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T1 and Paper Rex qualify for VCT Masters Shanghai

Both teams will meet later today.

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T1 and Paper Rex became the first rosters to qualify for the VCT Masters Shanghai after winning their VCT 2024 Pacific Stage 1 Upper Bracket Semifinals matches.

The South Korean organization became the first to reach Shanghai after defeating the VCT Masters Madrid grand finalists Gen.G Esports on Ascent (13-9) and Breeze (13-7). Meanwhile, Paper Rex joined T1 after defeating DRX on Lotus and Bind (6-13).

With this result, T1 is back to an international top-flight Valorant competition for the first time since August 2023, when the South Korean brand competed in Los Angeles, California, United States, as they were group staged from the VCT Champions 2023.

On the other hand, Paper Rex have qualified for their second VCT Masters event of the year as the Asian-majority roster finished in third place at the VCT Masters Madrid.

Later today, Shanghai's final spot for the Pacific region will be given to the winner of the game between Gen.G Esports and DRX, who will meet at 1 PM CEST.

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