the French league. With only two French members alongside German, Belgian, Spaniard, Swedish, and Canadian members, the team only made it into the tournament due to their French organisation. As such, this might make them an unpopular team to take the national title, something their opponents will be eager to prevent.

Fabian at the Raleigh Major.

BeKind - Legendz, Riverz, Zydenn, Wallkero, Arth, Pink-Angel, and AlphaX (their coach and analyst)

After finishing last season in dead last with only one point across 14 play days, this team has a pretty low bar for success this season. They now restart their campaign with three new players and two support staff to support their endeavour and look like a much more capable lineup than the BeKind we saw last time.

Tempra Esports - Chaoxys, P4, Dirza, Shiinka, and Voy

Tempra Esports may be an unfamiliar organisation, but the roster is anything but. Having run through Season 11 of the Challenger League, the team finished in first place with 10 wins, two draws, and two losses in a strong showing. In addition, the roster had also participated in the 6 Open Cup 2020, finishing a very close second to PENTA thanks to a 15th-round, 7-8 loss on the decider map. Now, the team will be the third-favourite behind Vitality and BDS, being the only other European League team in attendance.

Team Fawkes - Liven, Cheezzzy, Quaal, NoerA, and AvenQo

Previously known as Grizi Esport, this team enters as the technical descendants of the GameWard roster which played in both last year's 6 French League and Season 10 of the Challenger League. The team comes with significant experience thanks to the DreamHack Austin victor and two times Pro League Finalist of Liven who is joined by the ex-Vitality player of Quaal and the ex-Benelux champion of NoerA making a fairly solid roster aiming for the Challenger League 2020 spot.

Liven at the Paris Major,

Team Orbit - Duckii, JaKs, NeoX, Darkwin, Mootiii, Legend, and Eden (their coach and analyst)

After qualifying for the competition thanks to their runners-up finish in the 6 French Challengers tournament, this team opted to pick up Mootiii ahead of this season following his performance alongside the BDS lineup during the European Open Clash event and his previous experience competing in three prior French nationals.

BDS Esport - Shaiiko, Renshiro, RaFaLe, Elemzje, and BriD

BDS Esport needs little introduction, having made it to the Pro League in Season 11 with the formerly banned Shaiiko on board alongside the Pro League-experienced rxwd, RaFaLe, Renshiro and Elemzje. While the roster did finish in fourth place at the Six Invitational 2020, being the only European team to make it into the top-six, their Pro League performance saw them finish last. As such, the team swapped out rxwd for the third-highest rated player in Season 11 in Europe, BriD, and will now be one of the favourites to win the 6 French League.

BDS Esport on the Six Invitational 2020 stage.

Maestria - Aurel, Falko, DaReeal, Whiteshark67, Prime, and Fio' (their coach)

After winning the 6 French Challengers tournament and proving themselves to be one of the top up and coming rosters in French Siege, the Maestria roster which included a number of well-known names such as Whiteshark (who just received an in-game charm) picked up who huge new members.

Firstly joining came the two-time Pro League champion of Falko who tries once again to join a top team after two years out of the big leagues and in a coaching role comes the French caster of Fio', best known for his time on Xtreme Video Esports during Challenger League Season 9.

PENTA - ENEMY, RevaN, BlaZ, Kaktus, Alive, Janixs, and BiOs (their substitute and coach)

PENTA, despite not being one of the three other teams in the European League, is certainly not a team to be scoffed at. Having only failed to make it there by the barest of margins, this roster already has a spot in the Challenger League. However, it will certainly be going after the trophy with all its might, eager to prove a point and beat three higher-tier teams to the punch, with Tempra Esports possibly conceding third in the league to them.

ENEMY at last year's 6 French League Finals.

The Broadcast and What's Next?

The games will be broadcast in French on the rainbow6fr Twitch account from 18:30CEST onwards tonight cast by Nicolas "Swish" Bouhier, Julien "Kivvi" Serrier and Paul "Frenchi" Droal and observed by Ciaran "FeedMachine" Williams.

The 6 French League casters.

Tonight will see the following games playout in the opening day as each of the Pro and Challenger League lineups get an easier opening game to kick off the season:

  • Team Vitality vs Team Orbit
  • Tempra Esports vs BeKind
  • BDS Esports vs Maestria
  • PENTA vs Team Fawkes

Prior Seasons and Victors

The 6 French League Season 2 is the second season of the year-long league with the 6 Open Cup and 6 French Challengers each taking place since last season's finish. The tournament itself acted as a replacement of the prior Coupe de France and 6 Cup tournaments while the annual Gamers Assembly tournament also:

6 French... Champions:

  • League 2019 - Giants GamingHicks, risze, Alphama, AceeZ, korey, and Crapelle (their coach)
  • Open Cup 2019 - PENTAENEMY, RevaN, BlaZ, Kaktus, Alive, and BiOs (their coach)

6Cup Champions:

  • 2018 - MilleniumRenshiro, Liven, Hicks, risze, and AceeZ
  • 2017 - MilleniumRenshiro, Liven, Joghurtzz, sTiZze, and Aherys
  • 2016 XBOX - SupremacyRaFaLe, ZephiR, BiBoo, SangraL, and Spark

Coupe de France Champions:

  • 2018 - Mock-it EsportsPanix, ENEMY, RevaN, Voy, and Alive
  • 2017 - Team VitalityPanix, ENEMY, RevaN, Elemzje, and risze
  • 2016 XBOX - SupremacyRaFaLe, BiBoo, SangraL, Atoomikk, and Stazio

Gamers Assembly Champions:

  • 2019 - LeStream EsportsHicks, risze, AceeZ, Alphama, and UUNO
  • 2018 - Team VitalityBiBoo, RaFaLe, ZephiR, Spark and BriD
  • 2017 - MilleniumLiven, Renshiro, Joghurtzz, sTiZze, and Sixquatre
  • 2016 Xbox - Team Vitality - FuriouSG, BiOs, KRiiSKO, AnThraX, and Squall

This means the Belgian of risze sits with the most French national titles with one in each tournament type with ENEMY, RevaN, Hicks, AceeZ, BiBoo, RaFaLe, Renshiro, and Liven each sitting with three.

Giants Gaming with their 6 French League 2019 trophy.

With so many high-level teams competing this season and the Challenger League spot to play for, the tournament should be a competitive one throughout. Keep track of the tournament's progress via the official website and with weekly coverage here at SiegeGG!