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Valorant Gekko Agent Guide: Abilities, tips and tricks

Gekko is one of the best agents in Valorant.

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Gekko is an American agent in Valorant who was released to the game on Mar. 7, 2023, with the launch of Episode 6 Act 2. As an Initiator, Gekko's strength resides in getting the enemies out of their comfortable spots and initiating any attack on the site.

Here's everything you need to know about Gekko!


Gekko's abilities make him one of the best agents in the game. Each one brings something different to the squad, which makes him a versatile character.

Overall, Valorant is well-known for being an FPS where mechanical skill is everything. If you feel like that's not your main strength, playing Gekko may offer you a middle-ground experience between passive and aggressive plays.

Here's a brief look at Gekko's abilities!

Mosh Pit

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Most Pit acts like a grenade. When Gekko throws it, the floor affected by it will be covered by a green substance. It deals damage to opponents who walk on it. Three seconds after being released, it explodes and vanishes.


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Wingman is Gekko's best friend. When he releases it, Wingman will seek enemies. If Wingman finds an opponent, Wingman will concuss it.

Wingman can also be used to plant the Spike. To plant the Spike with Wingman, you must have the Spike and choose where you want Wingmant to plant the gadget.

After using Wingman, Gekko can pick it up and use it ten seconds later.


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Dizzy is Gekko's Signature ability. When Gekko throws it into the air, Dizzy unleashes plasma blasts that blind enemies that are hit by it. The blinding effect can last for up to one second.

After using Dizzy, Gekko can pick it up and use it ten seconds later.


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Thrash is Gekko's Ultimate ability. When activated, Gekko can drive his ability around the map for seven seconds. Hitting an enemy with Thrash will detain it for seven seconds.

After using Thrash, Gekko can pick it up and use it ten seconds later.

How to use Gekko in Valorant?

Gekko is a fun agent to use in Valorant as his abilities are very different from each other. You can use Gekko in many ways, although it's important to focus on plants and gunfights while defending and attacking, respectively.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the best out of Gekko!

Use Wingman to plant

Using Wingman to plant is an obvious move if you're Gekko, but many people forget about it.

Wingman can be seen as a sixth agent. He gives important information about the possible location of enemies. However, his role as a Spike planter is arguably the best one as it allows Gekko to cover Wingman's plant. It comes in handy when he's the only one alive!

Use Dizzy for intel-gathering functions

Using Dizzy when an enemy is close is its basic function. It gives Gekko the upper hand when pushing the opposition.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to use Dizzy as an intel-gathering ability. Throw Dizzy high into the air and wait to see if it throws a plasma blast. If that's not the case, it means that those few corners in front of you are safe. If the plasma is shot, well, get ready for the gunfight!

Thrash goes further than detaining enemies

Thrash can also be used as an intel-gathering tool. Using Gekko's ultimate allows him to drive his ability around the map for seven seconds. Before pushing one of the sites, we encourage you to drive Thrash around it to have visual confirmation of the location of the enemies. Just like Wingman and Dizzy, Thrash can be picked up later in the round!

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