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Verdansk will return to Warzone much later than expected according to reports

It's happening, but at a later date

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Warzone fans who were hoping for the long-awaited rumored return of the iconic Verdansk will be disappointed to learn that, while the map is indeed making a comeback, its release has been postponed until early 2025, as per reports.

The first report of Verdansk's arrival in 2025 comes from Bob Network UK, a reliable insider within the Warzone community who stated that the original plan was to launch the map with Season 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, scheduled to release in October 2024.

Instead, Verdansk will return at some point during the "mid-lifecycle" of Black Ops 6.

The report was later corroborated by CharlieIntel, another prominent content creator in the Call of Duty scene, adding that Verdansk is set to hit in "early 2025."

One important thing to point out is that, while the original wording by Bob Network mentions that Verdansk is being delayed, the fact is that Activision never confirmed plans for the map to return this year, meaning it's technically not being delayed as there isn't even an official confirmation of the map making a return to Warzone.

Bob Network followed up its initial report by stating that Treyarch is also developing a brand-new Resurgence map that will drop at "some point" during Black Ops 6's life cycle. This might suggest that the developers have divided their efforts to create more maps, potentially resulting in neither being released this year.

For veterans of the battle royale, Verdansk is remembered fondly, as it's the first-ever Warzone map they got to experience, released alongside the free-to-play title back in March 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The map would receive some substantial changes throughout its lifespan, more notably in April 2021 with the launch of the third post-launch season of content for Black Ops: Cold War. The map was transformed into Verdansk 84, a retro version of the location with massive changes to multiple POIs.

Eventually, Verdansk was replaced by Caldera later in November 2021. All that remains now is for Activision to confirm its return soon after the release of Black Ops 6, with fans hopeful it retains the spirit of the original in case the developers decide to update the map.

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