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Number 1 Player of Year 4: Shaiiko

In his return to competitive Siege, Shaiiko took over the game and topped nearly every statistical category available, powering BDS to contender status.

Number 1 Player of Year 4: Shaiiko

A true surprise in the number one spot, Shaiiko took the Siege world by storm this year. Returning from his forced hiatus due to a ban back in Year 2, Shaiiko wasted no time in returning to astonishing individual form.

While not being present in Pro League until the final quarter of the year, Shaiiko still competed against tier-one teams on numerous occasions by utilizing the remainder of the circuit. He played in the Six Invitational, DH Montreal, OGA PIT, the qualifiers for both the Raleigh Major and the Six Invitational itself, all of which were strong competitions with a high proportion of PL and high-quality CL teams. 

From a statistical perspective, Shaiiko set the world on fire in every competition he played. Even removing his Challenger League stats from consideration (due to lower quality of competition), he is still far and away the number one player in most statistical categories. His lowest rated period was in OGA PIT and its Qualifiers (1.12 combined rating), but with that one exception, he did not drop below a 1.20 rating in Year 4. 

Shaiiko competing at DreamHack Montreal, international LAN debut

Shaiiko's most impressive performance would come at the Six Invitational, where he would finally prove his doubters wrong. Before then there were questions about whether he could deliver in a high-stakes situation like the world championship. Of course, he had played well before at minors, but nothing compared to the pressure of playing on stage in front of thousands at the biggest event of the Siege year. 

He silenced all critics, scoring the best rating (1.21) of any player to advance from the group stage, and earning himself EVP honors and a fourth-place finish in the process. 

Here is a summary of Shaiiko's statistical dominance this year:

First in Total Rating: 1.25  (1.18)
First in LAN Rating: 1.22  (1.20)
First in Total KPR: 1.05  (0.91)
First in LAN KPR: 1.00  (0.95)
First in +/- per Map: +3.32  (+2.63)
First in LAN +/- per Map: +2.82  (+2.66)
First in Opening Kills per Map: 2.15  (2.05)
First in LAN OK per Map: 2.07  (2.03)
Second in Entry +/- per Map: +0.77  (+0.80)
Third in LAN Entry +/- per Map: +0.60  (+0.86)
Fourth in Total Differential: +241  (+294)
Fifth in Total LAN Differential: +94  (+137)
Sixth in Total KOST: 69%  (71%)
Sixth in LAN KOST: 69%  (71%)
Sixth in Entry Duels Won: 61%  (66%)
Thirteenth in LAN Entry Duels Won: 58%  (67%)
The first number represents Shaiiko's performance, the second represents the best performance of any other player.


Tournament Rating K-D (+/-) Misc.
Raleigh Quals 1.24 57-40 (+17) 1.08 KPR
DH Montreal 1.26 138-97 (+41) 31-17 OK-OD
CL Season 10* 1.41 170-98 (+72) 73% KOST
OGA Quals 1.13 94-79 (+15) 21-14 OK-OD
OGA PIT 1.07 23-21 (+2) Hibana/Jager Main
SI Quals 1.41 203-115 (+88) 36-18 OK-OD
PL S11a EU 1.22 73-53 (+20) 74% KOST
SI 2020 1.21 188-137 (+51) 0.99 KPR

* Challenger league stats not included in totals

Shaiiko on the Six Invitational main stage

We also had a chance to speak with Shaiiko about his performance this year:

Let's talk about the elephant in the room -- you were banned way back in Year 2, but now you come in as a top player for Year 4. Do you still face doubters and critics about your past?

Yes, I still face doubters and critics about my past because there are always some people who want to put you down but like I always said, I don't care, say what you want, talk shit about me I just don't care I’m playing Rainbow six and that’s it. 

What has returning to the professional circuit been like? Did you feel you were out of practice after such a break and was there an adjustment period?

The return was good! I didn't feel I was out of practice after a long break and I didn't need an adjustment period. I was still playing Rainbow Six since I was out of the comp scene and I never gave up, that’s maybe why I didn't need it.

How has the journey been for you with BDS with this organisation created from scratch?

BDS is a great organisation, it started from scratch with us because we were the first team to join them. We have felt directly really good in it, the journey has been good and it just started. I cannot wait for the future.

The French scene in R6 used to be the strongest in Europe, but now you play for the last remaining French-speaking team in Pro League. Do you think this affects you and your teammates?

No, it doesn't affect us at all and I’m sure one day we'll have some new french teams to compete with and against us. 

How are you feeling about the future of Siege as an esport?

Like we saw at the Invitational, the esport of siege is growing day by day and I’m so excited for the future.

What are you going to work on to improve your success next year?

Hmm, I don't know, to be honest, maybe we need to put more headshot. 

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and the wider Siege community?

Thank you guys for the support, you are amazing.


You can also watch Shaiiko's best plays of the year in the fragmovie below:


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