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0RGL3SS Roster Signs With Wildcard Gaming

After spending over nine months without an organisation, the 0RGL3SS roster has signed with Wildcard Gaming in what could mark the start of a significant up-shift in their performances.

One of the top teams in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and definitely the second-best team in Australia-New Zealand (ANZ), 0RGL3SS has finally been signed by an organisation -- Wildcard Gaming -- after having left Athletico Esports two days into 2019.

While not a particularly well-known organisation, Wildcard Gaming has existing teams in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), PUBG Mobile, Brawlhalla, and World of Warcraft Arena, and former teams in Fortnite and Apex Legends. They are moderately sized in terms of Twitter following, having nearly 30, 000 followers there and are arguably a far smaller organisation that many had expected 0RGL3SS to sign with.

Names such as the Renegades had been bandied about as a potential home for the roster, but it seems that 0RGL3SS have chosen an organisation that is better able to suit their needs over one that has a bigger following and is better known. Not much else is known about Wildcard Gaming, but Rainbow Six marks their first foray into First-Person Shooters.

As 0RGL3SS, the roster has seen a very high level of success for their circumstances, having to continue schooling or working while playing Rainbow Six competitively concurrently and receiving no salary for playing the game. While they failed to qualify for the Six Invitational 2019 and the Six Major Raleigh, they took home first place in the Summer Series and Six Oceanic Cup, though had to finish second to Fnatic in the Six Masters. 

However, their first-round APAC Finals exit in Season 9 at the hands of Xavier Esports was particularly disappointing, especially after 0RGL3SS had been in a game-winning position. Nevertheless, it is certain that the team will undoubtedly come back stronger at the Season 10 APAC Finals, especially with the backing of an organisation this time around.

The current ANZ Pro League standings

So far, 0RGL3SS has been performing stellarly in the ANZ Pro League, leading the table with 22 points to second-placed Fnatic’s 19 points, with seven map wins, and just one map drawn. Now, with the second part of the season set to restart, they have six more maps to play across three games, including a game against Fnatic.

To know more about their signing, SiegeGG spoke to one of the now-Wildcard Gaming coaches, Vinnie “syliX” Tam:

Your team has been 0RGL3SS for over nine months now, how does it feel to finally sign with an organisation?

It is really great to have the backing of an organisation who are great people. It was important for us to not just jump into the first organisation that came to us. We wanted to find the right one for us in terms of support and relationship dynamics.

How soon do you think you can transform the support from Wildcard into results? You have already been close to qualification many times, is this the extra step needed?

It's hard to gauge how long it will take for the support we get to see results. Obviously, we hope sooner rather than later. If I had to guess, though, probably after our first bootcamp together. That would be the milestone that would best gauge our improvement.

Is there anything you'd like to add, in general or perhaps to your fans?

Whether you're a competitive player, a casual player, a fan, or simply like esports, if you support us then we want you to know that it means a great deal to us. So thank you to each one of you.

Wildcard Gaming will continue their Season 10 campaign in the Pro League come the 18th of September, Wednesday, with a game against Oddity Esports. Catch the team in action from 7 PM AEST (GMT+10) onwards on the Rainbow6ANZ Twitch channel, and their subsequent games against Fnatic and Team CryptiK on September 24th and 26th.