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$100k Celebrity Charity Showmatch Tonight!

The celebrities of Lil Yachty and T-Pain will lead two teams off R6 streamers against each other following tonight's Ubisoft E3 panel for a massive $100k prize pool.

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At around 11PM CEST (5PM ET) tonight, two celebrities and eight streamers will play in a showmatch to show off Operation Phantom Sight, the next free DLC coming to R6 later this week. This will take place on the Ubisoft Twitch channel following the Ubisoft E3 conference panel in which the company will unveil their newest games and DLC to the world.

Who’s Playing?

The two celebrities playing will be the rappers of T-Pain, whose albums have sold around 2 million copies in the US alone, and Lil Yatchy, who’s featured in the top five of the US charts twice in the last two years.

A promotional image for the game.

Joining them will be a number of well-known R6 streamers to form the following teams:

Team T-Pain:

  • T-Pain
  • TheRussianBadger
  • Bnans
  • Lil_Lexi
  • Annemunition

The Lil Yachty Unit:

  • Lil Yachty
  • BikiniBodhi
  • Sacriel
  • ZanderLP
  • Moondye7

Six out of eight of these streamers have played in show matches and Twitch Rivals events before, however this will be the very first listed tournament for both BikiniBodhi and Sacriel.

As well as this, there will be another showmatch involving R6 developers on Tuesday, but not a lot of details have been released concerning this:

The Prize:

$100k will be on offer at this event, split between the players and charities as follows:

  • $40k will go to the winning team’s charity of choice
  • $10k goes to the losing team’s charity of choice
  • $50k is split between the winning five players

This is therefore not just the biggest R6 charity tournaments ever, but the sixth largest tournament by prizepool in Year 4 of the game. The chosen charities have not yet been announced and will likely be revealed just before the game starts.

Twitch Rivals

The tournament itself is a part of the Twitch Rivals series of tournaments that we’ve seen three times previously this year across both Europe and North America. Across these, $75,000 has already been awarded to the streamers and Pro League players involved with the following players winning the previous titles:

January Tournament:

Europe: Pengu, Rotko4, Orb, z1ronic and Katja

North America: Snake_Nade, TheRussianBadger, Sasslyn, Beaulo and Modigga

May Tournament:

Europe: Pengu, Kantoraketti, z1ronic, pannari and Willkey

North America: KingGeorge, Bosco, Lycan, Sasslyn and Daprecha

June Tournament:

Europe: Panix, Scok, Whiteshark67, Kitty and Sixquatre

North America: Interro, Krazy, Hyper, KingGeorge and Adam

The Twitch Rivals promotional image via

Across these previous tournaments, each streamer streamed their own point-of-view on top of the main spectated and cast stream however it is still unconfirmed if that will be the case this time around.

E3 2019

The E3 entrance via @Ubisoft

This tournament will take place following the Ubisoft panel at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) event taking place this week in Los Angeles, California. In this panel, we will likely see the announcement of this year’s Assassins Creed game, the recently revealed Ghost Recon: Wildlands sequel, and the reveal of the teased Watch Dogs 3 game reportedly set in “post-Brexit London” in what is meant to be their biggest ever panel.

Possibly most interesting is the rumoured announcement of “Rainbow Six Quarantine”, a co-op shooter based on the limited timed Outbreak event in R6 that brought us the operator of Lion. There has been no public confirmation or teases of this game, however, meaning we must wait for the panel to see whether the leak is in fact real.


The Ubisoft panel kicks off at 1PM PDT/ 10PM CEST and will likely last for around an hour before the showmatch kicks off afterwards. Keep an eye out here at SiegeGG for coverage of any future competitions such as this as well as any relevant announcements from the event.