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Allied Esports Minor: Day 3 Roundup

If you missed any of action from the playoffs on the third and final day of the Allied Esports Minor, here’s a roundup of the three final games from Las Vegas.

In a supremely exciting conclusion to the Allied Esports Las Vegas Minor, the final four teams standing made their final pushes to win the lion’s share of the $75,000 on offer, and, for all but LeStream Esport, secure a ticket to the Six Major Raleigh.

Here’s a roundup of all the action if you missed any.

Semi-Final 1: Team Secret 2 - 0 Team Liquid

Maps: Consulate (7-2), Clubhouse (7-4), Border (Not Played)

Secret: LeonGids, meepeY, Elemzje, Fonkers, Ferral

Liquid: NESKWGA, psk1, xS3xycake, HSnamuringa, Paluh

The statistics from the first semi-final between Team Secret and Team Liquid

With LeStream Esport widely favoured to defeat Chaos Esports Club later in the second-semi-final, this match was effectively the fight for the Raleigh Major ticket. With Team Liquid seemingly gelling supremely well with João “HSnamuringa” Deam in place of Leo “ziGueira” Duarte, and having had a far better 2019 than their opponents, it seemed that Secret’s great Vegas run would finally come to an end.

Team Secret, though, had other ideas. On Team Liquid’s map pick of Consulate, it was the British-majority side that struck first blood after a tense clutch situation. While Team Liquid answered back, Secret went on a four-round rampage, getting briefly interrupted in round seven, but piling on two more rounds to make Team Liquid look completely unprepared. Leon “LeonGids” Giddens and Daniel “Ferral” Rotherham were instrumental in his team’s success on the map, and his strong performance would continue into Clubhouse.

This time, though, Liquid drew first blood, and while Secret would progress onto a 4-2 lead, each round seemed closer than before. Neutral fans were excited by the prospect of a third map, and Liquid seemed eager to give it to them. However, a series of back-and-forth rounds that saw the game advance to 5-2, 5-3, and then 6-4 ended when Secret finally managed to string a second-round win in a row on attack, ending Liquid’s hunt for a much-needed victory in two rather quick maps.

Semi-Final 2: LeStream Esport 2 - 1 Chaos Esports Club

Maps: Villa (4-7), Consulate (7-3), Bank (7-3)

LeStream: Hicks, Risze, Korey, Alphama, AceeZ

Chaos: Vitoline, Redgroove, Kripps, Secretly, Renuilz

The statistics from the second semi-final between LeStream Esport and Chaos Esports Club

With LeStream Esport already qualified for the Raleigh Major, Chaos Esports Club must have been hoping that their fellow Europeans would take it easy and possibly slip up. Chaos, on their own, did not have a particularly poor Pro League season, but this was the closest they had gotten to a title in a long time, and would have wanted it badly for themselves. Problem was, LeStream wanted it too, and they continued their strong performance from the day before.

Chaos, however, started off brightly. They won the first two rounds and looked good value for their lead on attack when LeStream fought back. However, Christoffer “Kripps” Brushane was on an absolute mission and he cared not for if Villa was more defender sided and pushed his team to win the attacking half 4-2. Already feeling good, Chaos would only concede two further rounds and take the map 7-4 to put one hand on the grand final seat.

From Consulate, onwards, though, LeStream showed that despite losing Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen , they had just become better with Lukas “Korey” Zwingmann. While Chaos once again drew first blood, the defensive half for Chaos was evenly split with LeStream’s attack. On defence, though, LeStream shone bright, winning gunfight after gunfight to press on and win all four rounds needed to take things to map three.

On Bank, LeStream finally took the early lead after a very strong basement defense and followed it up with a second round win to establish a slim margin. Conceding two rounds afterwards, they would more than make up for the concession by winning the half 4-2. LeStream could taste victory and they pursued it hard, going up to 6-2 before being delayed by one more round to secure the win and prepare for their game against Team Secret who, thanks to Chaos’ loss, had their ticket to the Raleigh Major confirmed.

Grand Final: Team Secret 2 - 1 LeStream Esport

Maps: Clubhouse (7-5), Border (7-8), Consulate (8-7)

Secret: LeonGids, meepeY, Elemzje, Fonkers, Ferral

LeStream: Hicks, Risze, Korey, Alphama, AceeZ

The statistics from the grand final between Team Secret and LeStream Esport

European team versus European team, Challenger League team versus Pro League team, LAN natives versus online stars, this match had it all, with many dubbing this to be the best Grand Final of any Rainbow Six event in recent history. Both teams wanted the win badly, despite having already qualified for the Raleigh Minor, as Team Secret needed a big win after their disappointing season, and LeStream were keen to bounce back from the loss of UUNO and their consistently poor offline performances.

As Team Liquid defeated Chaos Esports Club 2-0 (7-5, 7-3) on Villa and Border -- with Coastline as the unplayed third map -- off the broadcast, the Europeans took to the virtual battlefield on physically American and virtually German soil.

Initially, it seemed that Team Secret had finally been found out by virtue of familiarity by LeStream who seemed to know exactly what their opponents would do at all times. Three lost rounds were finally answered by Team Secret on a basement defense that was followed up by a masterclass ace with Bandit from Ferral on the second-floor. However, LeStream would still win the half 4-2. Secret, though, did not let their heads dropped, first tying things up 4-4 and then winning three of the next four rounds to get into the driver’s seat for the second map.

Moving into Border, where the old LeStream would have crumbled -- possibly due to the pressure -- the new one rallied back from being 3-3 down to push on and tie things up to go into their attack on even footing. Back-and-forth went the rounds, despite Secret putting two together to take a brief 5-4 lead, but could not capitalise on it on match point, with LeStream forcing overtime. LeStream continued the good play by then winning the first overtime round, and while Team Secret managed to equalise, it was not enough to stave off map three.

On Consulate, it initially seemed that LeStream was at home, with the first three rounds going their way much like on Clubhouse, and just like the first map, it was LeStream that won the first half 4-2. Secret, though, would pull things back very effectively, winning the next four rounds in a row, and it seemed that things would be over very soon. However, there was more drama to come, as LeStream began a comeback of their own, pulling back the two rounds needed to force overtime yet again. This time, though, Team Secret would find themselves winning the first round, and much like how they had tried to claw things back on Border, LeStream would try -- and then fail -- and Team Secret would win the Allied Esports Minor in style.


With the tournament now over, Team Secret have confirmed their place at the Six Major Raleigh in August, while LeStream have looked great with the addition of Korey. Team Secret fans will have to wait a fair bit to see their team in action again, but for LeStream, Liquid, and Chaos fans, Season 10 of the Pro League begins in just under a week, so be sure to check back regularly for updates as it progresses.

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