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VCT Masters Madrid Semifinals Preview: Two regional duels for America and Pacific to kick off Madrid's playoffs

The VCT Masters Madrid Playoffs are set to start!

With the VCT Masters Madrid Playoffs beginning on Mar. 21, we have gathered some information and stats about the upcoming two matches.

The winner of each match will qualify for the Upper Bracket Finals, while the defeated sides will drop to the Lower Bracket Semifinals.

Gen.G Esports vs. Paper Rex

The first match of the day will be between the two Asian sides of Gen.G Esports and Paper Rex. The game will be a replay of the VCT 2024 Pacific Kickoff Grand Final, which was won by the South Korean roster (3-1).

Team records at the VCT Masters Madrid

Gen.G Esports' first match in Madrid saw the South Korean lineup defeating LOUD by 2-1. With their initial win, the golden roster moved to the next round, where they played against EDward Gaming. Although the Chinese side took the first win (13-8 on Icebox) the South Koreans completed the comeback with victories on Split (13-5) and Breeze (13-6).

Meanwhile, Paper Rex had to make the playoffs through the Lower Bracket after the team's surprising defeat against EDward Gaming on Day 1. Following Paper Rex's 2-1 victory over Team Heretics on Day 2, the Asian roster sneaked into the Playoffs after the team's 2-1 win against Karmine Corp.

Overall, Gen.G Esports was the team with the second-best round difference (+15) during the Swiss Stage. Meanwhile, Paper Rex was on the verge of finishing with a negative round difference but ended up with a general round difference of +1 following the team's overtime victory on Ascent against Karmine Corp.

Match record between Gen.G Esports and Paper Rex

Gen.G Esports and Paper Rex have met three times before their next clash. The record between both sides includes the following results:

  • VCT 2023 Pacific League Regular Season: Gen.G Esports 0-2 Paper Rex
  • VCT 2024 Pacific Kickoff Group Stage: Gen.G Esports 1-2 Paper Rex
  • VCT 2024 Pacific Kickoff Grand Final: Gen.G Esports 3-1 Paper Rex 

Individual performances at the VCT Masters Madrid

In terms of ACS, Gen.G Esports' best player has been Kim "Meteor" Tae-o with an ACS of 238.3, the fifth-highest at the VCT Masters Madrid. At the same time, it's worth mentioning Kim "t3xture" Na-ra, who currently has the fourth-highest KPR (0.87) in Madrid.

Last but not least, Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto has been Paper Rex's best player in the tournament with an ACS of 231.7. He also holds the best KPR (0.79) in his team. However, three Gen.G Esports players have better KPRs than the Indonesian player.

Sentinels vs. LOUD

Sentinels and LOUD will meet in the last match of the day as the winner will move to the Upper Bracket Finals to play against the victorious side of the game between Gen.G Esports and Paper Rex.

Team records at the VCT Masters Madrid

Sentinels head to their third game at the VCT Masters Madrid after defeating the two European sides in the competition, Team Heretics (2-1) and Karmine Corp (2-0). Alongside Gen.G Esports, the Americans were the only side to go undefeated in the Swiss Stage.

Although Sentinels finished the Swiss Stage with two victories, the Americans struggled on every map they played as their largest win was a 13-8 victory against Karmine Corp on Split. Following one 13-9 and two 13-11 wins and a 5-13 defeat, Sentinels heads to the playoffs with an overall round difference of +5.

Meanwhile, LOUD's clash against Sentinels will be the Brazilians' fourth match in the competition. The team's 1-2 defeat against the South Korean roster saw them falling to the Lower Bracket of the Swiss Stage, where they knocked out FunPlus Phoenix (2-0) and EDward Gaming (2-0).

Following the team's victory against EDward Gaming, LOUD became the roster with the biggest round difference in the tournament (+26). It's worth noting that the Brazilian's overall round difference looks terrific due to the team's one-sided win against the Chinese side, where they only conceded five rounds.

Match record between Sentinels and LOUD

Sentinels and LOUD will meet in the VCT Masters Madrid for the first time outside of their home region. Historically, both teams have met three times in the past, including the following results:

  • VCT 2023 Americas League Regular Season: Sentinels 1-2 LOUD
  • VCT 2024 Americas Kickoff Group Stage: Sentinels 0-2 LOUD
  • VCT 2024 Americas Kickoff Grand Final: Sentinels 3-2 LOUD

Individual performances at the VCT Masters Madrid

Individually, Sentinels have been outstanding with Zachary "zekken" Jude leading the charge with the highest average ACS (275,2) and KPR (0.96) in the tournament. Meanwhile, Gabriel "qck" Lima (235,6) and Felipe "Less" Basso (224,0) have been the best Brazilians in Madrid.

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