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NA Transfers: Latest Updates - Post-Season 11

UPDATE: Bryan and Hiperzz joins LiViD Gaming

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the post-Season 11 transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the NA region.

Click on the corresponding link for the EU thread, the LATAM thread, and the APAC thread.

Summary of Changes So Far

US Division:

  • Evil Geniuses - Organisation drops lineup, team loses Pro League spot
  • Luminosity Gaming - Organisation drops lineup, team loses Pro League spot
  • Susquehanna Soniqs - NeptuneZ leaves, team confirmed to join the NA League, Iconic joins, jobro moves to head coach, J9O and Lags join and sub in for the opening game
  • Disrupt Gaming - Organisation confirmed to join the NA League, Nyx, Shuttle, Retro, Read, and Drip join, Drip dropped, njr joins, EvlWaffle joins as coach
  • eUnited - Bugs dropped
  • Team Reciprocity - Roster joins Oxygen Esports
  • Tempo Storm - Butterzz leaves

CA Division:

  • Mirage - Forceful, imp and Devpetm joins
  • LiViD Gaming - Bryan and Hiperzz joins, Coughee and Spektrum leaves

Challenger League:

  • The Last Dance - Factor leaves, Acid joins, Acid leaves, Butterzz joins
  • Bruh - joins beastcoast

Roster Changes

July 24th: Bryan and Hiperzz Joins LiViD Gaming, Coughee and Spektrum Leaves

After ending Stage one of the Canadian Division in last place, the Canadian Division team of LiViD has replaced two of their players with the French Canadian player of Hiperzz and the ex-Pro League player for Spacestation Gaming and Rogue of Bryan.

Bryan previously attended the Season 5 and 7 Pro League Finals as well as the 2018 Six Invitational, and Paris Major finishing in joint third in all three tournaments. As well as this, he attended the 2018 US Nationals and was crowned last year's Canadian champions for Team Canada. This all makes Bryan one of the most experienced players in the league and so a good addition for the LiViD lineup.

June 25th: J9O and Lags sub in for SlebbeN and Gomfi in the Soniqs

The two new players will play in the Soniqs tonight while SlebbeN and Gomfi's visas are updated, severely hindering their chances in tonight's game against DarkZero Esports. It is unknown for how long SlebbeN and Gomfi will be unable to play with at least three more weeks of games left to go after tonight.

June 24th: Bruh Roster Joins beastcoast

The North American Challenger League Season 11 runners-up of bruh have joined the beastcoast organisation ahead of their US Challenger League debut on Friday. Beastcoast previously was represented in the North American Challenger League back in Season 7 by FoxA, Goddess, Retro, LaXInG and EvlWaffle in which they finished second before defeating Counter Logic Gaming in the relegation matchup. The roster was then bought out by Cloud9 before their opening Pro League game and has since moved under the Oxygen Esports organisation.

June 24th: Acid Replaces Factor in The Last Dance

After just two days on the team, Tomasz "Acid" Adamczyk has been replaced by Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo in the US Challenger League team of The Last Dance. Previously, Butterzz finished second in Challenger League Season 10, competed during Pro League Season 11 and at the 2019 US Nationals on Tempo Storm. 

June 23rd: EvlWaffle joins Disrupt Gaming as Coach

Jeffrey "EvlWaffle" Haworth has joined Disrupt Gaming as their coach, seven months after officially retiring from the game.

Previously, EvlWaffle has been crowned the Canadian champion four times and won promotion to the Pro League after finishing second in the Challenger League during Season 7 and defeating Counter Logic Gaming in the relegation matchup. Following this, he joined SK Gaming (now known as DarkZero Esports) in the Pro League but was replaced in the team by Nyx after just a single game in the league. Since then he played seasons eight and nine of the Challenger League on Disrupt Gaming finishing in fourth and third before retiring in November.

Now he rejoins the org in the US Division of the North American League as a coach ahead of tomorrows game against Oxygen Esports.

June 22nd: J9O and Lags join the Soniqs as substitutes

June 21st: Acid replaces Factor in The Last Dance

The ex-Luminosity and Rise Nation player of Abdullah "Factor" Rihan has left one of the Challenger League favourites of The Last Dance due to lack of enjoyment in the game. He will now be replaced by his ex-teammate of Tomasz "Acid" Adamczyk in the team.

Acid previously played on teams including Noble esports, Rise Nation and then later Vanquish Gaming before this team disbanded after failing to qualify for this season's Challenger League competition. In this time, he won Season 7 of the Challenger League, competed in Seasons 8 and 9 of Pro League and attended the USN 2018, DreamHack Montreal 2018 and DreamHack Austin 2018 LANs.

He now joins fellow ex-Pro League players of Yung and Spades as they aim to requalify for the top tier in North America once again.

June 19th: Butterzz leaves Tempo Storm

Following the acquisition of both Mark "MarkTheShark" Arismendez and Manuel "Sloppy" Malfer to the Tempo Storm roster, Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo has now left the Tempo Storm roster. 

June 18th: Forceful Joins Mirage as Coach

The ex-analyst of Tempo Storm, Tanner "Forceful" McHattie has joined the Canadian Division favourites of Mirage alongside the ex-Pro League player of Zilchy and two ex-Challenger League players of Flynn and NotLoading. As well joining the Tempo roster during the USN 2019 competition, Forceful also coached the ex-Parallax Gamning roster during Season 10 and the Senshi roster during Season 11 finishing in seventh and then sixth in the Challenger League.

June 17th: jobro Moves from Analyst to Head Coach in the Soniqs

June 9th: NJR Joins Disrupt Gaming

Joining Disrupt Gaming as their fifth player comes the now-former amateur player Nick "njr" Rapier. He joins to complete the lineup of Nyx, Retro, Shuttle and Read just a few days after the team decided to part ways with Drip and a couple of weeks after DG announced their roster and addition to the North American League. njr will be joining the team in Las Vegas for the NAL which kicks off in the next few weeks.

June 8th: Iconic Joins the Susquehanna Soniqs

Joining the Susquehanna Soniqs as their fifth player comes the ex-Xeno player of "Iconic" on his 18th birthday. He joins the to complete the lineup of supr, SlebbeN, Gomfi, Easilyy and jobro (their analyst) in Vegas for the North American League which kicks off in the next few weeks.

May 29th: Rexen, Hyena, Doodle, Drip and Neptunez join Challenger League hopeful team

The core lineup of Luminosity Gaming has announced they will be staying together to compete in the upcoming Challenger League qualifiers under the name of '92 Redeem Team. 

As well as the three ex-Pro League players from the LG lineup of Richie "Rexen" Coronado, Kian "Hyena" Mozayani and Coal "Doodle" Phillips, also joining the team is their ex-teammate from the Challenger League of Adam "Drip" Kolodkin (previously known as Yardy) and the ex-Soniqs player of Scott "Neptunez" Webber. This, therefore means four players from the Challenger League Season 9 victors of '92 Dream Team have reunited hence their new name of "'92 Redeem Team".

May 22nd: Yung, Factor, Spades Join CL Hopeful Team

Former Evil Geniuses players Austin "Yung" Trexler, Julio "Spades" Cesar, and former Luminosity Gaming player Abdullah "Factor" Rihan have teamed up, alongside Brainbow and Kiloisbad, for the upcoming North American Challenger League qualifiers.

Yung, Spades, and Factor had all left their respective teams after Evil Geniuses and Luminosity Gaming had exited the Rainbow Six scene and the rosters had failed to find organisational representation to continue in the top-flight. Now, however, the three former Pro League players have come together to run through the upcoming Challenger League qualifiers and possibly make it back to the US Division for the 2021 season.

May 8th: Disrupt Gaming Picks Up Nyx, Shuttle, Retro, Read, and Drip

The Disrupt Gaming lineup that will play in the North American League -- the Pro League replacement tournament for North America -- has been confirmed to include Nyx, Shuttle, Retro, Read, and Drip.

Alexander "Retro" Lloyd, is an ex-Pro League champion from back in Season 3 on Continuum, as well as an ex-Minor champion from DreamHack Montreal 2018 while on Cloud9 (now known as Oxygen Esports). After a runners-up finish at the 2019 US Nationals and a group stage exit at the 2020 Six Invitational, Reciprocity opted to move on from both Retro and Zachary "Nyx" Thomas.

Retro at the Season 10 Finals on Team Reciprocity

Nyx began his career on SK Gaming (later known as DarkZero Esports) in Season 8, where he remained until the Season 10 Finals. In this time, he attended the Season 9 and 10 Finals, finishing as a runner-up in the latter, as well as in the group stages of the Raleigh Major and 2020 Six Invitational, and fourth at DreamHack Montreal 2018. Following this, he left to join Team Reciprocity for Season 11 before being dropped for b1ologic at the mid-season mark.

Aaron "Shuttle" Dugger, meanwhile, has a much longer competitive history as he began playing in the Pro League back in Year 2. Here, he achieved the region's third-best Pro League performance ever while on Elevate in Season 5, where he finished as runners-up to PENTA Sports, before later joining Counter Logic Gaming and beging relegated to the Challenger League in Season 7. Following this he replaced Trippen on Spacestation for a season, before winning both the 2018 US National title and the 2019 DreamHack Valencia title for Rogue before they were also relegated in Season 10.

Rogue at the 2018 US Nationals, with Shuttle the first from left.

On the other hand, Read "Read" Adams began his high level competitive career on Disrupt Gaming itself, alongside players such as Modigga, Yeti, and Spades before joining the Obey Alliance roster during Season 10 of the Challenger League. On this lineup, he finally won the league before being acquired by eUnited and playing in Pro League Season 11 as a stand-in for Alphama while his visa was processed.

Finally, Adam "Drip" Kolodkin, previously known as Yardy, had made a name for himself on '92 Dream Team (later known as Luminosity Gaming and now disbanded). Here, after an impressive 2019 Six Invitational qualifier, the team just missed out on the Allied Minor playoffs and won Season 9 of the Challenger League to be promoted to the Pro League. Before Drip could play a Pro League match, however, he was dropped from the lineup in favour of PiXeL. Since then, he has played on a number of teams, including Disrupt Gaming and Akatsuki, where he finished Season 10's Challenger League in fifth place.

Now, these five players will make up the new Disrupt Gaming lineup which will play in the US Division of the North American League which kicks off in a few months' time.

May 4th: Bugs Dropped by eUnited

The eUnited analyst of Declan "Bugs" McWilliams has been dropped from the team after seven months on the lineup.

After working as staff for MnM Gaming during their semi-final finish in the Summer 2019 Premiership season and on PACT during their Challenger League Season 9 run and runners-up finish in Season 2 of the Masters League, Bugs joined the NA team of Obey Alliance at the beginning of Season 10 to help them through the Challenger League season.

After helping them win in the Challenger League and defeat the Susquehanna Soniqs in their relegation match to qualify for the Pro League, the team has since finished Season 11 in a rather disappointing seventh place, leading Bugs to announce he has left the team.

It is with a heavy heart that today I announce my departure from eUnited after 4 months with the organisation and 6 months with the core roster of @Callout66, @GryxrPR & @Forrest_R6.

...after a less than favorable season, the team and coach decided to go in a new direction with their analytical work. I am truly devastated looking back at all the great times we shared, and how I won't be part of that anymore.

May 4th: Team Reciprocity Roster Joins Oxygen Esports

The Reciprocity roster has joined Oxygen Esports -- a rebranding of Team Genji -- as the new organisation has bought out all of Reciprocity's rosters in R6, Rocket League. and Fortnite. You can learn more about the change here.

May 4th: Disrupt Gaming and Susquehanna Soniqs Confirmed for the NA League

Together with the reveal regarding the new-look, upcoming North American League (NAL), Ubisoft has announced that both Disrupt Gaming and the Susquehanna Soniqs will be joining Spacestation Gaming, Team SoloMid, DarkZero Esports, Oxygen Esports, Tempo Storm, and eUnited for 2020.

Read more about the upcoming changes here.

April 18th: Neptunez Leaves the Susquehanna Soniqs

One of the team's original members of Scott "Neptunez" Webber has left the Soniqs after 19 months on the lineup due to "his own tiredness of the game".

After moving over from the Xbox Pro League to the PC league, NeptuneZ quickly found himself on one of the top teams in North America as he finished Season 6 in second place on 1nFamy before exiting the São Paulo LAN in the quarter-finals to Black Dragons (later known as Ninjas in Pyjamas). From here, he went with the team into the mousesports organisation where he stayed on up until mid-Seaon 8 when he was dropped from the team in favour of England. 

Following this, he joined the an up-and-coming NA Challenger League team of Elephant Gang alongside the players of Avian, Trippen, GhxsT, and Kanine for Season 8 of the Challenger League where they finished in second place behind just Excelerate Gaming (later known as TSM), before losing the relegation matchup against Noble esports.

Following this, the team's founder of supr rejoined the team as they entered the USN 2018 Finals thanks to the disbanding of Obey Alliance, where they were knocked out in the quarter-finals by Cloud9 (later known as Team Reciprocity). The following CL season, they once again finished in second behind the LG roster, but successfully defeated Rise Nation to qualify for the Pro League only to be relegated back down to the Challenger League after a disappointing Season 10.

Now, after all this time, as the team seemingly prepares to reenter the Pro League, NeptuneZ has stepped down from the team for personal reasons as explained in supr's Twitlonger.

To Nep
After teaming together for nearly two years now, my friend Neptunez is leaving us to return home today. Together he and I have been through many ups and downs and many team mates from Kanine, Trippen and Ghost to Goddess, Slebben, Gomfi and Easily.

We were the last two left of the original eGang team, the two Texas boys who brought the team to pro league and the two who went down with the ship when we failed to win our relegation match last season.

To say it will be weird to come into the office and not see you sitting there eating candy for the first time in a year will be an understatement. I am not an easy person to get along with, yet you and I always have. You've seen the good and bad sides of me both in game and out of game and stood by me as a team mate and friend.

I cannot lie and say I am not disappointed you and I weren't able to accomplish more together. I have always told you that you are one of the best players in the game when you focus your energy to it, but unfortunately it seems like you and Rainbow have always had a rocky relationship. I talked you out of retirement twice, but this time I could tell you needed a break and I hope a break is all you need before you come back and perform like the player I know you are, whether that is as my team mate or my opponent. I just want to reiterate that Nep was not dropped or benched, but decided to step aside from his own tiredness to the game.

Even if you never play Rainbow competitively again, I know we will still remain friends and I'm sure we will cross paths. I am glad to be able to call you my friend and my teammate, and I wish you the best in whatever path you may choose.


April 15th: Evil Geniuses, Luminosity Gaming Confirmed to Exit Pro League

The teams of Evil Geniuses and Luminosity Gaming have both been confirmed to be dropping their R6 team meaning the roster has therefore lost their spot in the Pro League for next season. Read more about this in its dedicated article here


And so, that's every change within the North American region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!