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Six Invitational 2020 by the Numbers: Group C

Before the Six Invitational 2020 kicks off on February 7th, we break down each group by the numbers.

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By the Numbers is an article series breaking down each group with a statistics-focused analysis. This iteration covers Group C of the Six Invitational 2020, in which the sixteen best teams meet in Montreal for the title of world champions. To jump to a specific team, click on their name below:

Group Overview

Group C, with three Latin American representatives, has the most from a single region in the event. Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid, and MIBR are also joined by the Southeast Asian squad Giants Gaming. In the past six months, Giants Gaming has not met any of their group members, while the other three are frequent matchups. During that time, Ninjas in Pyjamas have gotten the better of Team Liquid in both of their matchups, but they have drawn and lost to MIBR. Team Liquid has defeated MIBR in all three of their matchups, including two Pro League matches and the OGA PIT Minor semi-final.

Each team's map record in the Six Major, Pro League Finals, and online Pro League during the past six months (W-D-L).

Giants Gaming stands above the rest of the group with an astounding 21 map wins with no draws and only six losses. Both Ninjas in Pyjamas and MIBR have lost or drawn more than they have won during the past six months. Team Liquid, winning 64% of their played maps, clearly outshine their fellow Latin American group members.

Giants Gaming

Giants Gaming have steadily risen in the SiegeGG Rankings in the past six months, going from #30 all the way to #15. They have lost just six maps in the time frame: one in Southeast Asian Pro League, two in the Pro League APAC Finals, and three in the international Pro League Finals. Their most recent jump of five positions has come from a flawless run in the season of Pro League as they share first place with an 8-0-0 record.

Giants Gaming's placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

Giants Gaming have had a perfect season so far in Southeast Asia, winning all eight of their played maps. Every player, with the exception of  jrdn, placed in the top ten of the region for their ratings. As for KOST%, all but HysteRiX earned a spot in SEA's top ten, including jrdn. Ysaera has excelled for the team this season as their top-rated player and most clutch in the region so far.

Giants Gaming's player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

As Aerowolf, the squad moved forward to the semi-finals in Pro League Season 10 behind the trio of HysteRiX, SpeakEasy, and MentalistC. Ysaera and Lunarmetal struggled during the event, especially during their loss to DarkZero Esports. Since then, the team has just made one change: swapping MentalistC (now on Fnatic) for jrdn. Domestically, he has proven to be an effective support player in the team's run to first place in Southeast Asia.

Giants Gaming's player stats during the Pro League Season 10 Finals.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

With the most recent SiegeGG Ranking update, Ninjas in Pyjamas have moved into the top ten. At the Six Major Raleigh last August, they were sent home after just four maps. In Season 10, the team qualified for the international finals, but were hindered by visa issues and lost in their first match. Since then, NiP have just competed in Pro League, where they hold the first place in Latin America. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas' placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

Each of the ninjas earned a 69% or 70% KOST, enough to make them the highest overall team range. All but one player have shown off their clutch ability with two clutches each this season. Additionally, Muzi, Psycho, and pino performed well enough to all place in the top ten for rating in Latin America at the midseason point.

Ninjas in Pyjamas' player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

Looking at the Ninjas in Pyjamas' match-by-match performance by KOST% shows that, though each player arrived within a point or two of each other, some truly were more consistent than the others. pino's inconsistent season, starting poorly before a strong finish, and Kamikaze's consistency with the exception of the team's loss against MIBR are evident. JULIO, too, had a rather strong season in terms of KOST%.

Each player's match-by-match performance in the first half of Pro League Season 11.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid have not fallen out of the top ten in the SiegeGG Ranking in the past six months, peaking at their current ranking: #2. Their recent placements include third at the Allied Esports Vegas Minor, first in the Brasileirão 2019 Finals, second in DreamHack Montreal, and their victory in the OGA PIT Minor to qualify for the Six Invitational. At the midseason point in Pro League Season 11, they are tied for first place in Latin America (second considering tiebreakers).

Team Liquid's placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

As we've grown used to, NESKWGA is leading Team Liquid to victory as the highest-rated player on the team and in Latin America as a whole. In the KOST% category, he is joined by psk1 and xS3xyCake to fill the top three at the midseason point. xS3xyCake has performed well as a support player, planting eight times, the second most in the region. If there is a weakness on the team, it comes from muringa, who has earned the fourth worst rating so far.

Team Liquid's player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

Team Liquid's most recent event victory, the OGA PIT Minor, came with a great overall team performance. xS3xyCake, the only player on the team to not earn a rating of 1.00 or better, led the event in plants with twelve. Paluh, psk1, muringa, and xS3xyCake all placed within the top four of the competition for KOST%. To make another deep run in an international event, Team Liquid will need to harness their consistency from the OGA PIT Minor—especially muringa.

Team Liquid's player stats during the OGA PIT Minor.


MIBR enter the event below their fellow Latin Americans and just one place above Giants Gaming in the current SiegeGG Ranking. In the past six months, their placings included a group stage exit at the Six Major Raleigh, a weak finish to Pro League Season 10, an upper bracket final appearance at the OGA PIT Minor, a solid run in the Six Invitational Latin American qualifier, and an average performance so far in Pro League Season 11. Their peak in the ranking, #12, came after their qualification for this event in Latin America.

MIBR's placement in the past six months of the SiegeGG Ranking.

MIBR have appeared to be a top-heavy team so far this season, with just Bullet1 and cyb3r earning ratings of 1.00 or greater. Bullet1 earned the fourth best rating in Latin America and MKing just slipped into the top ten for his KOST%. The rest of the squad have left something to be desired with Novys and hugzord earning two of the seven worst ratings at the midseason point. hugzord has not excelled as a support player either, putting up a modest four plants in the season.

MIBR's player stats through the first half of Pro League Season 11.

MIBR's stats at the OGA PIT Minor told a similar story, with only two players earning a 1.00+ rating and hugzord lagging behind the competition. With this as their most recent international competition and a lackluster showing domestically, MIBR enters the Six Invitational 2020 as a serious underdog. They begin the event against Giants Gaming, who is often considered unproven internationally, and could potentially face off against Ninjas in Pyjamas, who they have drawn and defeated in the past six months, to move forward to the playoffs.

MIBR's player stats during the OGA PIT Minor.

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