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Valorant leak suggests a Nintendo Switch version is in the works

Nintendo might get a piece of the cake

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Since its release in 2020, Valorant has had a great amount of success despite only being available on PC. However, it's not a secret that Riot has been trying to expand the title into other platforms, with a mobile version in development and a console version rumored.

Although no official sources have confirmed the existence of this console version, the account PC_Focus_ on X (formerly Twitter) recently discovered references to other platforms where the game is not available while data mining its files.

As you can see, those lines of code not only mention a PlayStation and Xbox version but also a Nintendo Switch port. There is also a Linux and Steam Deck version listed, with the latter indicating that a release on Steam is on the cards.

On top of that, there are indications that the game will feature support for crossplay, meaning that users will able to play with everyone regardless of the platform they're on. If this is the case, this means all platforms will be running the same version of the game, meaning all the same agents, maps, and skinlines, will be available no matter where you are playing.

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At the moment, this information cannot be verified, as no other sources have reported anything more about it. However, thanks to several vacancies that have appeared on Riot job boards in previous years, we know that the company has brought in the necessary talent to work on a console port for the game.

It's only a matter of time before we find out if the game will be released for all of those platforms or if Riot abandons the idea and the shooter remains only on PC like its signature game, League of Legends.

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