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Japan Nationals 2020 Season 1 Finals: Everything You Need to Know

Following all three qualifiers, 52 Japanese teams face off for the title of Japanese Champions, with the biggest Nationals prize pool in Rainbow Six.

If you are starved for high-octane, APAC Rainbow Six action, the Japan Nationals 2020 Finals are exactly what you need. Boasting the biggest Nationals prize pool at 500 million yen (US$46,000) prize pool, the Season 1 Finals are set to be played this weekend, from the 6th of June to the 7th of June.

A massive total of 52 teams got through the three qualifiers in April and May, and thus cover a wide range of skilled and talented players.  Four Japanese giants that will apper in the APAC North Pro league, starting later this month, will be taking part in the action as well but the other teams are certainly not to be underestimated.

Roadmap of Japan Nationals 2020. (Image: R6 Esports Japan)

As announced before, the winner of the Japan Nationals 2020 will get an opportunity to qualify to the 2021 season of the APAC North Division.

As such, all the non-APAC North contenders will not only be aiming to grab a sizeable prize pool, but an incredible chance at an opportunity to make it to the top level of APAC competition.

In case that a team already in the APAC North Division wins the Japan Nationals and does not finish in the bottom four during the 2020 APAC North season, the runner-ups will instead qualify to the relagation match. Furthermore, if all four Japanese APAC North teams end the 2020 season within the top-eight, the Japanese Nationals winner will be directly promoted to APAC North.

After Qualifiers Roundup

After the conclusion of the Day 3 qualifier, the Japanese comminity saw some big transfers take place. Yuta "YUTA INOUE" Inoue (formerly ReyCyil) left NORA-Rengo according to his own wishes, and former academy player Tomohisa "Simotuki" Imoto re-joined the team from the now-disbanded DetonatioN Gaming roster.

No2, now playing on FAV Gaming, had the highest rating in Season 11 in Japan.

Meanwhile, FAV Gaming also announced a change to their roster of over a year. Taishu "shu" Tanabe and substitute Ryo "ZAKO" Mizushima left the team, with the top Japanese player from Season 11, Taku "No2" Murakami and former eiNs teammate Naoki "Nata" Murase signed in their place.

The incumbent Japanese champions, CYCLOPS athlete gaming (CAG), are definitely the the players to beat after the team won the R6 Festival (the former Japan Nationals) back-to-back, though GUTS Gaming's strength cannot be ignored. Other teams that boast significant experience, such as Father's Back have also made changes, with former CAG captain Shohma "Shokei" Shiotsuka signed to the roster earlier today.

Competitors of Season 1 Finals

The Season 1 Finals will thus see the following 52 teams:

APAC North and Pro League Season 11 Teams
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
  • FAV gaming
  • NORA-Rengo
  • GUTS Gaming
  • YOSHIMOTO Gaming Lamy
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming
  • Ah. Hai. Donmai-desu. 
  • Bokura-ga Kakumei-wo Okosini-yattekita!
  • Catastrophy Focus
  • Crest Gaming
  • DistRust.
  • ELEMENT.36
  • Eritozakkiokun
  • Faisaru
  • Father's Back
  • Fiveness Esports - B
  • Frieda Seiei Butai
  • Gaming Team SELECTOR
  • JackaL
  • JAFA
  • LooP
  • Lost Cards
  • Lotus ETS
  • Lst.
  • Makyaronzu
  • Migration esports
  • Mippei Missyu Missetsu Gaming
  • My Tyoumiryou
  • NORA-Rengo (NRG, a separate team from the APAC North team)
  • ObsidiaN
  • Ohisama
  • Quartz
  • Over Clock GamingB
  • Sakurai House no Jyunin
  • SchwarzerLand.A
  • Sexy
  • ShinoBeeGaming ReV
  • Skittey Doukoukai
  • Spec Gaming
  • SunSister
  • Team Alchemy
  • TEAM Ano-hi-no
  • Team ERAs
  • Tukumo Itimon vLt
  • WASD lol
  • YOBAs
  • Zepto.


The Season 1 Finals will be held across two days, starting from tomorrow on the 6th of June.

Day 1 (June 6)
  • First Rounds: 15:30 JST (6:30 UTC)
  • Second Rounds: 16:45 JST (7:45 UTC)
  • Quarter Finals part. A: 18:15 JST (9:15 UTC)
  • Quarter Finals part. B: 19:30 JST (10:30 UTC)
Day 2 (June 7)
  • Semi Finals: 15:30 JST (6:30 UTC)
  • Third Place Match (Bo3): 18:30 JST (9:30 UTC)
  • Grand Final (Bo3): 18:30 JST (9:30 UTC)


The Japan Nationals 2020 Season 1 Finals will be aired on the following three websites, as well as its official Twitter, cast in Japanese.


For future updates on the ongoing Japan Nationals, keep an eye out here at SiegeGG.

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