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Japan Nationals 2020 Day 2 Qualifier: Everything You Need to Know

With 16 teams getting through the Day 1 qualifier, the Day 2 qualifier will see more frantic matches amongst over 100 teams.

The upgraded Japan National 2020 that boasts 500 million yen (US$46,000) prize pool is now underway. In this seasonal tournament, all Japanese teams -- from Pro League giants to newly grouped amatures -- have an equal opportunity to grab the crown of the Champion of Japan.

Day 1 Qualifier Roundup

Teams have the following rouetes to get to the Season 1 Finals that will be held on June 6 and 7:

  • Win once in the qualifiers on Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3
  • Finish as the runners-up twice in those qualifers

And here is the list of 16 teams that knocked down their rivals in each group tournament and have already qualified for the Finals:

  • NORA-Rengo NRG (a separate team from the Pro League team)
  • GUTS Gaming
  • ObsidiaN
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
  • Sakurai House no Jyunin
  • YOSHIMOTO Gaming Lamy (YGL)
  • Father's Back
  • Faisaru
  • Lotus ETS
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming (USG)
  • Migration esports
  • YOBAs
  • JackaL
  • SunSister

While half of the Season 11 Pro League teams, GUTS, CAG, YGL, and USG, as well as other profesional teams with a sizeable fanbase in Japan such as Father's Back, NORTHEPTION and SIRIUS GAMING successfully got through the qualifier, some well-known teams failed to, or didn't take part.

One such omission was FAV Gaming, a team that has secured many titles in local tournaments and will attend the upcoming new format of APAC North. Oddly, it did not make an appearance in the Day 1tournament, but is now being listed in the Day 2 lineup.

Speaking of another APAC North team, viewers were surprised by NORA-Rengo (the Pro League team) and Nora-Rengo NRG taking part in the Day 1 tournament at the same time (NRG is a team that has always specialised in local or national tournaments).

In finals of the Day 1 group qualifier, however, the Pro League NORA-Rengo was beaten by former sister team GUTS Gaming. After welcoming Yura from DetonatioN Gaimg as a lethal entry fragger, GUTS 2020 dramatically reinforced their attacking strategiess, becoming the 3rd team to qualify to the APAC North league from Japan. 

JJ of GUTS Gaming at the R6 Festival in March.

As an invited team of the APAC North leage, the Pro League NORA-Rengo has to proworthy of a spot in the national tournament as well, however, JJ outskilled his former mates in on NR's stronhold of Border (7-4). Following that, GUTS showed a great amount of preparation on the less-studied competitive map, Theme Park (7-3), with Yura's firepower leading to a stunning victory against the Pro League NORA-Rengo.

DAY2 Tournament

The Day 2 Qualifier will begin at 15:00 JST (06:00 UTC) on May 3.


Up to 256 teams can enter each tournament, with any more than that denied a sign-up. The participants can be checked in here, but note that teams that have already won in the Day 1 qualifier cannot enter in the other two qualifiers. 

A part of DAY2 Competitors from R6S Japan official.

As of the time writing this article, over 190 teams including FAV gaming, have signed up the upcoming qualifier, with lots of newly attendees aspiring for glory.

If your favourites also miss the Day 2 Qualifiers opportunity, they have to pin their hopes on the Day 3 qualifier that will be held on May 9.


The Japan Nationals 2020 will be aired on the following three websites, as well as its official Twitter, cast in Japanese.


For future updates on the ongoing Japan Nationals, keep an eye out here at SiegeGG.