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Valorant Clove appearance: We've got our first proper look at agent 25

More information about Clove has been leaked!

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The hype around new Valorant content always gives us a warm feeling—Riot just 'gets it,' and in recent weeks, all eyes have been on the game's newest agent, Clove.

Eyes on or not, so far, we have yet to actually see Clove, with leaks and teasers giving us more background information - and some ability names - than a clear visual of the next controller.

Things are heating up, though. Earlier this week, we learned that Clove will likely be the game's first (confirmed) non-binary character, and the official unveiling is expected at VCT Masters Madrid, when the game's best will be battling it out for a share of the $500,000 prize pool.

However, the mystery surrounding Clove's appearance will be over by then, as Valorant's most famous leaker, @ValorLeaks, posted a picture they claim is Clove today (March 19).

Appearing upside down - we don't know if this has any relation to their abilities - Clove, who is seen wearing a short-sleeved hoodie and a rucksack, is bathed in a purple hue.

Clove will be Valorant's sixth controller and the first since Harbor was released in October 2022. Their abilities, which we know are named 'Pick me Up,' 'Meddle,' and 'Ruse,' apparently also include the ability to self-revive.

Clove's official unveil is expected on March 24, with some reports suggesting they will be publically available on March 26.

Clove's track will also be released alongside Valorant's new agent. The song "2WORLDS" features Madge and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

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