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Valorant's Phantom Guide: Stats, how to use, tips, and best skins

The Phantom is one of Valorant's most famous skins.

The Phantom is a primary weapon that features in Valorant. This gun can be obtained during any match for 2,900 Credits.

Alongside the Vandal, the Phantom is one of the most popular weapons in Valorant. Therefore, mastering both guns is crucial to have a better in-game experience.

Here's a complete look at the Phantom and how to get the most out of this weapon!

Valorant Phantom Stats

As mentioned above, the Phantom is one of Valorant's most popular weapons, with its popularity mainly coming from its high fire rate.

Here's a brief look at the Phantom in-game stats:

  • Fire Rate: 11 bullets per second
  • Run Speed: 5.4 meters per second
  • Equip speed: 1 second
  • 1st Shot Spread: 0.2 / 0.11
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Magazine: 30 bullets

Phantom Damage Stats

Here's a look at the damage stats performed by the Phantom:

  0 to 15 meters 15 to 30 meters Over 30 meters
Head 156 140 124
Body 39 35 31
Legs 33 29 26

How to use Valorant's Phantom?

We advise you to use the Phantom for short gunfight situations. If you face someone with a Vandal in a long gunfight, you will probably end up losing.

Here are some notes that can help you to get the best out of the Phantom!

Play aggressive, but always think twice

Playing aggressively is cool as you can secure a bunch of kills in a single play. However, you may want to think twice when playing with the Phantom.

When you play with the Phantom, long-distance gunfights are a nightmare. Instead, try to be aggressive when you can place yourself in short-distance gunfights. The Phantom's spray is better than the Valorant's, which can make the difference between winning and losing the round.

Take it slow when playing long

Aim is everything in Valorant, so being cool when shooting and not losing your patience is essential. Shoot short but controlled bursts when being involved in a long-distance gunfight to avoid unprecise spraying.

Don't be afraid to spray

Spraying with the Phantom isn't the same as spraying with the Vandal. When shooting with the Vandal, the fire that comes out of the gun can reveal your position, especially in the middle of a smoke cloud. As you don't have to worry about that when you use a Phantom, spraying can get you some easy kills.

Phantom vs. Vandal - Which one is better?

Right now, the Vandal is better than the Phantom. This can be seen when we compare the pick rate of both weapons: 76% and 24%, respectively.

But why is the gap so big? Well, one of Vandal's main strengths is its headshot precision. When you use a Vandal, any headshot will immediately give you a kill. However, a headshot works differently with a Phantom.

Phantom's headshots when shooting from a distance between 0 and 15 meters are always deadly. Unfortunately, 23,40% of the headshots from a distance between 15 and 30 meters don't end in a kill. The number is even higher when the shots come from a distance higher than 30 meters, as 33,10% of the headshots don't end in a kill.

These headshot differences make the Vandal a better weapon than the Phantom. However, due to its fire rate, the Phantom is the better gun when it comes to close-range guns.

Best Phantom Skins

Although Valorant's Phantom has many skins, we have made a list including our favorite four cosmetics for the weapon.

Bound Phantom

Gaia's Vengeance Phantom

Glitchpop Phantom

Protocol 781-A Phantom

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