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Update: BLU, Velly and Stoax to Cast Pro League, Subbing in for Interro on Sick Leave

The caster has stated that he will not be present for the rest of Season 10, but targets a return for the Finals in Tokoname, Japan.

Update: BLU, Velly and Stoax to Cast Pro League, Subbing in for Interro on Sick Leave


As announced by Milosh on stream, the three US Nationals casters of John "BLU" Mullen, Samuel "Stoax" Stewart, and Loviel "Velly" Cardwell will take turns casting the remainder of the Pro League season to replace Parker "Interro" Mackay, who's currently unavailable due to health issues.

These three are the logical replacements for Interro as are already residing in Poland -- where the Pro League and US Nationals broadcasts are produced and cast from -- meaning no new talent will need to be flown out for the express purpose of replacing Interro. While Stoax previously cast the Pro League Season 9 Finals, and all three were talent at the most recent Six Major, this will be the first time any of them have cast the online Pro League season, with BLU debuting tonight alongside Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley on play day 10 for North America.

To learn more about the casters check out our interview with BLU here and Velly below:


In a recent Twitter post, broadcast talent Parker "Interro" Mackay has stated that he will not be returning to Poland to cast the second online split of Pro League Season 10. The health issue is not named but is stated to not be of major concern, but that the caster's doctors have advised him not to travel overseas. 

The first play days have been jointly casted by the remaining three core casters: Kix, Milosh, and mzo. It is unclear whether the trio will continue to operate on their own, or if a replacement could be found on short notice to fill the vacancy in the lineup. 

We wish Interro a quick recovery and return to the casting desk!


Stay tuned for any updates as the situation develops!