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Live Joins FaZe Clan

The ex-Black Dragons player of Vinicius "Live" dos Santos has joined FaZe Clan to replace MIBR-bound, Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol.

Over the last three years, FaZe Clan has shown themselves to be the most consistent team in the World having attended all four Six Invitational events, both Six Majors and all six Pro League Finals. Despite being crowned 2017 and 2018’s Brazilian champions, the roster has never been able to secure an international title for themselves with their best performance coming as runners-up at the Season 8 Finals and in the quarter-finals of the 2018 Six Invitational and 2019 Six Major.

Cameram4n at the 2019 Six Major

Most recently the team travelled to the 2020 Six Invitational as the lone Brazilian team not in Group C with them instead sitting in the “group of death” alongside the top seeded APAC and NA seeds and the reigning Major champions. After starting with a close defeat against DarkZero, FaZe was sent packing by Fnatic in somewhat of an upset which FaZe Clan were thoroughly disappointed with. In reaction to this loss and a year of worsening performances, FaZe made the decision to remove cameram4n from their lineup who will now be replaced by Live:

The ex-Black Dragons player of Vinicius "Live" dos Santos joins FaZe Clan eight months after his Pro League debut at the beginning of Season 10. After playing a number of Challenger League seasons on teams such as YeaH Gaming and Lowkey Esports, Live then replaced Liquid-bound Muringa in Black Dragons aiding the team to a fourth place finish in the 2019 Brasileirão national league and a fifth place finish in Latin America's Pro League during Season 10. After the team finished in third in both the OGA and Six Invitational qualifiers and currently sits in a disappointing seventh place in the Pro League with just two wins and one draw, he now leaves BD to join FaZe to fill cameram4n's shoes.

Over the last season and a half, Live has played predominantly on the operators of Buck and Jager with very limited success as he achieved a 0.94 rating and -7 kill differential in Season 10 and currently sits on a 0.96 rating and -2 differential so far in Season 11. His lone standout performance came in the most recent Six Invitational qualifiers where he bested all other Pro League players with a 1.27 rating and a 1.41k/d ratio, however, with him coming into FaZe Clan to replace the much more successful fragging and support player of cameram4n, it is yet to be seen if he can play in this new role.

Live at the BR6 2020 Finals

Now, this new lineup will debut in LATAM’s Pro League on March 24th against Ninjas in Pyjamas with the following lineup:

 Leonardo "Astro" Luis
Rafael "mav" Freitas
João "yoona" Gabriel
Ronaldo "ion" Osawa
Vinicius "Live" dos Santos
Cristian “Sn4rFx” Schroeder (coach)

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