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LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - Post-Season 11

UPDATE: FaZe Clan's Coach Sn4rFx leaves team

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the post-Season 11 transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the LATAM region.

Click on the corresponding link for the EU thread, the NA thread, and the APAC thread.

Summary of Changes So Far

Team oNe eSports - Roster leaves the organisation, rejoins organisation, Rappz replaces SKaDinha

FURIA Esports - Twister joins as head coach

ORGLESS BR - yangiii leaves, Santos e-Sports signs roster and adds SKaDinha

MIBR - Novys leaves, soulz1 joins

Team Singularity - Hxnteer dropped, soulz and Ramalho leaves, LeVy and KingSt4r joins

Black Dragons - wag leaves, Patoxy joins

FaZe Clan - Ramalho joins as Head Coach, Sn4rFx leaves

Academy Changes

FURIA Esports - signs ghost1, TradyZz, R4re, hunteer and Mauro

Roster Changes

July 3rd: FaZe Clan's Coach Sn4rFx Leaves Team

June 16th: Ramalho joins FaZe Clan as Head Coach

The ex-Elevate and Singularity coach of Matheus "Ramalho" Ramalho has joined FaZe Clan as their Head Coach.

Previously, he helped lead his team to win Season 10 of the Challenger League in the region and be promoted to the Pro League where he was picked up by Elevate for the beginning of Season 11. After not being invited to the BR6 2020 Pro League-replacement league, however, Elevate dropped them and they joined Singularity, finishing the season in seventh place in the league.

Since then the Singularity roster underwent a number of roster changes and currently sits in first place in Stage 1 of the Liga Six Challenger League qualifier tournament. Now, Ramalho also leaves this team to join FaZe Clan as their second coach alongside Cristian "Sn4rFx" Matheus Schroeder.

FaZe Clan has attended every single Pro League and Major LAN since Season 5 making them likely the most consistent team in the World. Despite this, Season 11 ended with them in a very disappointing fourth-place leading to this pickup as they hope to push back to the top of the Latin American region. Their next game will be in the BR6 league when it kicks off, presumably next week.

Joined @FazeClan
Happy to be part of this team. Supporters can expect more consistent results in the next championships, I will do my best to add to the team. #FaZeUp

June 5th: soulz Joins MIBR

The ex-Singularity player of Lucas “Soulz” Romero Schinke has joined MIBR after his prior team failed to qualify for the BR6 Pro League-replacement tournament. He joins the team to replace the previously departed player of Novys as the team hopes to get back into a top position in the region after attending the Season 9 Finals, 2019 and 2020 Six Invitational, the Raleigh Major and the OGA Pit Minor.

May 28th: LeVy and KingSt4r Joins Singularity, soulz Leaves

The two ex-SuperNova Team players of Andrade “Levy” dos Santos Benos and Matheus Fillipe “KingSt4r” da Silva Pinto who achieved a 1.11 and 1.21 rating last Challenger League season have joined Singularity to replace Lucas “Soulz” Romero Schinke and Fábio Luiz Pieri “Hxnteer” Neves Filho.

May 23rd: FURIA Announces Academy Lineup

FURIA Esports has unveiled their academy lineup of ghost1, TradyZz, R4re, hunteer and Mauro who will compete in the upcoming Series B tournament under the LATAM region's new R6 Academy system.

This system allows the main BR6 organisations to pick up Academy lineups which will be allowed to play in the Liga Six and Series B, with the caveat that they will be barred from promotion. During transfer windows, these Academy players will then be able to join the main rosters if the organisation wishes to make the change, or transferred elsewhere.

FURIA's new lineup includes the ex-Elevate and Singularity player of Fábio "Hxnteer" Luiz Pieri who finished the last Pro League season in seventh place, last season's top-performing Challenger League player of "Tradyz", the ex-paiN Gaming player of Giuliano "ghost1" Domingos who competed in the 2019 BR6 season and "Mauro", an ex-member of the main FURIA lineup.

R6's new talents are now FURIA!
We announce our Rainbow Six Siege Academy team 🔥
With the blessing of @DannMattos_, welcome @ghost1r6, @TradyZz, @R4reee, @hunteer_r6, and @MauroR6S!

May 23rd: Patoxy Replaces Wag in Black Dragons

We are proud to announce our new R6 player. He was once one of our ZULA and PB teams and now comes back to defend our shirt in another game and much stronger!

Be very welcome @lima44_!🐲

May 21st: Santos e-Sports Signs ORGLESS BR, Adds SKaDinha

Just as W7M Gaming announced its signing of the N/A ORG roster, Santos e-Sports has announced a return to the scene with the signing of the ORGLESS BR. What's more, former Team oNe player Luiz "SKaDinha" Salgado has been signed in what could be a significant boost to the team.

Santos e-Sports made its debut at the very beginning of the LATAM Rainbow Six scene, making it to the semi-finals of the inaugural Six Invitational in 2017 with the now-FaZe Clan roster. Now, with a team in the Series A Brazil Division, the organisation is back and ready to once-more challenge for the top.

May 21st: W7M Gaming Signs Brazilian N/A ORG Roster

Largely famous for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) roster, the Brazilian organisation of W7M Gaming has signed the N/A ORG roster that is set to take part in the Brazilian Division of the upcoming Latin American league.

Read the full article here.

May 14th: Team Singularity Drops Hxnteer

Fabio Luiz Pieri “Hxnteer” Neves Filho has been dropped from Singularity following their seventh-place finish in Season 11 of the Pro League. This comes as the team has not been invited to the BR6 2020 lineup of rosters which will act as the Pro League replacement league in Brazil. 

After winning Season 10 of LATAM's Challenger League while on CHICOS Team and defeating Elevate in their relegation matchup, they were then acquired by the Elevate organisation for Season 11 of the Pro League. In January, however, after they were knocked out of the BR6 2020 qualifiers Elevate chose to drop the team as this meant they were not to compete in the Pro League post-Season 11 leading to their pickup by Team Singularity.

Throughout the rest of the season, while they did pull off a number of impressive victories, they ended in a disappointing seventh place with Hxnteer achieving a 0.94 SiegeGG Rating on IQ and Bandit -- the second-lowest on his team

Hxnteer stated the reasoning why was that:

My performance was not good enough this season, and I was not having a good relationship with the other players and thus this decision was made. However, I have no bad feelings, I wish them nothing but the best, and that they can reach the point where they want to be!

The team's manager meanwhile said:

The decision to take out Hunter of the team was a really hard decision of the team because he has playing with us for a very long time. Nevertheless, after a lot of talk, we think that is the best move that we can do now to improve the team, and be more aggressive on the game!

It was a good journey with Hxnteer and I wish him nothing but the best!”

While, finally, the CEO of Singularity said:

It was a pleasure working with Fábio Luiz “Hxnteer” Pieri Neves Filho and I wish him the best of luck going forward in his career! High skilled player with great personality and I’m sure he’ll find a new home soon!

May 12th: Novys Leaves MIBR

The MIBR player of Daniel "Novys" Novy has left the team after over two years on the lineup.

In this time he attended the Season 8 and 9 Pro League Finals, finishing last in both, as well as the Paris Major, 2019 Six Invitational, and Raleigh Major, where he went out in the group stages in each. Following this, he and his team attended the 2020 Six Invitational where they finally made it out of the groups to finish in joint-seventh place. Most recently, MIBR finished in third place in Season 11, where Novys secured a 0.93 rating on the team on IQ and Valkyrie -- joint-last on the team with MKing.

After deleting the initial announcement of the change made on his personal account, MIBR officially announced this change two days later on May 14th:

May 3rd: yangiii Leaves ORGLESS BR

The BR6 2020 player of yangiii has left the ORGLESS BR prior to the launch of the new format of competitive Siege in which his team will be playing in the top-tier.

So guys, I'm disconnecting from orgless. I thank the guys for the time there, I'm free agent. dm open

Following a legal battle between the players and organisation, the ex-roster of Team oNe has agreed to rejoin the oNe organisation with the exception of SKaDinha who will be replaced by Rappz.

With great satisfaction, we announced that we have reached an agreement with the line-up to continue the Rainbow Six: Siege project! 🔥

The magic continues! The wizards continue! 🧙

April 16th: Twister Joins FURIA as Head Coach

The ex-FaZe Clan coach of Twister has rejoined the FURIA lineup in the Challenger League ahead of their top-flight debut next season.

Twister previously coached the current NiP roster to a second-place finish in Season 6 of the Pro League while only 17 years old, before leaving the roster following the team's quarter-final exit at the Paris Major. Following this, he joined Guidance Gaming -- the core of which makes up the current FURIA lineup -- in the Challenger League for the remainder of Season 8, before joining FaZe Clan at the begining of Season 9. Since then, he led the team to two Pro League Finals, one Minor, and three Majors, with their best finish coming in the BR6 2019 Finals where they fell to Liquid to finish in second.

Now, since being kicked from the team after a weak performance at the 2020 Six Invitational, Twister has joined FURIA Esports to help them win the Challenger League before the team takes up their already secured spot in the top flight next season.

Welcome @Twister_R6! With time in BD, NiP and FaZe, Twister arrives in FURIA to assume the position of Head Coach of the Rainbow Six Siege team!

April 16th: Team oNe Roster Leaves Organisation

The Team oNe roster has left the Team oNe organisation following a presumed legal battle which you can read about in more detail here.


And so, that's every change within the European region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!