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APAC Transfers: Latest Updates - Post Season 9

UPDATE: [JP] FAV Gaming fires Amenbo after falling out.

APAC Transfers: Latest Updates - Post Season 9

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window between Season 9 and 10 of the Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the Asia-Pacific region and keep up to date with the other three regions on the NA, EU and LATAM threads.

Summary of Changes So Far

Team Void - Reveck and Saber2k join, Huffy and defty replaced

0RGL3SS - NeophyteR rejoins, JoeyG retires

FAV Gaming - OdeNMiso moves to coach, ChloroForM and Shu join, Amenbo fired

Sengoku Gaming - Team disbands and surrenders Pro League spot

Cyclops Athlete Gaming - SuzuC and gatorada picked up, BlackRay moves to core, Mocho moves to a substitute spot, Com and tetra dropped

Ageless - SCARZ signs roster

NORA-Rengo - Wendyzera joins as assistant coach

TBA (ex-Avant Gaming) - Team SiNister signs roster

LamyWonderland - Roster promoted to the Pro League as replacement for NNP

Roster Changes

[JP] June 20th: FAV Gaming Fires Amenbo After Falling Out

FAV Gaming has fired coach Ryota "Amenbo" Wakabayashi after he evidently had a falling out with the organisation. Details are scarce, and the organisation has not revealed the circumstances behind letting Amenbo go.

[ANZ] June 20th: Team SiNister Signs Ex-Avant Gaming Roster

The former Avant Gaming roster, having begun Season 10 of the Pro League as TBA, has been signed by North American organisation Team SiNister. SiNister has had a number of notable North American rosters that have played in Season 7 and 8 of the Challenger League, and most recently had a team that made it to the US Nationals 2018 Finals in Las Vegas with current '92 Dream Team member Coal "awD" Phillips.

Now, the organisation has made the journey down-under, and has picked up TBA. In Season 9 of the Pro League, under Avant Gaming, the team finished on level points with fourth-placed Oddity Esports, but fell to fifth place with three wins, four draws, and five losses. Featuring Kaya "Loona" Omori as one of two female Pro League players worldwide, the team will play its first game of the season later tonight against Oddity Esports.

[JP] June 19th: NNP Quits Pro League, LamyWonderland the Replacement

In a surprising and unexplained decision, the second-placed Season 9 Challenger League team NNP has quit the Pro League, allowing fifth-placed LamyWonderland to be promoted on the very day of the start of Season 10. This follows the promotion of third-placed DetonatioN Gaming after Pro League side Sengoku Gaming Extasy had disbanded, and after fourth-placed SCARZ had also disbanded, with the organisation signing the Korean Ageless roster instead.

[JP] June 12th: Wendyzera Joins NORA-Rengo as Assistant Coach

After being dropped by FAV Gaming as a player, Wendyzera has now joined NORA-Rengo as an assistant coach for Season 10 of the Pro League. He will supplement current head coach Yasuhiro "kizoku" Nishiin his efforts as the team recovers from their Season 9 drop after the departure of star player Yudai "Wokka" Ichise.

Wendyzera and his team had finished a disappointing fifth in Season 9 of the Pro League, prompting some roster changes that had led to him being dropped. NORA-Rengo, on the other hand, had finished in first place in Japan, in second place at the APAC Finals, and had been knocked out in the first round by fellow APAC team, Fnatic, at the Season 9 Finals in Milan. Now, with the additional coaching firepower, and having had time to gel with Yoshifumi "YoshiNNGO" Yukimori, they are sure to return with a vengeance for Season 10.

[KR] June 12th: SCARZ Signs Ageless eSports Roster

After a strong Season 9 of the Pro League, Korean side Ageless eSports has been signed by Japanese organisation ScarZ. Ageless had most recently picked up two analysts, amongst a role shuffle, after their Season 9 APAC Finals performance that saw them very nearly take a map off NORA-Rengo in the quarter-finals. While their second placing in Korea was only out of three teams, it was their APAC Finals performance that has presumably attracted ScarZ's attention.

ScarZ is not a new organisation to Rainbow Six, having formerly had a team in Japan in Season 9 of the Pro League. However, it could only manage a seventh-placed finish -- helped in part by Rsk Ninjas Gaming disbanding -- and was relegated to the Season 9 Challenger League where they finished fourth. Thus, they were unable to make the journey back to the Pro League for Season 10, and this is likely why ScarZ has now ventured out of Japan to sign a heretofore org-less roster.

Part of the team for Season 10 will be Mikelate, FahON, Demic, Revi, CrazyBoy, and iLeven, with Meg and Hybrid as the coaches.

[JP] June 11th: Cyclops Signs Two Former Sengoku Players

Cyclops Athlete Gaming has announced that they have signed the two former Sengoku Gaming Extasy players, Takuma "SuzuC" Nakajima and Hideki "gatorada" Nishida. Also being promoted to a core team spot is Hasegawa "BlackRay" Sho, who formerly was a substitute for the team in Season 9 -- albeit a very successful substitute. Leaving the team will be Shuya "tetra" Abe and Itsuki "Com" Yamada, with Shohei "Mocho" Kameya being moved to the substitue position.

With Cyclops Athlete Gaming having just qualified for the Season 9 APAC Finals after a total of five teams had been in the hunt on the final day, this move is sure to strengthen them given the regional and international experience SuzuC and gatorada bring to the table. Having already been within two rounds of a map win on both maps against Fnatic in Sydney, they will be hoping that these changes get them to the semi-finals of the Season 10 APAC Finals, and possibly to the Season 10 Finals themselves on home ground.

[JP] June 10th: Sengoku Gaming Disbands After Losing Core

Japanese Pro League side Sengoku Gaming Extasy has disbanded after Takuma "SuzuC" Nakajima, Hideki "gatorada" Nishida, and Shuto "Aroer1na" Nasukawa have left the team. Aroer1na will now be playing Apex Legends competitively for Sengoku Gaming while SuzuC and gatorada have decided to leave the team with no word on their future just yet.

Their departure marks the fourth player leaving the team after Yoshifumi "YoshiNNGO" Yukimori had left shortly after the conclusion of the Season 9 APAC Finals to join NORA-Rengo, and means that the team can no longer field a 3/5th majority core from the midway mark of Season 9, leading to their Pro League place being revoked.

Through its history in Siege, Sengoku Gaming made it to the APAC Finals in Season 7 and 8, being defeated by Fnatic in the quarter-finals both times, and the Six Major Paris APAC qualifier LAN, where they lost to Aerowolf. In Season 9, though, the team could only manage a fourth-placed finish, though they were in the running for a third consecutive appearance at the APAC Finals up until the final day.

While gatorada does not have much Rainbow Six experience prior to the second half of Season 8, SuzuC and Aroer1na were both part of the eiNs roster that made it to the Season 6 Finals as well as the Six Invitatioinal 2018. While they were not as successful as Fnatic or NORA-Rengo on the international stage, their best achivement will be the win against Obey Alliance in the group stages of the latter event.

[JP] May 31st: OdeNMiso To Coach, ChloroForM and Shu Join

After a disappointing fifth-placed finish in Season 9 of the Pro League, FAV Gaming has shifted OdeNMiso to a coaching role, dropped Wendyzera, and brought in ChloroForM and Shu. The fifth-place finish was a surprising fall from grace, given that the team has previously made it to the Season 6 Pro League Finals as well as the Six Invitational 2018, led by team captain ShiN.

[ANZ] May 31st: NeophyteR Returns to 0RGL3SS, JoeyG Retires

Daniel "NeophyteR" An has returned to 0RGL3SS a half-season after being released by Fnatic. Formerly on 0RGL3SS when the team was under Athletico Esports, he left to join Fnatic -- then Mindfreak -- at the start of Season 7 of the Pro League. Since then, he has made it to the Six Invitational 2018, the Six Major Paris, the Season 7 Finals, and was semi-finalist at the Season 8 Finals when Fnatic had beat Evil Geniuses 2-0.

0RGL3SS will be undoubtedly happy to have a player of his calibre join the team, however they will be losing Joe "JoeyG" Lanciana to retirement in the process.

In Season 9 of the Pro League, 0RGL3SS finished in second place in the ANZ region before being knocked out by the narrowest of margins by Thai side Xavier Esports at the APAC Finals. With NeophyteR on board once again, they will seek to win their first game at an APAC Finals, and hopefully make it to the global Pro League Finals.

[SEA] May 29th: Reveck and Saber2k Join Team Void

A well-known name in Southeast Asia, Warren "Reveck" Lim has returned to a Singaporean team after a brief sojourn at Indonesian side Ferox E-Sports. Together with Saber2k, he has now joined Team Void -- a team whose current claim to fame is their incredible victory against Scrypt E-Sports on the final day of the Pro League to send Aerowolf to the APAC Finals.

Reveck himself was formerly on Aerowolf, but Saber2k holds no such pedigree, and Void will face a stern fight if they are to survive in the Pro League in Season 10. Leaving the team are Huffy and defty, two players who had an appreciable impact on the team, but are not as strong in comparison to Saber2k and esepcially Reveck, who has been to the Six Invitational as well as multiple APAC Finals.