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All-New CCS Project to Be Headlined by Jess, Season 5 Planned

CCS sources report that a completely new project is in the works, and it is to be announced soon.

All-New CCS Project to Be Headlined by Jess, Season 5 Planned

With the end of Season 4 of CCS for both Europe and North America in late April this year, its fans are already aching for the next season to be announced. However, it seems the wait will be longer than any fan may have hoped for. For readers unfamiliar with it, CCS (Cyberathlete Championship Series) is the largest community Siege league. What sets it apart from Pro League and other competitions is that it is run by the community, rather than ESL or Ubisoft. For its first two seasons, CCS only hosted the a league in North America, beginning its European counterpart with the start of Season 3. The prizepool for both of last season's leagues amounted to a quite hefty $20,000 USD, which was split among the top four teams of each region.

When CCS tweeted a short announcement teaser, speculations started rolling in, with people assuming this is probably the Season 5 announcement. However, our sources now report that the eagerly-expected announcement is actually set to reveal a completely different project altogether. While we are unaware of exactly what it is, we managed to confirm the project is led by Jessica "Jess" Bolden, who currently works as a coach/analyst for the European team PENTA. We reached out to Jess for a statement.

I am excited to be working with CCS to help introduce a league that will rival similar leagues in other regions, but provide a welcoming platform for further participation in competitive Rainbow Six Siege.

While we don't know exactly when this unrevealed project will take place, our sources have also confirmed that CCS Season 5 in both Europe and North America are in the pipeline, but will not start until sometime in winter. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info on this new project as it unravels!