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"Whether we win or not, I'm sure this will be a great experience for us": Wh1skey talks about Crest Gaming Lst ahead of team's international debut

Crest Gaming Lst will be in Atlanta after winning the Japan Last Chance Qualifier.

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Despite the team's short top-flight trajectory, Crest Gaming Lst is a very well-known face in Japan. The organization joined Rainbow Six Siege in Nov. 2019 and has been playing regionally since then.

Almost four years later, the creation of the Japan League as we know it now opened Crest Gaming Lst doors to the Major and even the Six Invitational. Although the latter looks complicated at this time of the year, the Japanese will at least represent their organization in Atlanta, United States.

"Whether we win or not, I'm sure this will be a great experience for us," admitted Itsuki "Wh1skey" Sasa in a pre-BLAST R6 Major Atlanta interview with SiegeGG.

The Japanese joined Crest Gaming Lst in Sep. 2020 and has been playing for the team since the Japan Championship 2020 Qualifying Phase. From then up to early 2023, Crest Gaming Lst was a mid-table team in Japan's main league.

Crest Gaming Lst's first challenge of the season came before the start of Year 8 as they lost Takashi "Arcully" Ono to CYCLOPS athlete gaming. To get ready for the Japan League 2023 Stage 1, the roster welcomed the additions of Issei "LuA" Asakura and Yuuta "Tyopi" Yanagi, who signed from SCARZ and Fnatic, respectively.

Unfortunately for the Japanese, the roster moves weren't enough. In Stage 1, Crest Gaming Lst finished in fourth place of the Japan League and fifth of the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Heading to the second split, the Japanese roster decided to make a roster change and an addition to their staff team. First, the squad swapped Souichirou "Acerola" Kumazawa for the former FAV Gaming player, Sironeko. Last but not least, the team added oft0nn as the team's Strategic Coach.

"He comes up with his original strats and it helps us a lot to have a strategical edge over other teams. His support provides us new perspectives and helps us improve," the Japanese explained.

Although Crest Gaming Lst began the second stage with a 2-7 defeat against CYCLOPS athlete gaming, the Japanese upset the Stage 1 champions SCARZ as they won against them by 7-5. Eventually, a maximum overtime victory against Fnatic qualified Crest Gaming Lst for the Japan League Deciders.

Following a 2-0 win against IGZIST, the team was sent to the Last Chance Qualifiers by CYCLOPS athlete gaming after a 1-2 loss. "It took us a lot of time to brush up on our fundamentals of siege. Because of that, I think CYCLOPS had an edge over us with their strats and teamwork," he admitted.

After finishing the Japan League Stage 2 in third place, Crest Gaming Lst was drawn to System in the Last Chance Qualifiers. The team's 7-3 victory was followed by another 7-5 win against IGZIST. Again, the Japanese were one match away from Atlanta.

Unexpectedly, on the other side of the bracket, FAV Gaming upset NORTHEPTION as they won their match by 7-3.

"I thought NORTHEPTION would come to the finals so we didn't prepare that much for FAV," the Japanese admitted. "We did most of our preparation between our match against IGZ and FAV."

Having to meet FAV Gaming meant that Crest Gaming Lst would play against their former teammate, Acerola. "We definitely were excited to play against Acerola, but we knew how he plays so we could counter him easily," Wh1skey explained.

Crest Gaming Lst's Phase 1 group includes Ninjas in Pyjamas, Geekay Esports, and SANDBOX Gaming. Although it will be the team's first international experience, the Japanese have already scrimmaged against the South Koreans. "We scrim with SBX a lot so it's exciting to play with them in the major," he explained.

Regarding Ninjas in Pyjamas and Geekay Esports, the Japanese player is "looking forward to playing against them and see how they play as an opponent."

Crest Gaming Lst's debut in Atlanta will come against SANDBOX Gaming on Oct. 31 at 12 AM EDT (-4 GMT). 

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