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Team BDS returns to Gamers8 grand finals following victory against Team Falcons

Team BDS have qualified for Gamers8's grand final.

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Banner image: Gamers8

Team BDS are back to the Gamers8 grand finals after the Frenchmen victory against Team Falcons. Earlier in the competition, the Six Jönköping Major champions defeated Oxygen Esports and w7m esports. Now, the European roster is already waiting for an opponent for tomorrow's clash.

Team BDS started the series with a 7-5 win on Chalet, as Stéphane "Shaiiko" Lebleu got 15 kills on map one. It's also worth mentioning Abdul "OKillz" Mohsen efforts, as he got 17 kills throughout the first twelve rounds of the series.

Finally, the Frenchmen confirmed their spot in the tournament's grand final after defeating the Saudi Arabian-majority roster by 7-3 on Skyscraper. Clutchman Loïc "BriD" Chongthep saved the Europeans with a successful play to close out the game when he was alone against three of Team Falcons' members.

With this result, last year's Gamers8 champions Team BDS will attempt to win their second edition in a row as they will return home with at least $400,000 in their pockets.

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