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Will there be Rainbow Six Mobile esports?

Most likely!

Rainbow Six Mobile has been revealed by Ubisoft and it appears to be a more casual take on Rainbow Six Siege. Despite Rainbow Six Mobile being a more casual alternative to Rainbow Six Siege, the community can't help but wonder if there will be a Rainbow Six Mobile esports scene. 

When Ubisoft initially announced Rainbow Six Mobile on Twitter, fans noticed that a Rainbow Six Mobile esports account appeared soon after. It was quickly confirmed that this wasn't official, but the community is clearly anticipating that Rainbow Six Mobile will have a competitive scene. Is that going to happen? 

Will Rainbow Six Mobile be competitive? 

Rainbow Six Mobile's closed alpha is coming. The gameplay is still a bit of a mystery, but developers explained that there will be a technical test focused on "core gameplay mechanics." There will be two game modes that allow players to team up with friends on their list. 

Ubisoft explained that progression and customization systems will be tested in future phases. This means that there is some sort of progression in Rainbow Six Mobile. It's unclear what the details are thus far, but this most likely means there will be a ladder to climb and ranks to reach based on performance. 

This means there is potential for an esports scene. Top players will be able to prove themselves and compete for a spot in an organized league. How Rainbow Six Mobile's esports scene is structured and formatted will be up to Ubisoft, but there is no denying that having an esports scene is a positive look for the Rainbow Six community as a whole.