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XSET's Kyno: "I think this is not our full potential"

CaliberJacob spoke to XSET's Kyno after their loss in the quarterfinals of the Charlotte Major.

CaliberJacob: Talking with XSET and Kyno specifically about the loss just now, in the playoffs, to Astralis, at the Six Charlotte Major, the very final quarterfinal matchup. [Leo "Kyno" Figueiredo], so sorry that we're meeting again under these circumstances, but, given how everything went today, and how we talked earlier about whether not having a coach behind you was going to be a big deal or not, now, with the power of hindsight, was there any big impact that not having [Matheus "Budgea" Figueiredo] on stage ended up having?

Kyno: Yes, uh, to be honest there was a big impact. We didn't even know when to call timeouts. On Oregon, we didn't even call a timeout because we forgot. And when we called a timeout, we didn't really know what to say, because Budega is watching from [another] perspective, so he knows what's going on in the game. We don't really have that [perspective]. 

So, it definitely hurt us, but I couldn't be more proud of the team. 

CaliberJacob: Overall, you pulled back another map, which I know a lot of people, like, especially to start off a series, probably wouldn't anticipate. There is already a lot of questions about how everyone's going to perform, but you pull that first one out of the bag. And you go into the second one, what didn't really manifest on map two that ended up being this result? Where did Oregon go wrong?

Kyno: We started really well on Oregon: four attacks on a really defensive sided map, uh, it was great, but; they were capitalizing on our defenses. They were getting the picks they needed. And right before their executes, [Astralis] were doing something crazy, and ended up finding something, finding a pick, finding an opportunity and they just played better.

CaliberJacob: Bit of a tough day overall, but still: beat a lot of people's expectations by getting out of groups, made it to playoffs in the first place, first time actually playing in front of a crowd, talk to me about what that experience was like, when you first had people in front of you, watching the game.

Kyno: It's amazing. You know, I played three LANs before and there was no crowd, and this is a completely different experience. Uh, I wanna play more LANs with crowds. It's actually incredible. 

CaliberJacob: 100 percent. Hey, still did fantastic, is this the kind of performance that you're hoping you can duplicate LAN after LAN, or is there something still here that you think you can fix for the future?

Kyno: We can still fix a lot of things. I think this is not our full potential. And one day, we'll reach the finals, we'll win the tournament, maybe next one. 

CaliberJacob: Anything else you want to say to the fans before I let you go?

Kyno: I love y'all. I miss her.