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With the full reveal of Operation Void Edge today, we bring you all the information about the new operators Iana and Oryx and the reworked Oregon.

As always, alongside this weekend’s Six Invitational playoffs, all the details for R6’s upcoming free update, Operation Void Edge, were just released, including this season’s map rework, new operators, gameplay updates and cosmetics.

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Oregon 2.0

While Oregon was one of the original launch maps released with R6 and was initially a fan favourite, the map was withdrawn from the competitive pool at the beginning of Season 10 of the Pro League due to it becoming stale and teams increasingly avoiding the map when possible. Now, just after the Road to SI event while included a modified Oregon map came to it's close, a number of large-scale changes have been shown off which aim to make the map more competitively viable as the reworks to Clubhouse and Kafe have done in previous seasons.

The main change made to the map sees an extra level being added to the dorm stairway to connect down to the basement objective, an extra corridor has been added to connect tower to kitchen, the whole west side of the map has been increased in size with added rooms and the bedroom/dorms site has been opened up further all with the aim of aiding rotations and roams throughout the map.


Iana - Attack

Hailing from Katwijk in the Netherlands, the female attacker of Iana is a two speed, two armour operator with a controllable hologram with one health point that looks, sounds and moves exactly as she does, effectively working as a rechargeable drone that can be used to check angles, bait gadgets such as C4 and Smokes or be traded off of on entry in tandem with an operator such as Ash.

The drone can be destroyed with a single bullet, a mute jammer or any electricity and, as it can't shoot itself, is completely halted in its tracks by wooden barricades. Furthermore, while using his ERC-7 gadget, Vigil is completely invisible to the hologram, the hologram can't rappel or climb ladders and, as it is being controlled like a drone, the operator itself is completely still and vulnerable while using the hologram.

Concerning the loadout, she comes with the choice of two assault rifles for her primary -- the ARX200 (used by Nomad) and the G36C (used by Ash) -- has the Mk1 9mm pistol (used by Frost and Buck) and has the secondary gadget options of frag or smoke grenades. 

Iana's loadout


Oryx - Defender

This Jordanian defender is another two speed, two armor operator who's gadget works effectively as a dash ability. The dash allows him to move quicker than any operator for a very short amount of time which knocks down an enemy, including shields such as Montagne, if they get in the way or, alternatively, it can be used to knock out a wall to create a very big and quick rotation hole in exchange for 10 health points. The ability has three rechargeable uses and after each use, it takes a moment for the operator to get his gun back up where he is vulnerable. 

As a secondary ability, he is also able to jump up and grab hold of hatches. From here he can peak over onto the floor above and then chose to drop back down or pull himself up allowing himself to create a quick rotation around the map or to pull of flanks from areas the attackers think are clear.


Loadout wise, the operator brings with him a SPAS12 (used by Valkyrie) and an MP5 without an ACOG site (used by Doc and Rook) as his primaries and either the Bailiff 410 (used by Maestro) or the USP40 (used by Jackal and Mira) as secondaries with either barbed wire or a bulletproof camera as their secondary gadget

Oryx's loadout


Gameplay Changes

Firstly, the new update will see a fix to the barricade destruction physics that meant punched out debris would obstruct lines of sights by disintegrating all debris after they're hit making a much smoother and consistent experience in this area. 

Secondly, drones will now spawn at the location where the attackers first picked their player spawn location. 

Thirdly, Lesion will see a nerf meaning he'll no longer see his Gu mines while he is too far away from them or doesn't hold the line of sight to them. Furthermore, stepping on Gu's won't deal the initial damage giving you time to pull it out as soon as possible but the damage itself has been increased from four to six health points per tick.

Finally, Twitch is getting a rework as her tasers fall from five to three rechargeable shots which deals one rather than 10 damage.



Finally, as always, the Major saw the reveal of a brand new Elite in Cavaira’s Mata-Leao cosmetics seen below:




Check back here at SiegeGG for full coverage of the rest of the Six Invitational as well as Operation Void Edge when it launches in a few weeks time.