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Your favorite pizza topping now determines your Rainbow 6 Extraction main

A weird experiment.

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Rainbow Six Extraction has a bit of a dark premise — aliens are taking over the world by spreading like a virus. The game itself is gritty and dark, with a gray and yellow color scheme. You can hear eery sounds as you creep around the apocalyptic maps. 

But that hasn't stopped the social media team at Ubisoft from having some fun with the Rainbow Six Extraction roster. 

On April 4, Rainbow Six Extraction's official Twitter announced that they know which operator you should main based on your favorite pizza toppings. Some of the results are a bit surprising. 

  • Ela: Pineapple and ham
  • Jager: Extra cheese
  • Fuze: Mushroom
  • Alibi: Bacon
  • Doc: Pepperoni
  • Vigil: Sausage
  • Finka: Anchovies
  • Hibana: Green Pepper

It's safe to say almost nobody is a Finka main. And surprisingly, many Rainbow Six fans admitted that they are now Ela mains, meaning pineapple isn't as weird on pizza as once thought. Most players would have to switch to Doc, however, with that being the most commonly picked pizza topping. 

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