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Year 9 European T2 Circuit: Teams to play for 75,000€ prize pool split in four competitions

Here's everything we know so far about Europe's Year 9 T2 Circuit!

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Banner Image: Ubisoft / Kiril B. @ItsKirillVision

Following the announcements of ELEMENT THREE in North America and Liga START in Brazil, fans were left wondering what was Europe cooking for their Tier 2 players. Although the official release took some time to be unveiled, we finally know how will Europe's Tier 2 competitions be structured.

Keep on reading to know more about the updates made to Europe's three off-season tournaments!


Europe's T2 calendar for Year 9 includes the R6 Central Combine, the R6 South Breach, and the R6 North Rainbow Rumble.

Unlike Year 8, where Europe League 2023 rosters could take part in each tournament, top-flight teams won't be allowed to participate with their main squad. However, they will be able to compete with an academy roster, which could contain up to one member from the team's main lineup.

As of now, we only have information regarding this summer's R6 Central Combine. The competition will start in the second weekend of July and will end in August, with the grand final being played in Cologne, Germany.


Each competition will take place during the two Year 9 off-seasons, with each tournament being played in the following months:

  • R6 Central Combine: July and August
  • R6 South Breach: November and December
  • R6 North Rainbow Rumble: January
  • Grand Final Event: March

Prize Pool

Europe's T2 Circuit will have a 75,000€ prize pool. This will be split into each competition as follows:

  • R6 Central Combine: 20,000€
  • R6 South Breach: 20,000€
  • R6 North Rainbow Rumble: 20,000€
  • Grand Final Event: 15,000€

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