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Team SBL's roster to compete in Mirage's name, roster "will not have contractual obligations with Mirage"

Is Mirage back?

Banner Image: Ubisoft / @capturedbycyga

Mirage's situation in the North America League has gone public recently as a handful of former players and staff reported the organization's nonpayment situation. The situation exploded when Mirage was included in the league's teaser for the upcoming season, as fans expected the organization to step down from the scene.

One day before the start of the North America League 2024 Stage 1, we finally know the group of players that will compete for Mirage. 

Mirage won't have a Rainbow Six Siege roster. Instead, Team SBL will compete in North America's top flight under the name of Mirage, as announced in the team's official X account.

"We're excited to share that our academy team will be participating in the BLAST North American League Stage 1, 2024. They'll be competing as 'Mirage' due to pre-existing promotional materials, though their connection to Mirage is name only."

Additionally, the team revealed that the players "will not have contractual obligations with Mirage."

Team SBL's roster is arguably the youngest squad in the North America League 2024 Stage 1. The squad's most experienced player is Chris "Spiff" Park, who helped Astralis reach the Six Invitational 2024 Top 4 and competed for Parabellum Esports and Beastcoast during Year 8.

The 19-year-old is joined by the former DarkZero Esports player Jason "Ryce" Ngo, the former Luminosity Gaming player Connor "Azian" Felux, and the former Tier 2 players Callum "Poison" Keegan and Nick. The team's staff will include the former XSET, Parabellum Esports, and Tempo Storm player Tim "Creators" Humphreys and the former Mkers analyst Márkó "Hope" Simon.

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