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Ubisoft updates global rulebook: Transfer window rules for coaches changed, transfer window post-November Major added

Finally, a changelog.

Image via Ubisoft

According to official communications from Ubisoft, there have been a number of changes to the Global Rulebook, which can be found here

Here are some highlights from the full changelog, which can be found here

"Teams are now allowed to register their Secondary Roster in a different Region from their Main one. Limitations to the progression of the Secondary Roster still apply the same."

Changes to how coach transfers are processed have happened as well. 

"Reworked to establish that the Global Transfer Window does not apply to Rosters competing in Local Competitions anymore. Specific Transfer Windows will be established for each Local Competition individually in their Specific Rules. The Rules for transfers of players involving Teams or Rosters competing in different levels of Competitions are now outlined in Section 4.5.1.

Coach transfers are now bound by the rules of the global transfer Window for all the Teams they apply to. During Mid-Season Transfer Windows, coach Transfers are additional to the 2 Player transfers allowed per Team."

There is now a third mid-season transfer window, which will occur after the Sweden Major. 

"Vaulting onto skylight windows" is now a punishable exploit. 

Watch parties appear to be here to stay. From the rulebook: "Ubisoft is the sole owner of the broadcasting right of any competition of the Rainbow Six Circuit, including online and offline stage of any competition of the Rainbow Six Circuit, and may decide at its sole discretion to license these rights to a Tournament Organizer or to any third-party broadcaster. Any person interested in obtaining a license from Ubisoft to broadcast any Rainbow Six Circuit competition shall reach out to the UBISOFT Esports manager in their Region in order to secure a license to do so. UBISOFT may decide to include a particular competition of the Rainbow Six Circuit in the scope of the Watch Party program. In such case, UBISOFT will let the community know by communicating this decision through a public blogpost or a post from its social media channels. Participation in the Watch Party Program will always be subject to (a) UBISOFT approval of the application of the Watch Party organizer and (b) the signature of the terms and conditions for the Watch party Program provided by UBISOFT."

"Unauthorized and/or non-compliant with applicable law or regulations cryptocurrencies, financial instruments or market activities" have been added to the list of restricted sponsorships for teams.  


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