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"We couldn't find the balance": Gryxr regarding Soniqs' defeat against w7m esports

Two back-to-back defeats against Brazilian sides has sent the Americans back home.

Banner Image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

Soniqs' last month in the game has been exhausting as well as exciting. The introduction of a new player to the squad, Jaylen "Ambi" Turk, who turned 18 just a couple of days before the start of the Six Invitational, was a breath of fresh air. 

"He has been great," Pablo "Gryxr" Rebeil admitted at a post-match interview following the roster's defeat against w7m esports. "He has made everyone play better as well, he has made the game more fun for everybody, he has exceeded everyone's expectations," he explained.

Soniqs' flawless run in Group D was followed by a victory against Wolves Esports in the Upper Bracket quarter-finals. Unfortunately for the Americans, the team's first defeat in the tournament saw them being pushed to the Lower Bracket by FaZe Clan. There, another Brazilian team finished the job off: w7m esports sent Soniqs back home.

"We were playing too scared at some points and we couldn't find the balance, whether we wanted to play too aggro (aggressive) or too passive," Gryxr admitted. The team's main issue in the series was the lack of entry frags as Soniqs ended the match with an entry balance of 4-15 (-11).

Soniqs struggled for most of the game against the back-to-back BLAST R6 Major champions, as the Brazilians won on Clubhouse (7-2) and Bank (7-3). More precisely, two of Soniqs' five successful rounds came from clutches by Gryxr and Emilio "Geometrics" Léynez.

When asked about why the team let w7m esports play Clubhouse, Gryxr explained the roster's decision. "We knew Club was good for them but we had Chalet off the board for sure and Oregon was definetely up and there."

Coming from DarkZero Esports harsh defeat against G2 Esports, Soniqs elimination from the Six Invitational 2024 against w7m esports means that North America won't have a team among the best four rosters of a Six Invitational for the first time ever.

"I think it's the practice, it seems that any other regions in general the passion for the game is stronger than ours," Gryxr concluded.

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