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US Nationals 2019 Day 2: SSG and Reciprocity Set for Battle

Check out all the action from day two of the US Nationals Finals in Las Vegas as we get one step closer to crowning Team USA.

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The bracket as of the beginning of day two via @ESLRainbowSix

After day one saw six out of nine maps go to overtime, day two saw two fairly clear-cut matches follow on from the 2019 Battle of the Branches showmatch which saw the Army take the title off of last years champions of the Air Force.

Susquehanna Soniqs vs Spacestation Gaming

Susquehanna Soniqs: Neptunez, supr, Goddess, Gomfi, SlebbeN and jobro (coach)

Spacestation Gaming: ThinkingNade, Rampy, Bosco, Fultz, Canadian, Lycan (coach), sovsov3 (assistant coach), and EkuL (analyst)

Map: Clubhouse (SSG Pick), Coastline (SQ Pick) and Consulate

Spacestation’s offensive was, to put it simply, the Rampy show. Across the first four rounds, he secured a total of 11 kills including a three triple-kills, a 1v1 victory, and two opening kills before finally being shut down at the beginning of round five by Neptunez. At this point, the Soniqs were already down 4-0 and Supr made sure to end the streak here by securing a 1v1 victory over Canadian to put them on the board before SSG ended the half, 5-1.

The Soniqs moving onto their attacking half saw them gain another round thanks to a SlebbeN triple kill, before SSG went onto map point on round eight, losing just Bosco in the process. Eventually, SSG ended Clubhouse with a 7-3 scoreline after a flawless round 10 with 1:23 left on the clock.

Canadian during map one

As we moved onto the Soniqs map pick, SlebbeN woke up as he secured nine kills in three rounds including a 4k in round two. Despite this, the rounds were much less one-sided than Rampy’s previous multikills made them in map one, with Canadian shutting down SlebbeN to win a 1v2 in round one and Supr being left to survive a 1v1 against Bosco in round two. With SSG taking round four, the two teams were neck-and-neck before two clear wins ended the half, 3-3.

Supr during map two

This back-and-forth continued for the first four rounds of SSG’s defense with neither side being able to break each other. This finally came to an end as SSG finally broke the pattern with a win in round 11 while defending the Kitchen/Service site as a failed rush attempt stuck  SlebbeN and Neptunez in a 2v4 situation in which Canadian easily cleared up. The map eventually ended the following round, 7-5 as Spacestation booked a spot into today’s grand-final.

SSG vs Soniqs’ statistics


Team Reciprocity vs Team SoloMid

Team Reciprocity: FoxA, Retro, LaXInG, Nyx, VertcL, HOP3Z (coach), and Daeda (analyst)

Team SoloMid: Achieved, Merc, Beaulo, Timzy, and Geoometrics

Map: Bank (TSM’s pick), Clubhouse (Rec’s pick) and Villa

The first five rounds of Bank were all extremely one-sided, with three ending in 1v5 situations and another in a 1v4. Despite this, the teams were keeping pace with each other up until round six where a double kill by Retro gave Reciprocity the first real lead of the map and ended their defensive half, 4-2.

The second half kicked off with more of the same as Reciprocity secured a flawless round seven before VertcL’s 4k allowed FoxA to get the bomb down and to win the round. Finally, we saw the very first 1vX of the game on round nine as Reciprocity won their fifth round in a row, thanks to a 1v1 victory by LaXInG over Achieved to take the map, 7-2.

Skys during map one

Team Reciprocity continued this streak as Clubhouse began as two plants by Retro and four kills by VertcL won them two somewhat closer rounds before TSM tried to end their rather lackluster showing. Round three went to TSM after they got four early kills and LaXInG opted to stay outside and not die in the remaining minute of the round rather than push into the 1v5 situation, before Timzy won his first 1vX situation of the day against LaXInG in round four to tie up the map.

The following rounds saw the same pattern we saw in map two of the last match, with teams trading rounds with the exception of round ten, as Reciprocity won while defending the Church site thanks to a 4k by Nyx, before another 1v1 between LaXInG and Timzy on round 11 gave the map and series to Team Reciprocity.

Rec vs TSM’s statistics

Sunday’s Action

Tomorrow sees two events take place. Firstly, at 10PST / 19:30CET we’ll see the Creators Showmatch tournament with the following streamers playing:

The Creator's Showmatch lineup via @ESLRainbowSix

Following this, we’ll see the US Nationals 2019 grand-finals between Team Reciprocity and Spacestation Gaming for the prize of $65,000 and the title of Team USA at around 12:30PST / 22:00CET.

The US Nationals 2019 stage



Keep an eye out here at SiegeGG for further updates on the USN 2019 tournament, including photos, highlights, and statistics.