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APAC Transfers: Latest Updates - Post-Season 11

UPDATE: Electrify Esports signs APAC North team 7th Heaven.

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the post-Season 11 transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the APAC region.

Click on the corresponding link for the EU threadthe NA thread, and the LATAM thread.

Summary of Changes So Far

APAC North

  • APAC North Division - Broadcast talent announced, Day 1 schedule confirmed

South-East Asia

  • Polar Ace - Roster leaves organisation
  • Team Notorious - Merges with 7th Heaven under latter branding
  • Lèsè Esports - Roster dropped
  • Electrify Esports - 7th Heaven roster signed

Australia and New Zealand

  • Fnatic - Stigs and Crapelle join
  • FURY - Rock leaves, roster dropped, roster joins Team Ferox, Todd joins
  • Wildcard Gaming - Derpeh and NeophyteR officially leave
  • Pittsburgh Knights - Stigs leaves
  • Kanga Esports - Wayneman retires
  • TBD - Centus joins as coach/manager, Ōkami partners with team
  • Other - ManicMunday steps back from casting


  • Takumi Festival -LBX- - No2 and q23 leave, M4sh and Coffin join
  • DetonatioN Gaming - Roster disbands
  • NORA-Rengo - ReyCyil leaves
  • FAV Gaming - Shu and ZAKO leave, No2 and Nata signed
  • YOSHIMOTO Gaming - ReMuSe and Shiho join
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming - Kohk1 and KemicaL leave

Roster Changes

June 20th: APAC North Day 1 Schedule Revealed

The first-day schedule for the APAC North Division has been revealed, alongside the announcement of Electrify Esports signing the Taiwanese roster 7th Heaven.

In the APAC North Division, the 12 teams above will compete in an online, double Best-of-One, Swiss-system league. Each stage will comprise two Swiss tournaments, played back-to-back and limited to five rounds each to yield 10 play days per stage. As such, the next-day matchups will only be determined once the previous-day games are complete, with teams that have the same win-loss record playing together.

For these first-round matchups, teams have been drawn randomly. This system is akin to Chess tournaments, where Round 2 will see the winners play each other and Round 3 the teams with one win and one loss playing each other (and so on).

As with the other regions, the 2020 Season will be split into two stages for APAC  -- the first from June to August and the second from September to November.

June 20th: Electrify Esports Signs APAC North Team 7th Heaven

English organisation Electrify Esports has signed the Taiwanese 7th Heaven roster, which qualified to the APAC North Division as Team Notorious through the Operation League Taiwan. Having since added two of the 7th Heaven member players to its roster and changed its branding to 7th Heaven, the Taiwanese team was eventually informed that it had to be represented by an organisation to play in the top-flight APAC league.

Now, it has signed with the English organisation Electrify Esports, which also has a Spanish roster currently taking part in Season 2 of the Spain Nationals. This is akin to fellow Southeast Asian team Giants Gaming, but it is unclear if the two organisations will have to eventually drop either one of the two rosters as used to be the case during the Pro League era.

June 18th: APAC North Casting Talent Announced

After the announcement of the English-language North American League and European League talent lineups, Ubisoft has now announced the casting talent for the APAC North Divsion.

The lineup will be the same as the European League and will enjoy the same brodcasts updates as it will be held at the new Ubisoft studio in Paris.

Included will be new features to boost the production value of the league:

  • Special tools and material to assist casting talent.

  • A dedicated analyst area.

  • New types of content such as debates, editorial pieces, interactive content, and more.

  • Tech improvements backstage.

However, thanks to the COVID-19 situation, the full studio will not be opened at the start of the APAC North and South Division Leagues on June 23rd.

To summarize, the EUL and APAC North broadcast lineup will be as follows:

 Ghassan "Milosh" Finge
 Alex "z1ronic" Dalgaard-Hansen
 Derry "Dezachu" Holt
 James "Devmarta" Stewart
 Jessica "Jess" Bolden
 Stijn "Hap" Hapers
 Geo "Geo" Collins

June 5th: [JP] FAV Gaming Signs No2 and Nata

After dropping Taishu "shu" Tanabe and substitute Ryo "ZAKO" Mizushima a few days prior, the Japanese APAC North team FAV Gaming has signed Taku "No2" Murakami and Naoki "Nata" Murase to its roster.

While there has been no clarification offered yet, it is likely that No2 will be playing on the core roster, with Nata on the bench.

No2 makes his way to FAV Gaming from the now-disbanded Takumi Festival LBX roster that finished in sixth place in Season 11 of the Pro League. Despite his team's poor performance, he dominated the league and finished with a league-topping 1.32 rating -- 0.08 ahead of the next player. As such, with FAV Gaming certainly no stranger to his skill the second-placed team in Season 11 has now employed his services.

Nata, on the other hand, had previously been on the eiNs roster as a substitute for a little over six months. The eiNs roster was, of course, later signed by FAV Gaming, but Nata had not made the journey over. Now, however, he returns to his old team -- as a possible substitute once again -- as they gear up for the Japan Nationals 2020 Season 1 Finals, which start tomorrow.

June 4th: [JP] KemicaL and Kohk1 Leave USG

[R6S Division] Notice of member withdrawal
We couldn't get promoted to PL without the power of the two of them. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for supporting the team so far and wish you a good luck in the future.

June 1st: [JP] ReMuSe and Shiho Join YOSHIMOTO Gaming

As of June 1, Remuse and Coach Shiho joined the R6S team.
Comments from the two people can be viewed from the official website.

June 1st: [SEA] Lèsè Esports Drops Roster

May 31st: [JP] Shu and ZAKO Leave FAV Gaming

FAV Gaming's Taishu "shu" Tanabe and substitute Ryo "ZAKO" Mizushima have left the team just under a month prior to the start of the APAC North Division.

Japanese rumours have tipped former Takumi Gaming Festival player Taku "No2" Murakami, this after he dominated the Japanese Pro League in Season 11 and finished with a league-topping 1.32 rating -- 0.08 ahead of the next player.

With Takumi Gaming disbanded, it is thus possible that No2 will be joining FAV Gaming, with the second-placed team from Season 11 certainly no stranger to his skill and likely eager to employ his services.

May 23rd: [JP] ReyCyil Leaves NORA-Rengo

After 20 months on the team, YUTA INOUE (previously known as ReyCyil) has left the NORA-Rengo lineup.

After helping the Sengoku Gaming Extasy lineup to a second-place finish in Season 7, ReyCyil joined NORA Rengo halfway through Season 8 to replace CrazyPapiyoN after the team suffered a group stage exit at the Paris Major. Since then he has helped push the team to new heights with the APAC region's first-ever international semi-final at the Season 8 Finals and the first Major semi-final at the 2019 Six Invitational putting the team as one of the best in the World. 

Since then, following the exit of the team's star player of Wokka, NORA has fallen from their previous heights after they were the first to exit the Season 9 Finals, the Raleigh Major and the OGA Pit Minor with them most recently falling to third in Japan during Season 11.

Now, as the team prepares for the upcoming Japan Nationals Season 1 Finals in two weeks time and the APAC North league in around a month, YUTA INOUE has opted to leave the team with his destination and replacement currently unknown.

I decided to leave Nora today as I myself would like to do. Thank you very much for all supporters and my mates that have been fighting together.

May 20th: [ANZ] Kanga Esports' Wayneman Retires


May 14th: [SEA] Team Notorious Merges with 7th Heaven Under Latter Branding

After qualifying for the APAC North League through the Taiwanese qualifier, the roster of Team Notorious has merged with the roster it defeated, 7th Heaven, and the merged roster will be playing under the 7th Heaven banner.

With three of the players having left the 7th Heaven roster, this means that the APAC-North qualified Team Notorious has effectively added two players to its stable. The new roster thus consists of Ray, Ace, Ed, Sino, Souffle as the core members, and Pika and Flash as the substitutes, with a coach and analyst soon to be announced.

However, with Ubisoft mandating all APAC North teams have an organisation by the 6th of June, this new 7th Heaven roster will now be looking for representation given that neither Team Notorious nor 7th Heaven are esports organisations. Instead, both are brands, much like the Six Masters 2020 team known as Ōkami.

With little time left, the 6 June deadline will loom large as the Taiwanese squad races to find an organisation to represent.

May 14th: [ANZ] Fnatic Signs Crapelle as Strategic Coach

After a search that was publicised at the end of February, Fnatic has announced the signing of former Rogue coach Laurent "Crapelle" Patriarche as its Strategic Coach. Due to the coronavirus crisis, however, he will be working remotely until it is safe for him to move to physically join the team.

As part of the published job description, he will be supporting the Head Coach, Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders and the players in the preparation for upcoming matches through self and opponent analysis and will "be on top of all Rainbow Six title developments and trends".

Read our full article about the move here.

May 11th: [ANZ] NA Brand Ōkami Partners with TBD

The North American brand of Ōkami has partnered with ANZ team TBD. While not an organisation, the partnership with Ōkami will allow the third-placed team from Season 11 of the ANZ Pro League to acquire better branding and visibility as it continues the Six Masters and heads into the upcoming APAC South league.

The roster comprises JackDaddy, JKR, Mangoz, ItBeStyle, and Cutie, with CentusMoon the coach and Janes the analyst. With Fnatic's decision not to partake in the Six Masters 2020, they are therefore one of the top teams in the league and currently find themselves in second place.

May 8th: [JP] DetonatioN Gaming Disbands

After failing to qualify for the APAC North league, which will act as the region's Pro League replacement tournament, the DetonatioN Gaming lineup has disbanded. 

The team previously qualified for the Pro League after finishing third in Season 9's Challenger League and replaced the disbanded roster of Rsk Ninjas Gaming for Season 10. Since then, they finished both Seasons 10 and 11 in fifth place and finished fourth in the 2020 Alienware Japan national league.

Touted to shoot straight to the top of the pack in Season 11, the fifth place finish was a severe disappointment that was compounded by their losses to FAV Gaming and Unsold Stuff Gaming in the APAC North qualifier, meaning they won't be playing in the primary "pro-tier" tournament in the region from now on.

Because of this, the team has opted to split up after over a year together as the organisation announced the following:

DetonatioN Gaming is pleased to announce the dissolution of the Rainbow Six Siege Division. The players have shown us great success in numerous competitions.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans who have supported the team so far.

April 27th: [ANZ] Stigs Joins Fnatic

Riley "Stigs" Mills, the ex-captain and in-game-leader of the Pittsburgh Knights, has joined Fnatic a month after the team announced plans to move back to a six-man team.

Since winning the Challenger League and qualifying for ANZ's Pro League on his second attempt in Season 10, Stigs achieved a sixth-place finish in Season 11 of the Pro League on the Pittsburgh Knights as their in-game-leader, Buck/Mozzie main, and third-highest rated player at 1.06.

As well as this performance, his team also led an impressive Six Invitational 2020 qualifier campaign where they were knocked out by Fnatic in the grand-final before the APAC LAN. 

He now joins Fnatic as they look for a new player following the departure of Virtue to G2 Esports, creating a six-man roster alongside Magnet, Lusty, Tex, MentalistC, and Acez.

April 27th: [ANZ] Centus Joins TBD as Coach/Manager

Antoni "Centus" Lagemann has joined the Six Masters 2020 team of TBD as its coach and manager. TBD had finished Season 11 of the Pro League in a respectable third place, just behind Fnatic and Elevate and will now look to grow further in strength.

April 27th: [ANZ] Stigs Leaves the Pittsburgh Knights

Riley "Stigs" Mills, the captain and in-game-leader of the Pittsburgh Knights has left the team.

April 24th: [ANZ] Ex-FURY Roster Joins Team Ferox, Todd Joins

Team Ferox, an organisation which placed just outside the relegation zone in Southeast Asia's Pro League during Seasons 7, 8, and 9 (then as Ferox E-Sports), has rejoined the R6 scene with the acquisition of the seventh-seeded ANZ team of FURY.

Joining this lineup to replace the departed player of Rock comes the ex-ANZ champion of Todd "Todd" Francis, who previously qualified for the APAC LANs for Season 8 of the Pro League and the Paris Major on Athletico Esports before joining Oddity Esports in 2019.

April 23rd: [ANZ] FURY Drops Pro League Roster

After a disappointing Season 11 of the Pro League where the team finished in seventh, FURY has dropped its ANZ roster. The move thus leaves the team looking for representation as it heads into the Six Masters 2020.

April 19th: [JP] M4sh and Coffin Joins Takumi Festival

Two of the team's original members of M4sh and Coffin have returned to the Takumi Festival LBX lineup following the departure of No2 and q23.

【Notice concerning R6S Division】
The following two people joined the R6S department this time!

M4sh (@jm21mm24)
Coffin (@CoffinPJ)

Thank you!

April 17th: [ANZ] ManicMunday Steps Back from Casting

ManicMunday at the Season 10 APAC Finals (Photo: FEROX)

The ANZ caster of Robert "ManicMunday " Munday has stepped down from casting APAC's Pro League due to health concerns.

Manic began casting both the Pro League and the Six Masters Australian national tournament at the beginning of Season 10 just under a year ago and has since been one of the region's main faces. He cast the Six Masters LAN Finals, as well as three APAC LANs -- the Season 10 Finals, the Raleigh Major qualifier and the Six Invitational 2020 qualifier.

Now, as we enter an extended off-season, Manic has announced that he will be stepping back from casting for at least six months due to his "love and excitement for casting fading" and to protect his mental and physical health.

At the moment it is unclear who will be replacing him in his role or how many casters will be needed under the new APAC format.

April 13th: [SEA] Polar Ace Roster Leaves Org

The sixth-placed Singaporean roster of Polar Ace has left the organisation. 

Since the announcement, the team's manager stated the following for why they left:

The owner, @DerekDobosz has a thing for trying to skimp money off and underpay people constantly and forces his fellow directors to fight for him or else, it'll be a breach of contract and they'll get terminated.

This can be seen from the @WebzPSD situation where another director who didn't necessarily agree with the owner had to agree with him and take the side of the org despite it being wrong or not.

There was a CEO before him, who had ran into financial troubles and was forced out of the org. The COO then, stepped up and handled all operations nearly flawlessly. Doing his job AND the CEO's. When payday came, the COO was told to step down, and Derek wanted to be in control.

April 12th: [ANZ] Rock Leaves FURY

After finishing the season in seventh place, FURY's 0.99 rated Ash main of Rock has left the team.

April 1st: [ANZ] Derpeh and NeophyteR Officially Leave Wildcard

Three weeks after being benched from the team, Brandon "Derpeh" Carr and Daniel "NeophyteR" Ahn have officially left Wildcard and become free-agents.

March 29th: [JP] No2 and q23 Leaves Takumi Festival

After finishing the season in sixth, Takumi Festival's players of No2 and q23 have left the team. No2 ended the Pro League season with the highest rating in the region at 1.32 implying a pickup by a bigger team is in store, while q23 ended the season on a much lower 0.88 rating.

【Notice concerning R6S Division】
We will inform you that two Players in the R6S division have left.


The remaining players and staff will continue to work.
I wish you the best of luck for both players.


And so, that's every change within the Asia-Pacific region of Rainbow Six so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!