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TSM FTX to try out Snake as fifth player at Gamers8

The NA Challenger League player will be tried out for the vacant fifth spot.

Image: Ubisoft/Joao. F

TSM head coach Owen "Pojoman" Mitura announced on Jul. 31 that "Snake" will be tried out for the team's vacant fifth spot during the Gamers8 event.

Gamers8 runs from Aug. 4 to 7, with TSM set to fly out to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Aug. 1.

At this event, Snake will be filling in Brady "Chala" Davenport's slot on the team after the latter was officially dropped four days ago.

Snake is currently an NA Challenger League player for Vipers eSports and has had an impressive 2022 season so far.

In Stage 2, he had the fifth-best SiegeGG Rating in the league, the third-best K-D, and the fifth-best Entry. He was similarly impressive in Stage 1, with the fourth-highest Rating and third-highest Entry.

Both stages saw him primarily play Iana and Melusi, while Chala had mainly stuck to Ace, Thermite, and Smoke in Stages 1 and 2 of the NAL. As a result, it is likely TSM shift their player roles to play to Snake's strengths.

With NA and Brazilian teams having demonstrated the value of tier-two players in the top-flight, and NA the region to beat right now, Snake could be the signing that TSM need to return to their SI 2022-winning form.