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W7m run through FURIA, qualify for Charlotte Major

The bulls have qualified for the Charlotte Major on the back of a stellar BR6/CES run.

Image via w7m

With today’s victory in the Copa Elite Six, w7m have capped off their record-breaking run in the BR6 with a berth in the Charlotte Major. 

W7m have a youthful roster with a lot of explosiveness, and their calling card is their stellar defense. At one point, w7m were winning around 80 percent of their defensive rounds in BR6 – a staggering amount in the current fast-paced meta. 

Now, w7m will represent the future of Brazil and the LATAM region at the Charlotte Major. 

A scant few months ago, w7m were staring down the barrel of relegation. They survived, added two new players, and are all of a sudden one of their region’s biggest hopes. They finished first in BR6 with eight wins in a row and only one loss – their final game of the year, played against INTZ, which ended 8-7 in maximum overtime. 

W7m is the first BR6 team to ever win eight matches in a row during a stage. 

By all means, w7m are a solid team. However, they’re as of yet unproven in international competition – and with fans back at Majors, there’s a chance a hostile crowd could affect them. All the same, their performance in Siege’s strongest regional league should give them the benefit of the doubt. 

You can watch w7m at the Charlotte Major, beginning May 16 and concluding May 22. 

Their opponents in the match, FURIA, drop to the lower bracket, and still have a chance to make the Major.