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Ubisoft launches tournament licensing platform for Rainbow Six Siege

This is the best news in some time for the tier two scenes.

Photo via Ubisoft/@Kirill_Vision

According to a tweet from the official Rainbow Six Siege Esports Twitter account, Ubisoft is streamlining the process to get approved for an official Rainbow Six Siege tournament. 

For around two years, Ubisoft has conducted all tier-one esports events with the help of FACEIT and ESL. Now, tournament organizers will be able to apply for the license to run tournaments much easier. 

"Grassroots competitions have been the foundation of our esports ecosystem and continue to provide opportunities for players to test their skills and start their competitive journey in our games," the blog post announcing the move said. 

If you want to organize a tournament, and have a budget in mind with no greater than $10,000 in sponsor compensation and a prize pool no higher than $10,000, the license to run a tournament will be granted automatically. The type of license is called a "Community License". 

Other types of licenses are coming soon, according to the post. 

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