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Valorant Episode 9 Act 2: Release date, new agent, and everything we know

Riot has already started teasing the new content

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Even though the current season started not long ago, it is never too early to start thinking about Episode 9 Act 2 of Valorant. The good news is that Riot has already started teasing what players can expect from it.

While we wait for more news, whether they are official or rumors, here is all the important details we have about the upcoming season of content.

Release date

Valorant Episode 9 Act 2 is set to begin on Tuesday, August 27/Wednesday, August 28, depending on the region you play on. Before the start of the new season, servers will go down for a maintenance period, which usually lasts around four hours.

Maintenance for North American, LATAM, and Brazil servers should begin at 6:00 am PT on Tuesday and finish at 10:00 am PT barring any issues.

European players will have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy the new season as their maintenance starts the next day. Servers will go down at 4:00 am BST on Wednesday and should return at 8:00 am on that same day.

New agent

Since before the start of Episode 9, Riot has been teasing the arrival of a new playable character. We believe this character is set to be released during Act 2, either at the beginning or during the season like what happened with Abyss and Clove.

The first teaser appeared at the end of the trailer for Abyss, the latest map in the rotation that was added with patch 8.11.

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Credit: Riot Games

This first teaser shows us an ominous person with claw-like hands confined in what appears to be an ice prison. A second teaser appears at the end of Episode 9's launch trailer, which you can see for yourself here:

We can see that a few plant roots start to grow from underneath the ground as if someone else is producing them. This last teaser might be giving us a clue about this new agent's abilities, but we will have to wait to know more about it.

Other details and rumors

Here are other minor details and rumors about this new season:

  • Players think a collaboration with Aespa, the K-pop group, is coming. This is because the Episode 9 Act 1 battle pass is titled "Supernova", just like on the group's sons, and the Dreamwings bundle wand seems to also be a reference.

We will update this article as we get closer to the start of Act 2 to add all the new leaks and official announcements or teasers.

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