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“We were thinking how can we make the game more exciting”: Cryn in high spirits after double-OT thriller against G2 Esports

Rogue are in the semi-finals of the Berlin Major.

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Image: Ubisoft/Michal Konkol

This was, without a shadow of a doubt, a game for the ages. Europe’s two remaining teams in Berlin faced each other, including the home favourites G2 Esports. Players faced their old teammates, coaches, and organizations on both sides of the stage and audiences were treated to an incredible double-overtime match.

Pascal “cryn” Alouane headed to the post-match interview with a German flag, making a statement: Rogue are now the home team. G2’s zero-to-hero storyline has concluded and Rogue are the only hope left for the region.

When asked about the two international rookies, who just today made their debuts in front of a major crowd, cryn could only find one word: “awesome”.

It’s astonishing to think two international rookies, William “Spoit” Löfstedt and Tom “Deapek” Pieksma, can show so much maturity, personality, and game-sense in a high-pressure game in front of a crowd that was arguably favouring their opponents.

High off Spoit’s match-winning performance, Cryn defined the Swede as an “insane player”, praising his fragging skills.

“I’ve never seen these kinds of mechanics in a player,” he said of the former content creator.

Deapek was no slouch either, even though he had Stage 1 to adjust to the EUL and to Rogue. Though he is more anonymous when it comes to statistics, especially compared to cryn or Spoit, cryn asserts that he is indispensable to Rogue.

“We really appreciate what Deapek is doing because what he does is so underestimated, for the viewers you only shine if you are doing the kills. Deapek is enabling everybody on the team. We couldn’t be happier with the team we have right now,” said cryn.

The rookies’ inexperience is balanced with Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen’s incredible history. A former world champion, the Finn is finally back and excelling in his natural environment: a LAN. “LANtoraketti”, as he is referred to by casters, fans, and cryn himself, has been the second-best player by SiegeGG Rating on Rogue.

“He is doing great, he is confident, and when he is confident, he is unbeatable. You can just rely on this guy,” praised cryn.

When asked about G2’s attempted comeback on Bank, from 3-6 to 7-7, Cryn was immutable in his positive demeanor.

“We were thinking how can we make the game more exciting, so we got to OT” laughed cryn. “Just for the crowd, you know?”

Tomorrow, that same crowd that largely rooted for G2 Esports, will be backing Rogue – the home team -- as they take on XSET in the top half of the bracket.

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